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Traphouse and Friends Oneshots (Request Open)

University (Requested) Colby (Smut)


"Are you coming to the party tonight?" I was asked by my friend and roommate Brennan.

"Nah," I answered. "I gotta study for a test tomorrow," he groaned and plopped on his bed. lately he's been all about partying and nothing about school.

"Okay. 'Study' I got you," He said. I rolled my eyes.

"I actually do have to study and I need you gone by 10. Sam, Kat, and our friend Alysha are coming over," I told him while I headed into the bathroom.

"So... this Alysha?" He said. I rolled my eyes. She was very pretty and had a great personality and I would honestly love to go out with her but the only thing was...

"She has a boyfriend Bren," I informed him. I had known Aly since she got with Leo. Even before then. She had ran into Kat at a coffee shop and they immediately became friends which lead to Sam and I meeting her.

"So?" Brennan said. "You screwed Xepher when she was with Harper and Tara when she was with Wyatt,"

"They were assholes. And now Tara is with Jake and Xepher with Griffin," I answered.

"And is her boyfriend an asshole?" Brennan asked as I walked back in and I froze. Is he? I mean as far as I have seen Leo doesn't seem an asshole. He seems like a nice guy and totally not a dick.

"Not that I know of no," I answered.


"Where are you going?" Leo asked as I slipped on my Vans. To the outside world Leo looked nice and friendly but behind closed doors he was a complete asshole.

"I'm having a study group with Sam, Kat, and Colby," I answered as I started putting my hair up. Leo had an issue with Colby. I don't know what but it wasn't good.

"I don't like Colby," he said. I rolled my eyes as I applied my lipstick.

"I know you don't like Colby but, him and Sam are pretty smart when it comes down to Robotics and cameras," I said all four of us are studying to be mechanics and photographers. Leo came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. And for some reason I felt very uncomfortable. I moved away when I saw it was 15 till 10.

"I have to go," I grabbed my phone, keys, and bag with all my books before pecking Leo on the lips and leaving to Colbys dorm.


Brennan just left and I was laying in bed texting the group chat.

Aa Ron:Who's coming to the party?

Tara: Me and Jake will be there. I think Stinky and Cas are going too.

Reg: why do u insist on calling me Stinky?

Tara: Cuz it's fun. C u soon Aaron.

Me: I'll see if I can stop by later. IDK if I can tho.

Aa Ron: 👌 Gtg bye.

I shut my phone off and went to my desk. It's was 5 till 10 when there was a knock on the door.

"It's open," I called the door opened and Aly walked in dropping her bag at the edge of my bed as she sat down.

"Where's Sam and Kat?" She asked.

"They ditched us for Aarons party. All of my other friends are going," I answered truthfully. Aly seemed deep in thought.

"Why don't we go?" She asked and I sighed.

"We have a test tomorrow and if we fail that test then we don't come back after summer," I groaned but then she started pouting.

"Please. I don't want to go alone and I really want to go partying with my best friend," She said. I sighed and looked into her eyes. She is so lucky that I have a huge crush on her.

"Fine," I said eventually and she smiled and jumped off the bed and grabbing her phone.

"Lets go," She said. I let out a small laugh and stood up following her out with my phone in one hand and keys in the other. I shot a quick text to Aaron and then locked my dorm.

Aa Ron: Actually coming to the party c u soon


It's a 10 minute walk to Aarons place so Colby and I had fun. We basically just talked and then he asked about Leo and I.

"He cheated on me last month," I said

"With who?" Colby asked as we stopped walking momentarily.

"My cousin," I said scoffing. "I walked in on them both getting dressed,"

"Why didn't you break up with him?," he asked. I stayed silent. I just started walking again. I didn't know what to say to that. Why DIDN'T I break up him.

"I don't know honestly," I finally answered as Aarons house came into view. Colby stopped walking again and bended his knees a little and I smiled before hoping into his back and he carried me the rest of the way.

"ALY!" I heard Kat yell when she saw us. I slid off Colbys back and hugged her as Colby bro hugged Sam.

"Hi Sammy," I greeted hugging him. Then as I walked up the driveway edging towards the end of the house I heard a groan that sound oh to familiar. I walked to a dark area and pulled out my phone turning on my flashlight to find Leo with his pants down and some girl facing the wall with him buried inside her. Leo saw me and his eyes widened and I knew he wasn't drunk.

"Fuck you asshole. We're done," and I walked away with tears in my eyes. I shoved past Colby but I heard Leo yelling my name. I whipped around and walked straight up to Leo and punched him in the face.

"I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!" I screamed tears running down my face anger and sadness coursing through my veins. I knew I had everyone's attention. "I gave you my virginity. My money. My freedom. All for some bottom feeder. You screw any girl that even looks at you but the minute someone gives me attention you shut every feeling I have down. Your an asshole. You just don't want to admit it," Then I walked away. I knew Colby was following me but I didn't care.


I shoot Brennan a quick text telling him I need the room tonight. I rolled my eyes at the wink emoji he sent back. I ran to catch up with Alysha. We walked in silence after I caught up with her. We reached my dorm and I gave her one of my hoodies.

"You can stay in my bed I'll sleep in Brennans. My stuff is on the left if you want to shower," I told her and she nodded. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard the lock turn into place then the shower start. It was only about 10:30 so I figured I'd shower in the morning. I quickly stripped my jeans and shirt and changed in clean boxers before pulling in some sweatpants.


I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower grabbing Colbys towel and drying off. I pulled my underwear back on and put on his hoodie. It stopped just above mid thigh. I pulled the hood up and pulled the sleeves down around my hands and sniffed the ends. I smiled as I smelt Colby. I smelt his Axe body wash. Leo had a weird smell of cigarettes it weirded me out. I unlocked the door and stepped back into the room. I made my way over to Colbys bed after dropping my dirty clothes into his dirty laundry. Colby walked out for the kitchen and sat on Brennans bed as I sat on his bed.

"Thanks for letting me stay here," I said.

"No problem," he answered . I laid down as he turned the light off. I fell into a seamless sleep.

I guess I feel asleep for only 3 hours cause I woke up at about 1.

"Colby," I whispered. He didn't move. I got up out of his bed and went over towards Brennans bed. He was closer to the wall so I climbed into the bed and faced Colby watching him sleep.

"You know it's creepy to watch someone sleep right?" Colby said in a deep voice. My eyes widened and I squeezed my legs together to relive some pressure that had built up all of a sudden.

"Sorry," I said. He opened his eyes and his bright blue eyes seemed even brighter.

"Don't be," He said. My eyes darted to his lips and then back up to his eyes. "I would do the same thing," I scoffed.

"Why would you want to stare at something so ugly?" I asked. He sat up into his arm and I did the same as he stared into my eyes.

"Are you being serious?" He asked and I nodded. He placed his hand on my cheek stroking it gently. "You are so fucking beautiful Aly," he said. "It one of the many factors that I fell in love with you," I gasped.

"You love me?" I whispered. Leo and I never said 'I love you' he nodded with a smile. I pushed his hand away and pulled him towards me and placed my lips on his. He immediately kissed back. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my legs felt weak. My kisses with Leo never felt like this. Colby lightly pushed me onto my back and settled his legs inbetween mine and I wrapped my legs around his waist as the kiss deepened. He pulled away making me whine.

"I guess you love me too," he said and I nodded quickly pulling him back into a kiss. He trailed his lips down my jaw and onto my neck leaving open mouthed kisses. I leaned my head back into the pillow and moaned quietly as he found my sweet spot. I felt him smirk. I knew where this was heading and I was okay with it. It wouldn't be sex or fucking it would be love. He knew where it was heading too because he slipped one hand under the hoodie while the other stayed on my hip. He let out a growl like noise as I let out a moan when his hand came in contact with my bare breast.

"No bra?" He asked in a deep voice.

"Didn't have a clean on-" my sentence was cut off with a moan as he squeezed it slightly sending a jolt of pleasure straight to my core.

"I need to see these," he growled and his hands went to the edge of the hoodie and pulled it upwards pulling it off. He let out possessive noise and his eyes went dark. He threw the hoodie somewhere behind him. His eyes met mine and I gave him a slight nod and his lips immediately latched onto my left breast while his hand fondled with the right making me moan loudly.

"Oh god," I moaned as I slid my hand down to my vagina and into my underwear and started rubbing my clit making my breathing pick up. Colby notice the change in breathing cause he looked down to what my hand was doing and pulled my hand out replacing it with his own making a extremely loud moan come out of my mouth.

"I must say that was extremely hot and sexy as hell but I think," he said in my ear before applying more pressure to my clit as he rubbed. "You like it better when I do it," I immediately nodded and let out a whine when he stopped. He started kissing down my body and stopped just above my underwear making a few hickies before hooking his fingers and pulling my underwear off and kissing back up my legs ignoring where I need him most. He pushed my legs apart and I opened them wider then he expected. He raised an eyebrow at how eager I seemed.

"Leo never went down on me," I explained. He smirked.

"Let this be your first experience," Colby answered then spreaded my opening and immediately pressed his lips to my clit sucking it a little bit then used his tongue to wiggle it back and forth really fast. I gripped his hair as my eyes fell shut and started grinding on his face my orgasm super close.

"Oh god Colby," I moan loudly. "I'm so fucking close," all of a sudden I felt two fingers enter me as his tongue continued to mess with my clit. He pumped his fingers fast. I covered my mouth as severe amounts of pleasure rack through me as I came on Colbys face.

"Holy shit Aly," he said coming back up to kiss me. I tasted myself in his tongue and I moaned into his mouth. "You are so fucking hot," he whispered. I hadn't opened my eyes yet. When I did I saw his eyes a dark blue and his hair a mess. I pushed him onto his back and straddled him.

"Speak for yourself," I said. He let out a mangled groan as I grinded down slightly. I leaned down and started kissing his neck leaving a few hickies. I started kissing down his chest to his very prominent erection. I palmed it a little bit making him let out a shaky breath. I hooked my fingers on his sweatpants pulling them down along with his boxers. His erection fell out and layed against his stomach. I wrapped my hand around it and started to slowly move my hand up and down his shaft. He let out a groan and his head fell back against the pillow. I ran my hand over the top before biting !y lip and then running my tongue up from the base to the tip. He hissed at the feeling and let out a deep moan as I sunk my mouth down around him. I started pumping what I couldn't fit in my mouth with my hand. I hollowed my cheeks as I sucked. He felt heavy against my tongue but I loved it and he was at least 3 inches bigger then Leo.

"Son of a bitch," Colby groaned as I sucked harder his hand went to my hair and wrapped it around his hand pushing my head down.

"Oh fuck," he moaned when he realized that I had no gag reflex. I didn't mind the hair pulling he was doing. He was close and I speed up my mouth and hand movements. His cock twitched and he let out a groan as he released into my mouth. I pulled off him and swallowed his load making him growl before he grabbed my th and pulled me towards him. He pushed me on my back. He completely took his sweatpants and boxers off.

"Are you sure about this Aly?" Colby asked. I smiled and nodded.

"I love you Colby," I said. He smiled before spreading my legs and positioning himself at my entrance and slowly started pushing in. My mouth shaped into an O shape. He was definitely bigger then Leo.

"Fuck you're tight," Colby groaned he sat for a few seconds when he was completely in. He slowly started moving and pleasure racked through my body.

"Oh god Daddy," I immediately shut my mouth when Colby stopped moving.

"That was fucking hot," he groaned. He started up again moving faster then before. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms under his. I dug my nails into his back when he hi my g-spot.

"Oh fuck. Right there daddy," I moaned. And he hit that one spot over and over.

"You're so fucking tight babygirl," he said making me moan at the nickname. Leo liked doggy best and only vanilla sex. I was a kinky girl. I had a dominance kink along with a Daddy kink. I used all my force and pushed him on his back. I placed my hands on his chest and rolled my hips making him moan.

"You like the daddy?" I asked innocently. He placed his hands on my hips and helped move me up and down. He met every one of my downward bounce with a thrust of his hips. He flipped us back over and threw one of my legs over his shoulder creating a deeper new angle. I moaned loudly as he thrusted harder.

"Jesus Fucking Christ babygirl," Colby groaned and he used one hand to rub my clit quickly. I moaned loudly as he repeatedly hit my g-spot.

"I'm close daddy," I moaned. He grunted in response and he let my leg go before latching his lips to my sweet spot and sucking pleasure racked through my body as my orgasm hit. Colbys thrusts got sloppy before I felt him twitch inside me before he released his load. He pulled out slowly then got out of bed grabbing my underwear and the hoodie and handing them to me. I got dressed while he dressed in his boxers and sweatpants. We layed back in bed and I immediately fell back asleep.


I laid awake just stared at her. I was hoping this would be more then a one time thing. I fell into a dreamless sleep. I woke up to my alarm at 7. I heard Alysha groan.

"We gotta get up babygirl," I whispered in her ear.

"I don't wanna," she whined. Eventually I got her up and as I was pulling on one of my shirts she grabbed me by my belt loops and kissed me.

"So I'm guessing last night is gonna happen again?" I asked. She nodded.

"Definitely," she said and connected our lips again. She pulled away and went to my closet pulling off my hoodie and putting on her bra and then her skinny jeans. She grabbed one of my MCR shirts. I watched her tie it to the side and pull her vans on.

"Ready?" She asked and I nodded. I grabbed my phone and keys and took her hand in mine. We left the room with me locking it behind us.
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