brainwashed & controlled| bucky barnes [mcu fanfic]


In honor of the release of the Falcon and Winter Soldier series releasing March 19, 2021, I came up with a fanfic. πŸ–€ *** He thought he had lost her. She had meant so much to him during the war. They even had grown up together. He didn't know what had hit him when she went missing all of a sudden. He looked for her and she was the reason he fought in the war. He knew she would have wanted him to. When Bucky found out she was taken by Hydra and was experimented on, he knew he had to save her. He knew she was going through the things he went through when he was controlled. He and Sam Wilson form a partnership to save her before her newfound powers hurt her- and the rest of the world. Will they be able to save her before she loses it or will it be too late? *** [3rd person POV- switches off every chapter or so] [mature language & scenes]

Action / Thriller
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*takes a deep breath before ranting and getting an anxiety death- and dying all over again*

This is a fanfiction.

Say it with me.

This. Is. A. Fanfiction.

All characters (except for the ones I made up along the way) go to MCU.

The plot (most of it) is from my own imagination.

Fun fact- I came up with this from a dream :)

We all know how Bucky is pretty cold and distant from others so just know this will be a slow burn.

It’s in 3rd person POV since I’ll be writing in an episode-styled way where one chapter is about the main character and how she’s doing and the other one will be about Bucky and Sam- and so on.

Right now I’m working on book 2 of: miss spy & her spy- you should read it after this. It’s pretty good. Also, I’m working on my Teen Wolf short stories collection so I have a lot on my mind.


I most likely won’t publish this until I finished the whole thing.

Oh and- don’t expect this to have like 100 chapters. Idk how y’all writers write that many chapters. Unless they’re like 500 words each or something, I can’t write that many.

So have fun while reading and please leave any feedback (I prefer positive feedback but whatever).

Feel free to cast the main character as yourself or whoever you want. Since I’m casting her as a prettier version of me and our hair and eye color aren’t the same, change it to your description in your head. I’m not that comfy with writing the β€œy/n” stuff just yet soo bear with me, please.

As always...

I love u.

Be safe.

Only go outside when you need to.

Btw this is my first time on Inkitt so I’m kinda nervous. My Wattpad acc is~ @gruff_indor


*exhales. well, that went well*

*don’t mind me- just keeping up with updates-

Book started: 2/21/2021


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