Arranged Marriage (Felix x reader. MLB fanfic)


My name is Y/N L/N, I'm the daughter of M/N L/N and D/N L/N. They're both famous so I have to live up to that. I'm expected to find a rich and handsome husband and take over the company, but I don't think I can be everything the expect me to be. I've known the Agreste Family for years, our families are close friends. I got along with one of the Twins, Adrien. Felix, not so much. He was just rude for no reason and I HATE it. But my whole life changes when I'm forced into a married realonship with Felix Agreste. (Originally published on Wattpad)

Action / Romance
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Y/N : Your name

L/N : Last name

M/N : Mom's name

D/N: Dad's name

(If you don't have a mom or don't have a dad, or what ever your situation is, you can change it."

F/ C: Fav color

F/ B: Fav band

B/F/N: Bff's name

F/N : Friend's Name

Ex/n: Ex name
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