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~Dimensions~ (Completed)


~~~~ "I love you." For the last time, they both spoke those three words to each other... ~~~~ This is a reader x Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste book ‼️Disclaimer: I do not own the Miraculous characters. They rightfully belong to Thomas Astruc and Zagtoon. ⚠️~ MATURE THEMES ~⚠️ ‼️NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS SCENES AND SWEARING!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! ~ 01/05/2016 - 24/12/2018 ~

Fantasy / Romance
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Why me?

(H/c) - hair colour

(Y/n) - Your name

(L/n) - Last name

—Your POV—







This is all I feel. These feelings.

My whole body numb.



Huddled in the corner, in my dark room.

Anger at those who bully me.

Sad that no one loves me.

Wanting vengeance and revenge on those who I hate.

Fear of the monster within me. Waiting to break free and be unleashed.

Maybe I’m just not supposed to be born in this world.

I wrap my thin blanket around me tighter and get my laptop into my lap. My fingers zoom across the keyboard and search up my favourite show; Miraculous. The only show that saves me from reality, my one safe house. I realise that I all I wanted in life was in this seemingly ridiculous show. To have friends and family. To have a world that is always bright. Not a world that is dark and unforgiving. In this show, your problems are so simple and small enough to be solved. Nothing tragic happens.

I watch as the villain, Hawkmoth makes a harmless white butterfly turn into an akuma full of evil and dark magic. I watch as the scene changes as the akuma flies out his attic. As i continue watching, my laptop starts to heat up and to a point that it starts to burn my hand. I drop it scowling in slight pain. I look at the laptop screen and see that the scene hasn’t change yet. It still shows the akuma flying, but closer to the screen. The laptop suddenly starts to shake and purple goo ooze out. I jump up in fright, back towards the wall behind me, afraid. The akuma eventually comes out from my laptop, alive and real as it hovers above the laptop. Curious, I walk towards it and tenderly touch the wings.

“Real. All real. How? Why?” I back away as the akuma flies around the room and lands on the floor in the middle, its wings just spread out. The floor starts to rumble as another Akuma pops out from the original. Two more start to emerge as more start to flutter around the room. There were multiple Akuma’s until there was millions all standing on the floor, covering it like a heavy dark purple carpet. The Akuma’s suddenly take flight and swirl around, some clustering together forming a distinct shape of a portal. They all stir strong winds that whip my (h/c) hair around me as i try to back away from the strong force almost pulling me forward. My blanket eventually flies in through the portal and I gasp as it disappears through it. I blink, the lights from the portal blinding me until I see a dark silhouette walk towards me. The man comes out from the portal and I stifle my gasp. My back hits the wall in fear and I realise who it is. Hawkmoth. Or should I say Gabriel Agreste. He’s become strong enough to enter my world. He walks towards me with that sickening smile. I look down, wishing this wasn’t real. I close my eyes, trying to wish this all away but i feel my loose clothes whip around me as the winds get stronger. Two fingers lift my chin up and I gasp from the cool touch of a physical being. I look into his pale blue eyes, gulping down the fear but I know it’s useless. He can sense it.

“(Y/n) (L/n). I have felt your pain even through to my dimension. Your anger, revenge and fear has reached out to me. Now you’re mine.” He grins and he lifts his hands to my heart. My heart lurches forward and I suddenly feel excruciating pain. I drop down on my knees, clutching my shirt as I gasp out for air. I scream out in agony as the pain spreads ever so slowly through my veins. Like poison burning me inside out. It feels like an arrows repeatingly being shot at me. My head pounds and my lungs burn. I grip my head trying to make all the pain go away. I hear his laughter, making me double over from his voice bouncing around in my head. I scream again as tears prick the corner of my eyes.

My heart stops throbbing in pain and I drop to the floor, lying on my side. My vision is filled with black spots as I look up at the villain. I couldn’t feel my limbs, just heaviness dragging to the floor. He bends down to my eye level. My body twitches even though I feel nothing. Just cold and numbness. He smiles, almost lovingly. Probably loving his new creation. Me. Tears start to spill down my cheeks and he wipes them away. “Don’t worry (y/n). This will all go away and you’ll love the new you.” He stands up and the portal starts to disintegrate as the akuma start flying around me. they circle my body as the portal stands strong in the middle of the room. The akuma’s close in to my body and I’m enveloped in them. My vision is blocked and I suffocate. Some of the akuma’s pelt into me, my body absorbing the dark magic, though i try to fight against them. I scream once more as my body convulses. Too much to bear and too much pain, I blackout.

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