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The Prewett Girl and Malfoy Boy


In this one love doesn’t save him. He grows to be someone to love. This is a collection of all my life from before I shifted to Hogwarts in my 5th year. It goes through years 1-4 It will be followed with a book on 5-8after I shift. My dr has some changes from the books and movies some things will be different!

Kimberly Prewett
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I guess I should start from the beginning. It was no shock to me when I got my Hogwarts letter. My father is John Prewett . He comes from a long line of purebloods, his sister being the woman herself Molly Weasley.

He went to Hogwarts just like I am. He was top of his class almost every year. He left his mark on Hogwarts before he left. There he also met my mother, Debra Abbott. She married my dad when they were in there early 20's. That's when they started there research.

My father was always very interested in muggles. This scared a lot of people in the wizarding world so they often had to go off in secret to the muggle world. My dad did a lot of research on Muggles and was a huge source of information when it came to the muggles study research. He risked a lot to do this and it caused him to gain some enemies in the wizarding world.

His research had to stop when I was born though. They thought it wasn't safe to have me so close to the muggle world. They did raise me to ask questions and always be welcoming to those around me. Most importantly, the told me evil isn't born, it's taught. So at an early age I learned my farther wasn't liked amongst pure bloods.

Many people thought what he did was a disgrace of purebloods everywhere. They hated everything my father did in introducing people to muggle culture. They said it could endanger his family. Then one night father was killed after an angry wizard who used an unforgiveable spell on him.

At age 11 I watched him die from magic, before I myself could even really understand it. Then not even three months later I get a letter in the mail addressed to me from Hogwarts. That's were why journey at Hogwarts begin.

Hi! I’m new to this app! I’m bringing this book over from wattpad in hopes it will reach a different audience. I’m so excited to share my desired reality with you all. I’d love all the feedback I can get!
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