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The Prewett Girl and Malfoy Boy

Chapter 1

Going to a new school can be scary, add leaning magic and how to use it to the table and school becomes a different level of stressful. So being on my way to head off to Hogwarts was a day I'll always remember.

It was very cold that day. I could almost see my breath as I walked with my mom and cousins through diagon alley. Then adding Ron to annoy me as we walked to the station made the walk even more miserable.

"Kim do you think we'll get picked on?"
"What if I get lost and I never see you again?"
"I wonder if the food is any good?"

Comments like this from Ron is all I got to hear as we walked through the sea of people at the train station. The boy did not stop talking.

He was the Weasley that is closest in age to me. Ron is only 30 days older than me. He was born March 1st, I'm March 31st. The twins just happen to be April first. So yeah. I'd say I'm pretty close with my cousins.

"Ron. I think we will be fine. We have the twins and Percy who will show us around." I gave a small smile, more to ease myself than to ease him. I was quite nervous to leave for school.

Since my father died my mother did not like to leave the house very often. We would go to the borrow but that's about it when it came to getting out. I knew she just wanted me to be safe, but all I wanted to do was explore the wizarding world.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Fred making a comment to George. "You know I think Kim is gonna be way more popular than Ron." The comment made Ron try to stick up for himself only to earn a shove from George.

"Oh without a doubt, Ron will make a friend if he's lucky." George chimed in without much hesitation. This just made the boys bicker back and forth as we continued our walk.

"Platform 9 3/4 this way!" I followed Molly's voice feeling something grab my hand nervously, it was Ginny. "Kim you'll write to me like you said right?"

The Weasley's are the closest thing I have to siblings making Ginny is the closest thing I've had to a sister. "Absolutely. I'll have to keep you up to date on what your brothers are doing" I gave her a big smile and hugged her as we watched Percy run into the wall. Well onto the platform.

I truly thought George was being an ass when he told me we ran through a wall to get to the platform. Yet here we are now running full speed through a brick wall to the platform. A sudden voice made me jump.

"E-excuse me. C-could you tell me how to, uh-" the boy let out a nervous laugh. My aunt Molly stepped in immediately. "Oh of course dear, it's Ron and Kim's first Year as well." She gestured to us both and I gave a soft smile and a wave as he looked over at me. He gave a sheepish wave and listened as she started to explain what he needed to do.

"Okay so what you're going to do is look for the 3/4 bit between platforms 9 and 10. I suggest running faster if you are nervous. Go on dear." She patted his back as he looked unsure. Ginny even wished the boy good luck as he stepped up to run. He ran full speed at the wall and effortlessly went right through, just as I watched my cousins do moments before. Ron walked up and I honestly don't remember him running through because my mom tapping my shoulder is what I remember next.

"I want a hug before you go off." She opened her arms out to me and I immediately hugged her. "I'll be sure to take a picture of the school from the train." I hugged her tightly and remembered she got me a polaroid camera to continue my photography.

"You better! I want pictures of everything you love while you are there." She pulls away gently and smiles big at me. "I promise I will." I hugged her again quickly and hugged Auntie Molly and Ginny goodbye.

I stepped up with my baggage. I took a deep breath closing my eyes as I started to run. I ran until I felt like I had passed the wall. I stopped and opened my eyes slowly to see my surroundings had completely changed. I had made it to platform 9 3/4.

I heard the train as I turned a corner towards the station. I saw kids running to the train making me kick my ass into gear. I ran towards the train knowing if I got on there I wouldn't get totally lost. I got all my luggage onto the train keeping my backpack that had snacks and a book to keep me entertained. I jumped onto the train and quickly looked l around and to no shock the train was almost completely full.

As I walked along looking for an empty cart. Not one student would even make eye contact with me as I looked in for a seat. No luck seemed to be in sight until I saw it, one empty cart.

I quickened my pace and got to the seat. I set my bag down in one seat and sat down closest to the window. I didn't sit alone the whole ride. A very shy boy named Neville asked to sit with me. I felt bad because several people had said no to him when he asked so I gladly let him sit.

He sat with his bag and a rather large toad who I later learned was Trevor when he escaped onto the train.

The ride to Hogwarts was a long one. I got bored of my book quickly and was too nervous to eat so I shared my snacks with Neville as he told me what he knew about our new school. Though he was a nervous wreck he was actually very sweet if you gave him a chance.

I did fall asleep during one of his stories but he didn't mind too much because he woke me up gently. "Hey, I'm sorry but we just got to Hogwarts. I don't wanna leave you behind!" He jogged out of the cart quickly in a rush to get off the train. I leaned to look out the window and saw the castle. I got my camera out quickly and took a picture to capture the moment perfectly. I felt at home as I wanted the picture to slowly develop out of the camera.
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