One of the most wanted criminals in Japan gets caught and put with the number two hero. What could go wrong

Romance / Drama
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𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝟷

I was one of the most wanted criminals in Japan until I got caught and put with the number two hero and I'm gonna tell you exactly how it happened.

This was our third attack this week. We were surprised that they still hadn’t caught one of us. The league is on the lower levels of this building while I'm on the top surrounded by pro hero’s. The plan was that I would jump, they would pull me in and dabi would light up the top of the building.

I backed up to the edge and all the hero’s took a step forward then I saw Erasers scarf flying toward me so I walked off the edge. As i’m falling I can see dabi ready to catch me and as soon as we’re about to make contact i feel something more like someone wrap around me and we shoot into the air i hear the big wings flap against the wind and i already know who it is i try as hard as i can to get out of his grip but nothing works he laughs looking down at me “don’t struggle it will only make things harder for yourself, if you cooperate with me i’ll get you out of this now calm the hell down before you send both of us falling to the ground” so i decide to take matters into my own hands using my quirk i knew it wasn’t gonna be as strong considering it was mid day but i had to do something. Once i use it hawks takes one of his hands off me and covers one of his ears then he drops me back on the top of the building.

Once he lands he gets on his knees holding his hands over both of his ears. While they try to help hawks I try to make a run for it then something wraps around me pulling me back. I get pulled down and he walks in front of me just staring down at me, then his hair begins to rise. He just erased my quirk hawks looks up making direct eye contact with me then he stands up dusting himself off he says “i’ll meet you guys at the station” then he flies off and I get surrounded by heroes, if it was just a few of them i could have fought but i knew i wasn’t getting out of this one so there was no point in fighting.

I get put in handcuffs and escorted to the nearest police station. Once i get there Eraser walks in and says “hawks has an offer for you if it were up to me I would let you sit in a cell for a while” he puts a phone down on the table “five minutes is all you get make it count” so as soon as he leaves i dial the number i knew would get me out of this it gets to the last ring and he picks up

y/n: hello?

dabi: “looks like you finally got yourself caught”

y/n: shut the fuck up now when are you coming to get me out this hell hole

dabi: “maybe you should stay there for a while think about what you’ve did”

y/n: they keep asking me questions it’s getting annoying oh yeah they also told me that bird man has an offer for me he’s supposed to tell me after this call

dabi: “take it if we get someone on the inside, taking him out will be easy then taking endeavour out will be no problem gain his trust then we’ll crush him from the inside out”

y/n “fine i’ll call you next time i get access to a phone and update you bye”

dabi: “later y/n”

Then hawks walks into the room sitting across the table from me and says “i’m sure your dying to hear my offer aren’t you sweetheart” i roll my eyes giving him the bitchiest face i could “what the hell do you want i know how you hero’s work you’ll give me an ‘incredible deal’ then want something in return” he tries not to show it but he looks upset at what i said “I think you have potential kid. You're gonna come live with me for a while and depending on if you change your ways they’ll consider not sending your ass to jail and if you don’t well you can just rot with the rest of the criminals in there but that doesn’t sound as fun does it?”

I burst into laughter “you’ve got to be kidding me who the hell said i would live with you and even if i did who said i wouldn’t just kill you when your not paying attention.” He stands up towering over me in my chair “you see the thing is i’ve already thought about that and if i’m being honest” he says bending over the table getting closer to me “I don’t think you have it in you” i’m shocked

“in every attack you never hurt anyone unless you have to you’re usually the diversion or the person who gets in and out without causing a seen” I stand up making eye contact with him ”don’t underestimate me” he says “oh trust me i wasn’t i’m just pointing out the obvious” I walk around the table getting closer to him “so let’s say i do decide to move in with you what’s in it for me?”

he crosses his arms leaning back against the table “well other than being able to live in my presence everyday you can get whatever you want within reason of course and you get the chance to change your life for the better” I scoff “and what if i don’t want to what if i like the way i’m living now” he stands up straight walking toward me “well than you better get used to being behind bars because that’s where your going if you refuse my offer”

I sigh rubbing the back of my neck “rules and boundaries i set mine you set yours then i’ll consider it” he says “go ahead” i say “ one i can get whatever i want at any time, two me and you make the least amount of conversation and contact as possible, three if you or anyone in that damn house touches or looks at me the wrong way i will fucking kill you, four don’t think you have authority over me just because i’m under your roof i’m still gonna do whatever i want. Got it?” he just stands there taking in what i said then a smirk goes across his face

“now that yours are out i’ll tell you mine. First off, you can do what you want, when you want as long as it’s before 9pm, also if you want to go out somewhere it will be with me or with a guard. Second, i’m busy most of the time so you’ll only see me in the morning and at night unless i get a day off. Third no one in my house would even think about laying a finger on you especially not me i mean unless you want me to” his smirk gets wider and i roll my eyes “Fourth, i’m not trying to control you or act like you have to listen to me at the end of the day it’s your decision if you want to fix your mistakes not mine.” i just stood there staring at him “your seriously giving me a curfew and a babysitter i don’t know about you but i’m perfectly capable of going places by myself, also i would never want you to touch me so, don’t even think about it”

Then the door opens and a group of officers walk in “well has she made her choice yet?” all eyes in the room shift to me. I let out a heavy sigh and look up at hawks “i’ll go with you” he puts on a soft smile and says “great we’ll be on our way then” the second we walked out those doors i knew my life was gonna change but the question was for the worst or for the best?
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