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Dabi's Day for Teasing


Dabi was being a total brat, teasing her and running off in the store. He's lucky Sapphire was a patient person, especially today. This is my hand at some master/sub play, I know it's not the best example of it, I'm still learning about it.

Erotica / Other
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What was today?

Sapphire was laying in bed, soft moans escaping her lips as she played with herself. She couldn't help it, her boyfriend, Dabi, was teasing her all day. They were out shopping today, Dabi kept putting random things in the basket and she would put them back on the shelf, he was acting like a total brat. He'd walk right behind her, gripping onto the cart as well whispering what he had planned to do to her later, making her all hot and bothered. Sapphire could feel his hard-on rubbing into her lower back. She put actual groceries into the cart, despite the little glares he sent her way.
"We do need to eat healthy you know." At one point, he wondered off making her glance around for him before she heard the intercom flip on.
"Attention, lost boyfriend at the front of the store. Someone needs to pay more attention to me otherwise, I might run off.." Sapphire found him waiting for her at the front of the store with a grin on his face.
"You're so lucky I love you. Otherwise, you would be finding a way home." They were leaving the store, and were loading the groceries in the car when he pinned her up against it, kissing her roughly, pulling her leg up to hook over his hip and grinding on her.
"Oh, little mouse, I can't wait until we get home, so I can pound that tight little pussy of yours." Once they were home, he jumped into the shower while Sapphire went to the bedroom to lay down after putting the groceries away. She bit down on her lip while she played with her breast and pinching her nipple making herself moan aloud. Her eyes were closed so she didn't see Dabi walk into the room with only a towel slung low on his hips.
"Started without me, such a naughty little mouse." Dabi growled as he walked over to the bed and yanked her hand from between her thighs making her gasp and look up at him as he kneeled on the bed.
"You need to remember who is in charge in this relationship, little mouse."
"That's not my name, baby~."
"That's it little mouse." Dabi leaned over and licked her slit, pushing her thighs back. Dabi smirked feeling Sapphire squirm under his hold as he ran his pierced tongue over her clit.
"Someone is so excited. I wonder why.." He glanced up to her eyes before he licked her once more making her moan out, gripping the bedsheets beside her. Sapphire felt one hand leave her thigh for a few moments before gripping behind her knee. Dabi was always so good to her with that tongue of his, but right now, it seemed to be even more intense.
"O-oh, Ma-master. Oh shit.." Sapphire started to run her fingers through his black dyed hair.
"Ahhn!" She moaned loudly, panting. With one particular swipe of his tongue across her swollen clit, made her let out a lewd scream and pull on Dabi's hair, pulling him back from her. Sapphire gave a small gasp seeing his face, now knowing why he pulled his hand away earlier. Her juices were mixed with his blood, especially where he had ripped out his staples, Sapphire gave a little worried noise, but the shit eating grin on his face let her know he was enjoying himself.
"W-why did you pull your s-staples out..?" She asked as Dabi gave another lick up her clit.
"So that I can use more of my tongue, little mouse. Hehehe, I haven't even used my fingers yet and you're nearly coming apart at the seams." Dabi sat up, leaned over her, hooking his finger in his cheek, pulling back the skin and let his already long tongue roll out and lick up her neck to under her ear making her shudder.
"Now, little mouse. Let me finish." Dabi crouched back down, returning his lips to her swollen clit making Sapphire scream out and throw her head back into the bed, gripping his hair. Dabi gripped her legs once more, folding them back while digging his tongue back in her heat. Sapphire moaned out feeling his tongue licking her like she was his favorite meal. Dabi gave out a growl like moan, throughly enjoying himself while eating out the blue haired girl squirming and shaking under him. Sapphire gave a loud scream as she came, fisting one hand in his hair, the other in the bedsheets.
"Da-dabiii!" He gave a deep laugh and continued to tongue fuck her, making her come again and again to the point where tears of frustration were running down her cheeks.
"Is little mouse frustrated? Let me fix that." Dabi chuckled as he sat up pulling off the towel from his hips and rubbed his large, hard cock on her extra sensitive clit making her cry out.
"Pl-please, I-I'm not sure I c-can take anymore.." Sapphire panted, her eyes half lidded, but her pupils blown wide. He leaned over and kissed her neck below her ear.
"You'll do fine, little mouse. If you need, you know your word. Say it and everything will stop." Dabi rubbed his cock over her clit before slowly entering her groaning. Sapphire gave out a loud, lewd moan as he inched himself inside her.
"Shit, little mouse. Despite you cuming so many times, you're still fucking tight. Mmhm, the perfect little cock sleeve." Dabi thrust all the way into her making her gasp and moan out. He held her legs up, making her nearly immobile as he slowly pulled out, then thrust back in, groaning, his head leaned back and his tongue hanging out from his torn cheek. Sapphire panted, clutching the sheets in a tight fist as he held her in place. She could feel his hands heating up quickly.
"M-master.. please.."
"Please what mouse? Tell your master." He growled out lowly.
"Please fuck me. Please fuck me hard." Dabi laughed, a deep laugh as he thrust in and out of her hard and fast.
"Oh, yes, little mouse. Fuck, you have the best tight little pussy." Dabi growled out as he began to twitch inside her hearing her lewd moans. He released her legs and gripped her waist pulling her closer to him as he buried himself inside of her moaning out loudly.
"Oh shit! M-master!" Sapphire screamed out as she came once more. She could feel him shoot his load inside her as he growled out.
"Fuck yes! Fuck little mouse. You really know how to get me off quickly. I love it." Sapphire panted and brushed her hand on his chest lightly, catching his attention.
"I.. I wanted to say.. Happy Birthday.." She leaned back forcing her body to relax as Dabi leaned over her and caressed her cheek softly.
"You remembered, Sapphire?"
"Of course. I wouldn't miss it. I hope you enjoyed your gift." Dabi smirked.
"Oh, that I did. That I did.." Dabi kissed her softly.
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