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Redamancy (Draco x Reader)

Chapter one-the beginning

I watched with a proud smirk as the wizards and witches gathering on the train platform parted to make way for me and my mother, their wide eyes brimming with fear. Beside me, Bellatrix was reminiscing fondly of her teenage years spent terrorising fellow students at Hogwarts, assuring me that Ill be just fine at my new school. To any other witch my age, starting a new school during the third year after a lifetime of homeschool would terrify the magic off them, but not for me. In my turbulent mind, a switch in schooling seemed mundanely ordinary. Turning to my mother, I observed

"So this is Hogwarts? I'd be better off tutored by a gaggle of trolls"

Bellatrix let out a loud cackle at my remark before planting a quick kiss on my forehead as the train let out its last warning roar before departure. Grabbing my luggage, I quickly leapt up the steps on the train as it pulled away from the station.

I started off down the hallway in search of a compartment. After when seemed like an eternity, I finally came across a compartment with an empty seat, accompanied by a neat looking girl with brown hair, a lanky ginger boy with a face smothered by freckles, and... good lord... Harry I'm-an-orphan-and-I-never-let-anyone-forget-it Potter. I had seen his face on the daily prophet more times than I would've liked.

"Mind if I sit here?" I asked nonchalantly, leaning against the doorframe
"Oh course you can" brownie replied as carrot top nodded vigorously and scar head simply sat there, gaze fixated on the mysterious new girl. Not wanting to give them time to change their mind, I gave them a quick smile and shoved my luggage above me, before turning and plopping down on the old, fraying train cushions.
"I'm Hermione Granger, Gryffindor, well actually we all are" Brownie quipped friendly, nodding her head to her companions. "This one here is-" but she was cut off
"Ron, Ron Weasley" he mumbled before offering up a sweaty hand, which I took hesitantly
"Er, I'm Harry" Harry said with a lopsided grin
(I'm (y/n), (y/n) Lestrange" I smiled, the last word rolling off my tongue with pride

The three paused at the mention of my surname, casting quick glances to each other before I rolled my eyes and continued

"No need to worry I won't go trying to kill any of you in your sleep- unless you give me a reason to. Kids don't always grow up to be their parents, you know" I said earnestly
At this, their faces relaxed, and the four of us settled into comfortable conversation as the scenery grew greener and the sky grew darker, I surprisingly developed a liking towards my new companions. I told them about homeschooling, and how I was looking forward to getting sorted, though there was no doubt in my mind of where I belonged, my family tree rooted in Slytherin.

I caught the chocolate frog that Harry tossed to me and tore off the wrapper, about to sink my teeth into it before walls lurched coward, causing my to drop my sugared reptile and setting it free. Looking up to see the train lights growing dim before flickering out, and suddenly the compartment was filled with a depressing cold. I shivered, feeling all positive emotion drain out of me, leaving me with the horrors of my past summer.

Cold hands

My wand falling to the floor


Screams, piercing, desperate screams... and then...pitch dark

I woke up the to worried voice of Hermione, who's expression turned into one of relief at my waking. I sat up from the grimy wooden floor to see Ron and Harry sitting , eating chocolate.

"What happened?"
"Dementors on the train, looking for the escaped murderer, Sirius Black" an unfamiliar voice answered me, and I turned to see a man with a kind face and a tattered robe, with a piece of chocolate in his outstretched hand. "I must go pay a visit to the conductor, but you four should be getting into your robes, I expect we'll be arriving soon". And with that, he was gone.
"Are you alright?" Harry asked, his face etched with worry. I mustered up a shaky, but convincing smile as I took a bite of the chocolate, immediately feeling the warmth return to my body
"I'm alright, what about you, Hermione says you fainted too". Before he could answer me, I was dragged off by Hermione to change into our robes.
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