Why me? (Bakugou x fem reader)


Y/N is a sweet and loving girl, so what happens when she enters UA and meets a hot-headed spiky haired blonde, will the beloved girl fall for him and will he fall for her? ⚠ cursing because its bakugou duh This is my first book so thank you for choosing to read it!<3

Romance / Action
No one may know
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Y/N was very beautiful just like her mother, her H/L H/C hair and her E/C eyes she was gorgeous but not only was she a beauty she has a kind soul and loved helping others, people who knew her adored her and loved her as if she was their own child. Her parents loved her with so much love, they remember the day when they found out they were going to have a baby girl they were filled with joy. Everything was perfect for y/n she was happy and had the best parents anyone could ask for but that all changed when she was just 4 years old, y/n quirk hasn't shown up and her father was disappointed, later y/n's mom found out her husband has been cheating and that caused them to get a divorce. Y/n's mom didn't want to live near him so she dicide to move out of the country all the way to amimerica, "come on baby lets pack up yoir things" m/n said "but mommy why" Y/n said "we are moving to America isn't that exciting!" "But what about daddy.." "Your daddy left y/n I know its going to be hard but we can get through this, now lets get to packing".

I hope you guys injoy this chapter im going to be working on the next one<3
- Author chan<3
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