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compilation of JenLis smuts one-shots

Romance / Humor
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by - EyesOnTheStreet

Jennie knows she’s in trouble when she hears Lisa walking down their hallway towards the bedroom.

Sending explicit pictures and videos while the younger was in a meeting? Jennie did it on purpose. She knew what Lisa would do as soon as she got home.

so now when the younger girl is walking through the door, Jennie immediately whimpers at the sight of her. Her tie was loosened around her neck with the first two buttons popped open. Her slacks fitted around her waist and belt buckled for extra protection. Meanwhile Jennie lay on the bed in nothing but baby pink panties and one of Lisa’s oversized shirts.

Lisa only cocks an eyebrow when the sound is emitted from the small girl. “You’re so greedy.“, she sneers, smirk present on her lips as she walks towards her lover. Jennie whimpers again, this time, jutting out her bottom lip in a pout.

Lisa grabs a hold of her chin and places her thumb on Jennie’s lips. the smaller woman immediately gets the hint and encloses Lisa’s thumb in her mouth, sucking and licking on it. Lisa’s smirk grew wider as she stood fully in front of Jennie.

“Even after i fucked you so good this morning? And the night before? You send me pictures and videos like a slut while I’m in a meeting?” Jennie moans at this, loving the insult Lisa gives her.

“I guess that’s not enough for you, right baby? two or three orgasms is never enough for a whore like you hmm?“, Lisa asks and Jennie shakes her head causing the taller girl to chuckle.

“I’ll destroy you tonight. That’s a promise.” she murmurs the last part before leaning down to take Jennie’s lips into her own. The kiss is fiery, full of passion as Lisa grips onto Jennie’s chin harder. She breaks their kiss, Jennie leaning her head up to chase those tasty lips and whining when she doesn’t get it.

“Hmm unbuckle my belt.” Lisa orders and deft fingers get to work. Jennie pulls the belt out of the loops and sets it aside. Knowing what Lisa wants, she unbuttons her slacks and pulls down the zipper.

“Now my tie and shirt.”

Jennie sits on her knees coming face to face with her lover. Lisa leans in and places several kisses on the older’s neck as Jennie takes of her tie and unbuttons her shirt. Jennie moans as kissing turns to sucking and nipping and she falls forward into Lisa’s embrace. The younger girl grips at her arms and pushes her back so that they’re face to face again.


Jennie is quick to pull her shirt over her head and pull her panties down, leaving her bare in all her glory for Lisa to see. “Oh so now you decide to be a good girl? Not earlier when you almost got me in trouble for being hard? it’s almost like you beg to be punished, baby girl.“, Lisa says and the slight nod that she receives from Jennie is all it takes for her to push Jennie back onto the bed.

“What color are we?” she asks, getting on the bed to straddle her girlfriend. “green.“, Jennie answers quietly and Lisa gives her a quick smile before leaning down to give her a peck.

“On your stomach. Ass up.“, Lisa demands and Jennie immediately follows, in the position within seconds.

“So obedient. So good.”

Jennie keens at the praise like she’s always done.

“count.“, was all Lisa said before she landed a strike on the bare cheek of Jennie’s ass. The smaller girl lets out a shaky breath, “one.”

Another strike. Another moan.


Three more strikes happen in succession and Jennie is dripping by then. The left side of her ass a bright red color.


Lisa gives her a couple of seconds, rubbing over the sore area, soothing it. She counts to ten before striking again. Jennie moans louder, gripping at the bedsheets for stability.


More smacking and more counting endures until Jennie lets out a whimpering “fifteen”. “Good girl. You’re so good, Jennie.” Lisa whispers and the older girl only replies with deep breathing and soft moans.

“Since you were able to count all of the smacks, do you think you’ll be able to count all of the orgasms you’ll have tonight?” Lisa asks seriously and Jennie’s brain runs haywire. It finally sunk in that Lisa is going to overstimulate her tonight. She let out a shuddering breath and gripped the sheets in her hand.

A hard slap is placed against her ass. Jennie’s entire body shakes as she cries out. “I asked you a question.” Lisa growls out.


“Oh is that so? If you lose count, I’ll have to edge you tomorrow night. And I know how much you love to cum.“, Lisa threatens. Jennie whimpers at this, ready for the events that were to take place tonight.

“please.“, Jennie whispers out, pushing her ass back against Lisa’s crotch, groaning when she feels the tight bulge against her core. Lisa uses her left hand to soothe over Jennie’s ass and her right fingers to feel over her soaked lips.

Lisa groans when Jennie’s arousal coats her fingers, immediately bringing them up to her mouth to suck. “You taste even better than yesterday.” Lisa grunts.

She turns Jennie back around so that the smaller girl is on her back with her legs spread. Lisa flits her eyes down to Jennie’s dripping core and the older girl nearly cums from that alone. The way Lisa is looking at her with such a predatory look in her eyes, Jennie knew she wouldn’t last long once she’s touched.

“mine.“, Lisa mumbles, taking her index finger and dragging it down from Jennie’s clit all the way to her opening. Jennie moans softly from this, a shudder racking through her body.

“You’re so sensitive and I’ve barely touched you. Just wait till I fuck this pretty pussy of yours. I’ll have you crying for me to stop.” Lisa says and a raw plea is released from Jennie’s mouth.

She stares up at Lisa with darkened eyes. The younger stares right back at her, a fire lit behind her eyes as she lays between Jennie’s legs. She holds their gaze as she softly licks at Jennie’s clit.

A hand is immediately latched into her hair and Lisa loves the way Jennie tugs on it, gripping hard whenever she does something in particular. Another lick but longer this time and after that, Lisa dives in.

Lisa’s left hand comes up to grip onto Jennie’s right breast, toying with the nipple and grabbing at it while she eats away at Jennie’s pussy. She takes the nub into her mouth and hums around it, sending Jennie into another wave of incoherent screaming and thrashing hips.

Lisa’s right hand begins to occupy itself as she inserts two fingers into Jennie’s core, thrusting hard and fast.

“Fuck, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” Jennie screams, grabbing onto Lisa’s hair and playing with her nipple. Lisa hums on Jennie’s pussy again and this time, it sends the girl spiraling into an orgasm.

Her mouth drops as her body freezes for a second before it begins to shake. Lisa brings her down gently, thrusting slowly and giving soft cat licks against her kitten’s clit.

Eventually, the baby girl goes limp and Lisa removes her fingers and mouth.

“one.“, she says before crashing their lips together. While they kiss, Lisa tugs down her briefs a bit before grabbing her cock and pulling it out. She rubs the head against Jennie’s clit, loving the way Jennie moans into her mouth.

She then positions the head at Jennie’s entrance and pushes, the tip breaking in. Jennie moans softly as Lisa continues to push in until her hilts. They both let out a sigh.

Lisa begins to thrust quickly, giving Jennie no time to warm up to the thickness of her cock. She grips at Jennie’s waist and pistons into the girl, grunting as she does so.

Jennie circles her legs around Lisa’s hips and places her hands against her covered back just for something to grip on as she’s fucked into oblivion. She lets out multiple gasps, having no time to catch her breath.

“You take me so well.” Lisa says and leans down to place kisses against Jennie’s face and neck. She feels nails dig into her back and moans in her ear and Lisa thinks she’s never been in heaven until now. She lifts Jennie’s leg until it’s placed over her shoulder, giving her more room to move.

“fuck.“, Jennie says, continuing to say it with each thrust Lisa gives. “fuck, fuck, fuck.”

She feels a finger rub over her clit and suddenly, Jennie’s back arches and her body begins to shudder. She clenches around Lisa’s 10 inches dick as she orgasms but Lisa continues to drive into her at an unrelenting pace.


Jennie gasps, basically clawing at Lisa’s back now. She wouldn’t be surprised if she still someone ended up with scratch marks even though she has a shirt on. both of Jennie’s legs are now thrown over Lisa’s shoulders as she continues to fuck her, close to bringing Jennie to her third orgasm of the night.

“You got another one in you, princess. Give it to me.“, Lisa says through sharp breaths and Jennie cums again. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as her body spasms. Her voice is damn near raw but she bears as Lisa finally slows down.

“Three. Flip over.” Lisa says and Jennie uses the last of her energy to turn out. Jennie feels Lisa pull away and Jennie hears some shuffles. She turns around to see Lisa taking off the rest of her clothes, obviously too hot to keep them on. Lisa comes back and pulls at her hips so Jennie’s ass is up in the air again. She grabs at Jennie’s arms and locks them behind her back in a firm grip before inserting her cock back in.

Lisa thrusts in, the sound of skin smacking immediately sounding in the room along with Jennie’s muffled moans in the bed sheet. Lisa grits her teeth as Jennie’s tight and warm walls continue to clench around her shaft.

Jennie cums a lot quicker this time, gasping for air as Lisa wears her out. She screams as she releases for the fourth time tonight.

“Look at you, cumming so prettily on my dick. Four times and it hasn’t even been twenty minutes. You’re so easy.” Lisa says as she pulls Jennie up so the girl is now on all fours. She releases her hold on Jennie’s hands and settles for the long dark locks that settle on her back. Now, Jennie’s head is thrown back, her neck bare, as Lisa fucks into her.

Her other hand grabs at Jennie’s waist and she begins to thrust again. Lisa figured she’d never get tired of this. Fucking Jennie so good to the point where all of her energy is drained. Having Jennie cum so many times so the point where’s she’s so sensitive that she’ll cum with only one thrust.

“Whose pussy is this?“, Lisa grunts out, slapping Jennie’s ass cheek, loving how it immediately turned a bright red.

“Fuck, it’s yours. God, it’s yours.“, Jennie gasps and a cocky smirk is placed upon Lisa’s face

“Shit daddy- i’m gonna- fuck.“, before she can even finish her sentence, Lisa is cumming again. Lisa’s grip on her hair releases and Jennie falls forward on the bed, not even attempting to catch herself.

“What number we at baby?” Lisa asks, slowly thrusting into Jennie. it takes her a couple seconds by Jennie breathes out a sharp “five, daddy.”

“Good girl.” Lisa murmurs. She pulls out and flips Jennie back over onto her back. She leans in for a sloppy kiss, tongues tangling with each other and moans getting lost in each other’s mouth. Lisa pulls away and kisses down Jennie’s body until she’s met with a dripping, blushing pussy.

Jennie’s core is bright red, showing the signs of what Lisa is doing to it. the taller girl darkly chuckles before leaning forward and sucking on Jennie’s slick lips. a hand immediately makes way to her hair and pulls.

Jennie is thrashing around now, so sensitive to the point where a few tears leak from her eyes. She babbles incoherent words as Lisa thrusts her tongue into Jennie’s entrance, loving how her walls clench onto the wet muscle.

“gonna cum, daddy-“, and after that is jumbled words of accented English and Korean, even some curses sneaking its way in there. Jennie’s body tenses and shakes soon after, loud moans resonating through the room.


Lisa comes up and hovers over her girlfriend, loving how entirely fucked out she looks. Her hair is spread over the bed in a messy halo and her cheeks flushed red.

“You’re so pretty baby. So gorgeous.” Lisa whispers. She brushes Jennie’s hair from her forehead and places a soft kiss there. She then leans up and rubs at Jennie’s thighs before grabbing the base of her dick to position it at Jennie’s entrance.

She thrusts in and settles for a slow, deep pace this time. She leans down and gives Lisa a tongue kiss, sloppier than last time. Her hand makes its way up Jennie’s chest and rests at the base of her neck, ready to squeeze the second she takes off into fucking her.

a minute later and Lisa’s hand is clenching around Jennie’s throat and her hips smacking against her ass as she fucks at an intense speed.

Jennie’s airway is cut off so now all she can let out are desperate gasps as she’s lead to her seventh orgasm of the night. Lisa blows her own bangs out of her face and grunts as Jennie gets tighter, making it harder to move. Lisa stares Jennie down as she begins to rub at her clit in small and fast circles.

Jennie screams as she cums again, another wave of shudders going through her body. Lisa continues moving at her fast pace, finally chasing her own orgasm. She uses two hands to squeeze at Jennie’s throat, hearing her girlfriend try to gasp for air.

“seven.“, Lisa grunts out. She feels the rhythm of her thrusts become erotic as her orgasm is now approaching.

“You’re gonna take my cum like a good slut aren’t you?”

A nod.

Lisa grits her teeth, “fucking take it then.”

Her hips stutter as she finally hilts into Jennie and cums, ropes of white shooting into Jennie’s warm cavern. Lisa eases her grip on Jennie’s throat and thrusts slowly, pushing her essence farther in. not only does Lisa cum, but so does Jennie for the final time tonight.


Jennie is gasping for air now, finally being able to breathe. She lays limp on the bed as Lisa finally pulls out for a final time, whimpering when the shaft drags against her sensitive walls. Lisa falls onto the bed next to her, immediately pulling Lisa into a warm embrace. The smaller girl settles against her girlfriend, content for the night.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Lisa whispers into Jennie’s ear, drawing patterns on the older’s back. Jennie shakes her head against Lisa’s chest and she tsks.

“Use your words baby.” she says. “No. you didn’t hurt me.“, Jennie says softly, showing her sincerity by placing a kiss on Lisa’s collarbone. The brown gray haired girl smiled and placed a returning kiss on Jennie’s forehead.

“Thank you.”

Lisa smiles at her softly before reaching over and grabbing the lotion.

“Aftercare and then we can sleep, m’kay?”

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