sincerely yours, another pov.


after the traumatic accident that left Spencer with amnesia, your world had now changed. full credit: / matthewgooby/

Romance / Drama
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your world.. now.

Maybe one day you two will meet again in another universe. You both belonged together, for infinity. Except, when he forgot all the memories of you. It was like he had forgotten the past two years he had spent his time with you. No, it was exactly that. He was the love of your life, and you were his. All the loving memories; halloween’s, christmas’, thanksgiving spent together, suddenly didn’t ring a bell to his amnesia. He had forgotten who you were, no idea of you were or what you were to him.

The two of you were perfect for eachother, he was the genius who would do anything to protect his family, and you were the opposite of the things you most admire about him. And in that moment, you looked up at him, trying to hide the tears rolling down your cheeks as the memories flood through your brain, the ones he had no idea of. It was your fault he lost his memory; all your fault.

Ever since he was finally released out of the hospital after the accident, you were pretty much depressed. All you thought of was him, well who he used to be. He was happy, he only thought of you as a friend now, considering you let him borrow your apartment while you were gone on that depressing trip back home. He knew about that, about the apartment. But the rest, zero idea in that IQ of 187 brain of his.

He meant so much to you, literally. You couldn’t tell him what you were to him, it would confuse him too much, plus, it was too early. You ended up coming back to Virginia after a few weeks of being with your parents. You couldn’t last one more minute with your mom begging you to take a bite out of her favorite grill sandwiches.

Whenever he talked, you wanted to burst into tears. He made you the happiest in life, but he had no realization of it. Maybe coming back was a bad idea, you weren’t ready to see, in fact, you weren’t ready at all. You thought it might’ve been time, but seeing him just, you couldn’t. He was that one person that understood you, and told all your secrets because he was your person. Now he was a stranger, in the body of the guy you fell in love with.

Every turn you made around the apartment, he was there. He was physically here, but him him, it was different. The past two years, the both of you made lots of memories around the apartment, every room, corner, everywhere you looked. It seemed as if he had reorganized his bookshelf in alphabetical order.. again. He was like that, organizing things and overthinking when he was stressed.

The way he looks at you every few seconds, lights up your whole world. You tried to get over him, it would be for the best, he now only knew you as a friend that lent him an apartment, the same apartment you both lived in for a year. The same apartment that every corner had memories of things you had planned for the future. You would do anything to relive those years with him, together even if it meant he would forget you all over again, you would do it.

After the hospital, when you had found out about Spencer, you were at a loss of words, nothing could make your words reappear. It was like your world came crashing down, it felt like it was. A few weeks ago when he got to your apartment, he got the letter you had left for him behind the door. The one filled with your tear drops.

Perhaps, one day you hope he will look at you more than a friend and remember how much you meant to him. But, it was too early, you had to give him some time to get used to having you around. He didn’t mind sharing an apartment with someone he had just met. But you on the other hand, you did. Spencer was now different, not the person he was before..

He didn’t know how he would always stroke your hair after the both of you cuddled for hours and watched Grey’s Anatomy, he loved making you laugh by pretending to be Derek Shepherd and ‘perform’ fake surgeries on you. No matter how many times you guys rewatch the show, he would be in awe every single time. Like he didn’t have an eidetic memory.

All the dates,the work stares, they didn’t seem to matter anymore. Well to him. But to you, they were scrapbook material, if you could see the future back then, that would be exactly what you would first do. The memories now only last on one side, you.

Spencer made you happy, the happiest you could ever be. Him and you went through hell and back for those two years. He taught you things you had never heard of your entire life. He was an open book, a massive one in fact. Spencer was something else, truly.

Maybe one day you could move on and only think the same way as he does to you. But, once again, in another universe.

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