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The Slytherin Story

01// Getting Settled in


It was a brisk autumn day and I was packing my trunk for the first day of school tomorrow. "Ella dear we are going to go eat dinner with the Malfoy's tonight, so make sure you look nice," my mom said from downstairs.

My family and the Malfoy's were very close to each other because they we are the last few pure bloods in the area. The Malfoy's wanted Draco and I to date because of our blood lines and they want to keep it pure. I have always had a liking for Draco for a while but I will never admit it out loud. I hope that Draco has a liking for me as well.

"Ella you need to finish packing for tomorrow then we have to get going to the Malfoy's," my mom says at the bottom of the stairs. "Okay mom give me like 10 more minutes please," I said in a rushed tone while finishing packing.

I packed my uniforms and toiletries and I feel as if I am forgetting something. "Maybe I should pack these just in case they come in handy," I said packing a few sets of matching lingerie.

I picked out my outfit to go to the Malfoy's. I didn't want to be to fancy but I didn't want to be too casual so I settled on some dark-wash jeans and an emerald green crop top with a tan cardigan over top of it. I matched some gold earrings and a gold bracelet with some rings to the outfit. I also paired some white sneakers with the outfit as well.

I finished my packing and the we are on our way to the Malfoy Manor for dinner. My dad knocks on the door and Narcissa opens up. Narcissa invites everyone in and greets to everyone. "Ella, you have grown so much since the last time I saw you," Narcissa says looking me up and down. "Where is Draco?"I ask. "He is upstairs finishing getting ready you are more than welcome to go say hello if you would like," Narcissa says in a soft tone.

I met Draco's door and knocked on it. "Come in," Draco says in a flustered tone. "Hey Draco," I said in a excited tone. Draco turns around whilst fiddling with his tie. Now I know why he sounded flustered. Draco and I give each other hugs. "Would you like for me to help you with that?" I asked pointing to Draco's tie. "Please, I have been playing with it for the past hour," he said flustered. I walked over to Draco and grabbed his tie and started to fix it. While I was fixing his tie I can sense him looking at me in awe. "What is it Draco? Is there something wrong?" I asked in a teasing voice. I liked to tease Draco because I knew he would get flustered and trip on his words. I thought it was cute when this happened. "N-no n-nothing is wrong Ella," Draco says not being able to finish his sentence. "All done, now let's get downstairs, I'm starving," I said.

Draco and I make our way to the dining room where the parents are sitting. "Look at you two," Lucius says in a proud type of tone. Draco and I start to blush and look at the floor. Narcissa made chicken, my favorite. Draco and I took our spots at the table next to each other just like old times. As I am eating her dinner, I feel Draco's knee touch mine. I don't mind but Draco immediately moves his leg and starts to blush. "Dinner was really good Mrs. Malfoy," I said. "Thank you Ella I'm glad you liked it. At least someone appreciates my cooking," Narcissa says in a joking tone.

The adults go out to the heated porch to talk about adult stuff leaving myself and Draco to do the dishes. "Sorry about that Ella," Draco says in a soft tone. "Oh, I didn't mind Draco," I said in a reassuring tone. "So, you excited to go back to school?" I said breaking the silence. "Yeah, I guess I just thought I had a little more time to get prepared. I still haven't finished packing," Draco says. "I can help you pack if you would like. I mean what else do we have to do except sit and be bored," I said. "Sure why not I could use the help," Draco says in a happy voice. I start to see him smile and blush a little. "Are my eyes deceiving me or is THE Draco Malfoy smiling," I said in a joking tone. "Hey I smile sometimes, its just the right person has to make me smile," Draco says looking at me and I am blushing even more. I felt good inside and I had butterflies in my stomach.

Draco and I make our way upstairs to Draco's room to finish packing. "What have you not packed yet?" I said in a questioning voice. "I have not packed my robes, socks, and...," Draco says but is cut off by me. "And underwear," I said staring at the huge pile sitting on his bed. Draco starts to blush and I giggled a little. "Yeah and those," Draco says embarrassed. "We all wear underwear Draco its not just you," I said in a joking voice. Draco packs his robes, socks, and underwear so his bed is clear. Draco and I sit and start to talk about the good old times. "Remember when we would sit outside and just watch the stars," I said in a sweet tone. "Remember when...," I start to say as Draco cuts me off. "Remember when we used to have tickle fights," Draco says playfully. I remember and start to tickle Draco. Draco starts to tickle me back and I become really giggly. "Draco stop... that tickles," I said in between breaths. Draco finally stops and stares at me in the eyes.

I am staring into Draco's icy blue glistening eyes and I feel myself become hot in the face, and I can feel Draco's minty breath on my face. I have butterflies in my stomach and they haven't gone away. In the heat of the moment I said in an awestruck voice,"Draco, I...," Draco cuts me off with a soft kiss on the lips. I am shocked and I kiss him back.

"What was it that you were saying Ella," Draco says in a loving tone. "I was saying that I really like you Draco, I have liked you since first year," I said in a soft voice. "Me too Ella, I have been waiting to do that since day one," Draco says in a soft voice.

"Ella we need to get home now you have a long day ahead of you," my mom says from the bottom of the stairs. "Coming mom," I said. "Good night Draco, see you on the train tomorrow", I said in a sweet tone while leaving Draco's room. "Make sure to sit with me tomorrow on the train I have something I have to ask you," Draco says in a soft tone. "Can you ask me now," I ask in a begging voice. "No, I like to have suspense in my life, it brings mystery to the night," Draco says in a joking tone. "Fine," I said in a whining tone. "Until tomorrow Ms. Jones," Draco says in a sleepy voice. "Until tomorrow Mr. Malfoy," I said in a sweet tone.

We make our way back home and I can't stop thinking about what happened at the Manor. I am growing impatient with the suspense that Draco has made. I really didn't like him for that but I'll let it slide just this once.
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