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Ok if you want to read it you want to I don't feel like doing all this.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Name: Jasmine LeeLive: Florida

Age: 16

Family: Dad

Info: My Mom left my dad for another guy and I wanted to stay with my dad but it was a bad choice he doesn’t care about me he barely works I have a step mom she is pretty nice my dad is always drunk.

Friends: Carly Shay, Kim Taehyung

We have been friends since kindergarten but in first it was me and Carly but Kim Taehyung was lonely so Carly wanted to be friends with him we don’t really get along we never have.

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only the idols in this will never do any of this I do not picture myself in these stories it is not to disrespect the idols.

Story time! I grab my things and rush out.

I run to school.

I got there.

Carly:“Damn girl! I thought you weren’t coming!”

Tae:“Oh come on she has been a whole 3 hours late.”

He rolls his eyes.

I stick my tongue at him.

He does the same.

Jas:“Your such a baby!”

Tae:“Your such a baby!”

We start arguing.


She drags us.

Carly:“SHUT UP!!!!!”

We both stop.

Then stick our tongues out 1 more time.

TIME SKIP it was the end of the day we were hanging out at a park.

Carly:“Look at those cute couples~”

We look at them.

Tae:“How cute.”


They both look at me.


Carly:“Your gonna get a boyfriend one day.”

V:“I don’t see how!”


Jas:“I’m not looking for one.”


Then V got a call.

He answers it then hangs up after 2 minutes.

He drags Carly and I just follow.

We ran back to his house.

V Mom:“*Gasp* Carly!!!”

She comes out of the kitchen and so does his dad.

She hugs her.

V Dad:“How have you been sweetie!”

Carly:“Great! and you??! Mrs and Mr Kim!?”

V Dad:“Amazing but even better since you are here!”

V Mom:“Yep...and just call us Auntie and Uncle.”

Carly sits down and so does V.

Jas:“Yep and amazing Jasmine is here.”

I fake a smile then sit between Carly and V.

V Mom:“O-oh! hey ummmm...”

V Dad:“J-j ahhhh Julia!”

I literally just said my fucking name.

Jas:“Hahah close! Jasmine...and why aren’t you to dating yet?!”

She points at Carly and Taehyung.

I fake a laugh they just blush.

V Mom:“Oh well Taehyung....guess who came!!”


V Dad:“BOYS!!!”

Then 3 boys come down. V:“Hyungs and Jungkook!!!”

He hugs them.

V Dad:“Yep well we gotta go we will be back soon.”

They left.

We were all speaking english by the way.

He starts speaking I just pull my phone out because once again I will be left out so yeah.

V:“Well guys this is Carly! Carly this is Min Yoongi a.k.a Suga this is Jimin and this is Jungkook.”

He smiles.

Carly stands up and greets them.

I roll my eyes.

Sg:“Ah and who is this?”

V:“Oh..um not important....but if you wanna know it is just Julia.”

I look at him.

Then I look back at my phone.

SG:“Hello Julia.”

Jas:“Who the fuck is Julia cause it is not me.”

V:“Aish it is Jasmine.”

Jas:“That’s what I thought.”

Then they sit down.

Carly sits back down.

Carly:“Come on girl put your phone down.”

She whispers.

Jas:“So I can be ignored?....no thanks.”

V:“Where are the others?”

Sg:“They couldn’t come they are coming later on this year.”

He nods.

V:“Well let’s get to know mor about everyone.”

They start talking about themselves.

I get bored.

Jas:“I’m leaving.”



Jas:“Because I don’t like you guys and I didn’t even want to be here.”

Carly:“Ouch! that hurt!”

V:“No one WANTED you here.”

Jas:“You know? one day when Carly is gone I will choke that precious neck of yours.”

I leave.

Carly Pov/



He rubs his neck.

I could tell she was left out.

Jasmines pov/

It has been 2 weeks obviously me and V argue the new boys go to our school more being left out my dad hasn’t came home in 2 nights.

Today it was rainy a little I just wore grey sweatpants and a hoodie.

It was chilly.

I got to school.

I go to Carly V Suga Jimin and Jungkook.

They were talking.

TIME SKIP it was the end of the day.

We were walking out of the school.

They all drove their cars today and were dressed all nice and warm.

Carly:“Well bye Jasmine~ cya tomorrow!”

They all get in their cars and I walk home.

It was windy.

I was freezing the rain was pouring down like crazy.

It is a nice day to cry.

I get home.

Step Mom:“Oh darling you are soaking wet!!!!!!”

Jas:“Heh yep I guess I am.”


Jas:“Maybe because no one cared enough to at least pick me up on a rainy day!!”

Then I feel a slap on my cheek.

Dad:“Don’t ever back talk.”

He walks away I run to my room.

I lay in my bed.

I am already use to all of this.

TIME SKIP it was the next day.or:I leave.

It was a better day today.

I get to school and see Carly.

Carly:“Hey Jas!”

She smiles.

I smile back.

Carly:“It’s way nicer than yesterday it’s like hot!”

Jas:“I guess.”

Jas:“Where are the boys?”

Carly:“I don’t know yet....it’s like a hundred degrees out here!”

She fans herself.

Then we see the boys come from the corner.

V was holding an ice cream.

Carly:“Jeez you cause came later than usual! you came after Jasmine! how does that happen?!”

V:“Well we shouldn’t have walked!”

Sg:“You and Jungkook shouldn’t have made us stop for ice cream!!”

They were all sweating Jungkook also had an ice cream.

I walk to V.

He looks at me looking scared.

He gulped I smile.

I take his ice cream.

Jas:“Thank you.”

I wink then walk back to Carly and lick it.


I look at him.

Jas:“Got a problem?”

He looks down.

V:“N-No....but can’t I have at least 1 lick?!”

Jas:“No.....ok you can.”

He came over and licked it.

Jas:“Now mine!”

Carly:“GUYS!!! WE HAVE A FREE DAY!!!! We just have to stay on campus.”

She smiles.


Carly:“But let’s go inside it’s to hot!”

They all start walking I do to.

Then I feel a head on my shoulder.

Jm:“Hey Princess? could I also have some???”

I look at him he is all sweaty.'Ew'


I let him get a few licks.

Jm:"Thank you."

He gets up.

He walks back to the front.

I finish the ice cream.


We were inside.

Jas:"Oh and here."

I give V the cone.

V:"What am I supposed to do with this?!"

Jas:"Eat it duh~"

He throw it in the trash.

Then he glares I smile at him.

TIME SKIP it was the end of the day we all split up.

I went home.

Mom:"Hey sweety!"

She hugs me.

Jas:"Ew off."

She chuckles then gets off.

Mom:"I got you something!"

She pulls out something from behind her back.

It was wrapped.

Mom:"Open it!"

I open it.

It was a piercing kit!

I smile at her.

TIME SKIP I got my nose done by her since she has done this before.

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