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It was the next day.

I was walking to school.


She hugs me.

Jas:“Get off.”

She gets of.

Carly:“It is less hot than yesterday.”

She looks at me.



Carly:“Your nose!” Jas:“I know I know you like it don’t you~”

I smile.

Carly:“GIRL I LOVE IT!!! It looks nice on you, you have a really pretty nose.” Hair: Jas:“Thank you I’m gonna get my ears done also.”

I smile.

Then the boys come up.

Jm:“Hello ladies.”

He smiles.

Sg:“Do have to have a flirty tone everywhere we go?!”

We all laugh.

Jm:“Oh baby you look fine with that nose piercing.”

He smirks.


I smile.

Jas:“I know.”

Carly:“OMG! I just got the best idea!! V and Jasmine whenever they talk to each other they can’t be insulting! and if they are they will face punishment!”

V:“Where did you get that idea from?!”

Jas:“Her head dummy!”

Carly:“See now it’s either you be nice or kiss each other.”



Carly:“See now be nice! don’t just be friends be best friends!”

TIME SKIP End of the day (Ok here is why I keep skipping to the end of the day because...nothing happens in school it’s all after school.)

Carly:“Ok now Jas sleepover at my house at 6 me and you only!”

I nod then leave.

It was friday.

I get home and see the police infront of my house.

I go in.

I see my dad in hand cuffs.

Jas:“What is this?”

Mom:“Your father was drinking and driving and hit a lady.”

She looked so nervous.

Jas:“How long is he going away?”

Mom:“We have no idea yet.”

They take him.

Mom:“Ok finally that dumbass is gone he drove me nuts!”

Jas:“Same! well I am having a sleepover with Carly Mom so I am going to go pack.”

Mom:“Ok love.”

She is my step mom for your info.

I pack my things then take a quick nap.

When I woke up it was already 5:30.

I go downstairs.

Mom”Want me to drive you?”

I look at her.

Jas:“Yes please!”

We get into her car.

Jas:“Damn this car is nice!”

Mom:“Thank you!”

Jas:“Where did you get the money?!”

Mom:“*Sigh* I was afraid I was gonna have to tell you...I am the CEO of a famous company...I didn’t tell your father because he would just take advantage I didn’t tell you because I still wanted you to trust me.”

Jas:“So you were rich this whole time?!”

Mom:“How do you think we never lost the house?!”

I nod.

We were at Carly’s house.

Mom:“Now lemme walk you up there.”

I nod we get out.

She walks me to the door I knock on it.

Carly’s Mom:“Hello~”

She opens it she widens her eyes when she sees my Mom.

Carly’s Mom:“Stephanie!”

I look at my Mom.


They hug.

Carly:“You 2 know each other?”

Carly’s Mom:“Honey yes! we were best friends in high school! no one could separate us!”

TIME SKIP they talked then my Mom left then me and Carly hung out.

V’s Pov/

V:“We have to be nice to each other....ew!”

Jk:“It’s not that bad.”


Sg:“Just get to know her.”

V:“I do know her and she is mean and has no heart like a dragon!”

Jk:“First off dragons aren’t real and if they were they would have a heart.”

Sg:“Yeah for all you know she might like you!”

V:“Uh-uh I have known her all my life she doesn’t even like girls!”

Jm:“Well she is the one who taught you English so the least you could do is be nice.”

They nod.

V:“I guess.”

Jm:“You wanna start by not being a baby be like a bad boy so then she will be more attracted and stop simping over Carly it is obvious she is not into it.”

V:“I’m not simping over Carly.”


Sg:“Yeah like don’t let her run you over.”

I nod.

Jk:“You might even want her because she is really cool and pretty.”

V:“Yah that is not all you look for in a girl.”

It was Monday.

Jasmines Pov/

Me and Carly were at school talking.Then the boys came.

Jm:"Someone decided to wear shorter shorts."

V:"Ew....I mean oh they look nice on you."

He fakes a smile.

Jas:"Shut up I don't need your opinion."

I roll my eyes then Carly elbows me.

Jas:"I mean thank you Taehyung for the nice compliment."

I roll my eyes.

Carly:"The least you can do is smile."

Jas:"No I said thank you to him and I am not smiling that is the most your gonna get."

V:"Yeah....and anyway we were more comfortable hating each other."

Jas:"Yeah....your just making us not even wanna hang out or look at each other."

Carly:"Haven't you guys always never want to look at each other."

Jas:"Yeah but it was in a good way where if we didn't see each other or say something mean then we are empty....well anyways this is weird I am leaving."

I walk away.

V:"Yeah this got weird and we seem forced to smile so bye."

He walks right behind me.

V:"YAH! Wait up."


He catches up then puts his arm around my shoulder I am caught off guard.

Jas:"Y-yah what are you doing?"

V:"Hanging out with a friend."

Jas:"Not your friend."

V:"Whatever....are we really gonna be nice to each other."

I look at him and stop.

Jas:"Are you serious...we have had an off and off friendship for 16 years we are not gonna let them ruin it now!"

V:"Yeah!....but aren't we gonna have to kiss?"

Jas:"And how are they gonna make us kiss?!"

V:"Hmm good point."

I roll my eyes and start walking.

TIME SKIP it was lunch today we had a new girl she was annoying.

Mia:"C-can I sit with you guys?"

She was the new girl.

Jas:"Ew no."

Sg:"Yeah go somewhere else."

Jm:"Come on darling."


Mia:"Umm actually I wanted V to answer."

V:"Huh? oh um yeah I guess."

I roll my eyes.

TIME SKIP it was a week later the new girl doesn't talk to us she only talks to V.

We were on our break me and Carly were talking by our lockers.

V:"I'm here!"

He was panting all of our lockers were by each others.

Jm:"Jeez no rush."

They come from the other side Jimin wraps his arms around my waist from the back and puts his chin on my shoulder it's a normal thing or a habit for him to cuddle or hug someone I know it now and it's normal to me now.

Suga rest on the locker behind V and Jungkook leans on Carly.

Then Mia comes from nowhere and rest on V.

V:"Hey babe."

We widen our eyes.


V:"Yeah she confessed and I accepted it...and something I wanna talk to you guys about...we can't hang out any more."


V:"Because you guys treat me like dirt!...mostly Jasmine...she took my ice cream she ate my cotton candy she took my lunch she took my homework to."

Jas:"Oh come on tell us the real problem."

V:"That is!"

Jas:"So me?? why didn't you just say me? I am the problem?"

Mia:"Well your the problem now come on babe."

They leave.

Jas:"What a bitch."

Carly:"Right he hasn't been having a problem with that for the past years why now?"

Jk:"It's that Mia girl."

SG:"We're gonna kill her."


We were starting to walk to them but we got pulled back by Jimin and Carly.

Jm:"You not going anywhere Jasmine."

Carly:"You neither Suga."


Carly:"Because as friends we will respect his decision."

Jas:"Your gonna kill her."

Carly:"Yeah we're gonna kill her."

Jm:"I guess so..."

Carly:"Let's go sabotage them!"

They walk away but I was held back by Jimin.

Jas:"Yah what?!"

Jm:"He did this to make you jealous."


Jm:"He doesn't like Mia he is just never loved by you."

Jas:"Oh...what am I supposed to do?"

Jm:"Uhh I got a plan just play along with it."

I nod.

He grabs my hand and runs to were the others were.

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