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We all were on lunch break V didn’t sit with us like usual.

Carly:“What did you do??”


We were all looking at V and Mia’s table.

Jas:“I can’t really see.”

I get up.

Sg:“Wait you alone will look strange.”

He gets up with me we casually walk past their table.

Mia:“H-help! I can’t b-breath!”

I was confused.

Suga drags me past.

Sg:“Yah we said do something bad to the girl not kill her!”

Jas:“Yah! I only put onions and hot sauce in it!”

Sg:“Oh shit she might be allergic to onions!”

We call Carly Jimin and Jungkook over.

Sg:“We gotta get her to the hospital now!”

They look worried then look at her and see her choking.

We go back over and grab her.

V:“Wait! where are you going?!”

TIME SKIP we were at the hospital.

I was sitting by Jimin and Suga.

Jas:“Aish this is sooo boring!! we’ve been here for hours!”

Sg:“Well you shouldn’t have tried to kill her!”

Jm:“Yeah this is you fault.”

Jas:“MY FAULT?! how was I supposed to know she was allergic to onions?! I don’t know anyone that is allergic to onions!”

Sg:“Well she is!”

We all start arguing then the doctor came out.

V:“How is she?”

Dr:“She is fine you can come and see her.”

We all get up.

Carly:“I feel bad now.”

They all agree.

Jas:“Not me she had it coming.”

They look at me.

Carly:“Do you ever feel bad?”

I scoff.

Jas:“No...she deserved it.”

Carly:“Whatever ignore her.”

We got to her room.

She was looking at the ceiling then at us when we came in.

Mia:“Thank you guys for taking me here I could’ve died.”

Carly:“No prob you were choking.”

Mia:“Yeah...but I know what happened.”


Mia:“It was all Jasmine! she was being rude to you and now that you are with me she wants to be rude to me! she knew I was allergic to onions! and I saw the smirk on her face when she saw me eat the food! she wanted to kill me!!”


I look at him totally not caring about what she just said.


I said with an annoyed tone but bored face.

He walks to me.

V:“How could you! I knew you were low but not this low! not to try to kill someone.”

I roll my eyes.

Jas:“It was a big misunderstanding and do you guys have proof that it was me?”

Mia:“Look at her hands.”Jas:“Yeah so what? they are just little cuts.”

Mia:“Yeah from you! cutting the onions!”

Jas:“And how do you know?”

Mia:“Because I saw you throw away half an onion.”

V:“So you did do it!”

Mia:“She wants me dead! she should be in jail!”

Jas:“No I shouldn’t cause your not dead and it was not my intention to kill you.”

Carly:“Well she did choke.”

Jk:“And you did do it.”


I roll my eyes.

Jas:“Whatever I did it so what and she is just fine no big deal but yeah maybe I would prefer her dead but I didn’t kill her and I am leaving because I am not going to explain myself to people who were in on this!”

I leave.


I roll my eyes.

When I go out I see the police and my step mom.

Mom:“Sweetie I heard what you did and I am so sorry.”

They stare at me.

Jas:“It’s fine anyway take me away boys I am ready!”

I smile and put my hand in the back and turn around.

This is not my first time.

This time I am old enough to go real jail instead of Juvenile.

TIME SKIP I spent about 2 weeks there because everyone there knew it was a misunderstanding and I didn’t know she was allergic to onions everyone at first thought I was trying to commit murder but I wasn’t.

I am on probation.

I try to get this thing off my ankle every time but it just beeps when it is loose.

I am going back to school today.

I am not going to talk to Carly Jimin Jungkook Suga and definitely not V.

I will mind my own business.

Or just not go to school today.

Nahh....I am going to choose to stay here.

I did my routine then got back in my bed.

Then my Mom comes.

Mom:“Hey your not going to school today?”

I shake my head.

Mom:“Ok well I am off to work be good...and today you will be meeting your real Mom!”

She leaves.

I pull my phone out.


I pierced my ears more. I was bored I looked in the mirror.

Jas:” I am just gonna mess around with this make up.”

I turn on music.

Then another song comes on but it was just a beat.

I stay quiet for a while.

Jas:“I’m not your bestie not your sis I’m not the one I am that bitch it’s slow for these hoes I got em mad they so dramatic want my spot but they can’t have it.” Then I take a few pictures.

TIME SKIP it was 3 hours later my step Mom came back.

Mom:“Ok get ready we have to leave.”

I wipe the make up off then start getting ready. I tied my hair in a low back ponytail.

Mom:“Nice let’s go!”

We get into the car and go to a cafe.

Mom:“Come one let’s go.”

We walk into it.

We sit down at a table with a lady and a man. Jas:"Who are they?"

??:"We are your parents darling!"

She smiles.

Jas:"No your not and I already have a dad."

??:"No sweetie...or Jasmine."

Jas:"How do you know my name?"

??:"Because I had you and named you."

We got to know each other they told me the whole story that the other one was not my real dad and my Mom got in a divorce with him but he still wanted me.

Jas:"So I am no where near Korean?"

Real Mom:"Nope honey you just speak the language and you were not born there you are a Latino African American."

She says it proudly.

Jas:"What how come I don't look like you guys?"

Dad:"Because not everything happens how you want ti to happen you just happen to have lighter skin and she is not fully black."

She shakes her head.

Real Mom:"Do you know spanish?"

Jas:"I understand it but I don't really know how to speak it."

She nods

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