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NSFW Haikyuu Oneshots


Character x Character > There will be x-readers, but on rare occasion. X-readers are also character x MALE reader. If your looking for cc x fm sorry, this is the wrong book for you, dont worry though! There are way more books that cater to your needs! Spelling errors > I do NOT write on a computer, I write using my phone. I speak English as a first language, but I write like I havent. Chapters will go up unrevised and will be revised hours-days later Requests > If you want a request, please be specific, or I will take it into my own hands. Certian kinks things I am not comfortable writing are: Age play/regression, Pregnancy sex/omegaverse, literal public humiliation, r*pe/ non-consensual sex DISCLAMER > you have come here because you are a haikyuu fan. So I hope you know about the haikyuu timeskip. Other than the third year students, I WILL NOT WRITE SMUT OF A CHARACTER IN HIGHSCHOOL. Yes, teenagers have sex, they smoke, they drink, they do all sorts of shit. But I do not condone it, I know it's happening but I will not be writing it. All characters I write about are spoken in the context of the haikyuu timeskip Finally > I get it. Your horny. But this is not meant for the faint of heart or anyone under the age of eighteen. So please viewer discresion is advised. rate it! Rate whatever you want, let's get into it! Credits to the cover artist!

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Bottom!Kyoutani x Dominat!Male Reader

A/N Hello and welcome to the first chapter, I'm not new to writing fanfiction, but bear in mind I am in no way a professional writer. I just write smut for fun whenever I'm horny/ bored.

These are not inherently long chapters. Many chapters will be longer than others, many will be shorter, take it or leave it. Hope you enjoy chapter one, oh yeah

Y/N stands for, your name
E/C stands for, Eye colored/color
H/C stands for, Hair colored/Color
S/C stands for, skin color





Things like the way his eyes drifted over the paper, or how slender his hands were, or how delicate his touch was whenever they net the tan boy's face made him fall in love deeply for (y/n) every day. Kyoutani often had to pause and think what exactly he did. Was it his eyes?

He laid comfortably, held in his lover's arms, thinking. Those (e/c) eyes, enchanting and vivid. While he could name several people with captivating eyes, he never found any of them quite as attractive as (y/n). Was it his hands?

Small gentle hands. Small compared to his own at least, calloused and bruised from hours of religious spiking and receiving. They fit so perfectly in his hands. Those slightly stubby fingernails, the pretty diamond ring he had on his left hand... the beauty mark on his finger, the creamy (s/c) canvas. Was it his voice?

The voice that would get kyoutani to do anything. The gentle roll, a sing songy feeling to him truly. It always felt like he would be drifted away into a lullaby... he never understood how (y/n) had no imperfections. To him at least. Was it his hair?

His pretty (h/c) hair. Framed the face he loved to cup so dearly. The same hair that he would rest his hands on, that he would twist around his (s/c) fingers. As koganegawa, his teammate, would say, kyoutani was truly whipped.

"Ken, what do you want for dinner?" (Y/N) spoke. Breaking the comfortably silence that had washed over the two. Phone pressed into kyoutani's chest. (Y/n) swung his leg over kyoutani's lean ones, resting comfortably against the muscle

"Whatever you want, you know I'm not that picky" Kyoutani lied. While he wasn't lying in the sense that he wasnt that picky, he was lying in the sense that he didn't have something he wanted for dinner. Seated right against his thighs. He wanted (y/n)

"Me? That's flattering but I'm not a meal" (y/n) Chuckled. Resting back against his body. Had he said that aloud? Kyoutani's face flushed red and he pulled the collar of his shirt upwards to hide the red that washed over his face.

"Shut up I didnt say that..." kyoutani denied, grumbling.

(Y/N) let out a laugh, one he hadn't had in a while. While yes (y/n) of course would laugh, but something about his lover underneath him all red... caused blood to rush to his lower areas. "Well... we could order something to eat, and I can have a snack before dinner"

Kyoutani watched the (E/C) boy slip in between his legs. Spreading them with his left. "That is, if you'd like me to. I wont touch you without permission" his (s/c) hands rested atop each slender knee, belonging to kyoutani. The same wing spiker underneath his touch slowly nodded.

"You should use your words. I dont mean to be a tease but I need to know you actually want this" (y/n) purred. His hands placed on the inside of his thighs. Gently rubbing the inner seam of the sweatpants. Kyoutani leaned his bleached head back into the pillows and let out a whine

"Please... I want you badly.." kyoutani whispered. The last bit of pride he had surely left in that final moment before being used like an object. (Y/n) made quick strides. Pulling off the black sweatpants that hid two spots that would later be overstimulated, quickly tossing the stupid armless hoodie to the side to put on display toned abs, and beautifully perky nipples

(Y/n) closed in, lowering himself over kyoutani's body, holding his lovers jaw, kissing him lovingly. After sloppy kisses, his hand gently turned his head up, to gain access to his pronounced Adam's apple. Sucking greedily on the muscle, leaving deep red bruises along his throat. (Y/n) wasted no time in leaving love bites, and territorial marks in the most obvious places.

Moving down to his chest, (y/n)'s (h/c) head was only seen from kyoutani's view, but the way he worked his hands was more than enough to make up for the lack of friction he could give to his partner. (Y/n) worked his tonuge and teeth around small red buds placed evenly on his chest, righthand fondling with the muscle around the neglected one.

Several minutes of sucking and sloppy Huskies and bites later, (y/n) finally faced the heftiest part of the meal. The magical stuff between his legs. As much as it pained the (E/C) to be too hungry to make a mess of the spiker with his fingers and mouth, he didnt waste much time, inserting 2 slender fingers past the rim of kyoutani's entrance, his mouth working wonders on the first 3 inches of the 7.

Kyoutani drooled in ecstasy. "O-ohh... (y/n)... you... ah~" the spiker struggling to create the right words to format the perverted words he wanted to say. (Y/n) taking in the length, head slowly lowering down and lifting upward, fingers working the man's naughty hole. Said (H/c) man pulled off the girth with a satisfying pop, fingers smoothly making their way in and out.

"Princess, order dinner please? While I indulge~" (Y/n)'s fingers, wet from slick and saliva grazed over kyoutani's dry ones. The man shuddered and began to click through tabs. In between his legs felt oddly cold. He looked up from the phone screen, noticing (y/n) focused on his own situation. Slowly sliding a yellow condom over himself, sliding one down kyoutani as well

Kyoutani began to dial the number. Feeling the sensation of something larger, thicker, beginning to slowly saw him in half. Kyoutani let out a grunt as the number rang, a woman picking up the phone. He spoke to her quietly, (y/n) wasn't going out of his way to embarrass him persay... but there wasnt the reaction he wanted.

He wanted a mouth cover, an escaped moan, the woman to hear the light skin slapping as chow mein was ordered. So he leaned back on his haunches. Slowly grinding his hips forward into him. Kyoutani put the phone away from his ear temporarily, letting out a deep sigh before bringing it back. Confirming with the woman.

That was something (y/n) kept slowly grinding, one hand wrapped around his cock. "Are you feeling it?" The soft fabric of (y/n)'s shirt lifted, showing off his own nipple. Kyoutani nodded, the missionary wasnt enough, his mewls were low and short. Each leg being quickly hoisted over each of (y/n)'s shoulders, leaning down.

"(Y/n)! Wh- Ah~!" Kyoutani let out a squeal, low for a squeal but it was besides the point. Kyoutani held onto (y/n)'s sturdy arms, while his hips quickly hit the sticky skin underneath him. (Y/n) keeping eye contact to his lover's eyes.

"I love making a mess of you~!" He exhaled and laughed, (y/n)'s pace increasing, nearing his high. Kyoutani'slong arms wrapped tightly around (y/n) quietly begging in his ear for him to increase the hardness, thrusts becoming slow and violent, the springs and wood of the bed squeaking underneath their weight.

"Dont cum yet~" (y/n) stressed. Staring down into the blonde's clouded eyes. His length pulled away from the slightly gaping opening. The submissive was pulled upwards. Forced up on his feet and to the wall. A part in the spiker's mind hoped he would spare him, and just finish off him his mouth, but fortunately for (y/n) and said greedy submissive, one of kyoutani's kegs was hoisted up onto the man's hip.

The other hand wrapped around kyoutani's cock while (y/n) pushed in his own into his body. Deep rough thrusts temporarily introduced. Not even moments after the change of position (y/n) began to loose control, knees starting to give out, balls tightened. "O-oh~! Yes~! I'm cumming babe~" he purred, roughly pushing in for the last few thrusts.

"Y-yeah~! Cum al-already..!" He squirmed as he felt the warmth fill him. Though through the condom, the semen was still so warm against his insides. Kyoutani releasing promptly into his own condom. (Y/n) let out a pant. Pulling out and holding onto the wall for support. His length beginning to soften.

"I should... go look out for the deliveryman" (y/n) softly panted. Disposing of the filled yellow condom. Helping kyoutani's off as well. Kyoutani sat on the bed catching his breath. Nodding as the (h/c) man left the room
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