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NSFW Haikyuu Oneshots

Top!Oikawa x Power bottom!Sugawara

"Koushi, your friend is here" a soft feminine voice chimes from the end of the stairs. Sugawara laid still with his eyes closed, face pushed into his pillows, with the blankets pulled over his shoulders. What time had he gone to sleep last night?

"Koushi? Your friend wants to see you!" She called again. This time a bit louder. Mrs sugawara sighed and opened the door. Oikawa still stood there paitently "I'm so sorry dear, he's still asleep, you can come inside if you'd like" she smiled.

The handsome setter smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "If you insist~! Its no big deal really. He told me I can show up whenever." He walked past her and into the living room. His mother following after him and sitting on a couch opposite to the tall boy. He pulled his phone out his pockets and slumped a little bit on the couch.

"I'm gonna go up and see if hes awake" she commented to herself and made her way up the stairs. She knocked on the door and poked her head in. Sugawara supporting his body on his elbows. Rubbing his eyes "Koushi, your friend is downstairs"

"Which one?" He softly awnsered. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed and walking downstairs to the living room. He yawned and opened his eyes to see oikawa. He blushed a little. "Koushi-chan, nice pajama's!" Oikawa teased, gesturing to sugawara's shorts that had cats on them, and to the top that had an angry bee on the front

Koushi laughed a little and sat down beside oikawa. "Are you staying the day?" He asked softly. Oikawa looked up from his phone and tapped his chin "well... see I was hoping you and I could practice. I wanna try some sets with you since your more tolerable than iea-chan" he pouted

Sugawara hit his shoulder "I'll text him that you said that" oikawa looked at him pleadingly. Getting on his knees in front if the older setter with his hands pressed together in prayer "no no no no!! Koushi-chan I thought you were better than this!"

Sugawara laughed a little, crossing his arms proudly "your gonna have to beg a lot more than that. I'll even tell him about-" oikawa covered his face and bowed on his hands and knees "Koushi-chan! Please I beg of you! Please dont text iwa-chan- I thought you were my friend! He'll murder me! Who will all the ladies give chocolates to-"

"ME" sugawara cackled and stood, his arms dropping dramatically to his sides as he let our the best guttural villain laugh he could muster up. His mother poked her head into the living room and looked at him "koushi, hush with all that. It's to early for this" she sighed and left

Oikawa whined and wrapped his arms around suga's leg "pweaaasseee" he pleaded and looked up at suga. Suga smiled and caved "it's hard to be mad at you when you give me puppy dog eyes" he helped oikawa stand. "Mind waiting for me outside? I have a net that you can set up while I get myself ready."

Oikawa whined and flung himself so he balanced on his good knee. "Koushi... come on you dont need to shower- your gonna get all sweaty playing anyway!" Sugawara sighed. "I'm not playing volley ball in this. Plus I also have to make my bed and brush my teeth. Hygiene! Well clearly you don't know what that is..."

"Koushi-chan. How. Dare. You." He furrowed his brows and pressed their foreheads together. Sugawara laughed a little and wrapped his arms over oikawa's shoulders pressing short bursts of kisses to oikawa's lips "I'm just kidding!"

Oikawa whined as he was kissed but accepted them. Kissing back, he tries not to be too loud with the kisses, and was grateful that sugawara pulled off. "My mother is home, so it's best we dont... she doesnt know yet... anyway I'm gonna get dressed"

Oikawa nodded and walked outside through the back door. He looked around the barren yard before spotting the net, shoved messily into a large box that had a few volley balls in it. Oikawa notices the net support beams already stuck into the dirt. They must not have ever been changed or put away, considering how towards the bottom most began to grow.

It wouldn't bother him. He set up the net, as sugawara exited. Wearing similar shorts that fell just above his knees, compared to the ones he wore earlier that hung just underneath his mid thigh. He wore a white long sleeveshirt.

"Ready?" Sugawara said. Hitting the ball against the back wall a few times, doing it to the other balls too. Oikawa noticed that, it was the small things about sugawara that caught his attention. The fact that he seemed to "prep" the ball. He always hit it against the floor or walls.

"Helloooo~" sugawara chimed. Stood on his tippy toes in front of oikawa. Waving his hands at his eyes. "Tooru, you've stood here for like... a solid minute. Is there something on my face? I told you this is just a mole it's not marker" he looked at him

"No- no your find koushi, I was just thinking.."

"Yeah I know you were, when you think you look like that creature- what's his fucking name...SID from ice age! You look like him whenever your thinking. I dont know how girls find your thinking face attractive..." sugawara laughed and tossed a ball to oikawa

Oikawa quickly ran over to set the ball and tossed it towards sugawara. Suga running towards the ball, locking eyes with his target and hitting it over the net. It made a small plop. Sugawara landed on his feet and loomed at oikawa who stared intently

"How was that?"

"Uh... it was okay, I dont do to well with really high sets, but for what it's worth it was a good toss" sugawara picked up the ball and looked at oikawa he sighed "can I get more? Was it too close to the net? Was there enough momentum?"

Sugawara laughed a little "it was good. Nothing crazy, but it wasn't the best either." He threw another one at oikawa. This time oikawa threw it close to the net, sugawara totally missed it and ended up hitting the net, suga felt himself falling but still held the net. The support beams wavered slightly and suga fell on his butt

"Oof! Ow ow ow owwww!!" Augawara rolled over holding his butt. Oikawa laughed and ran over to him "you okay?!"

"Its like asking a man who broke his arm if he can write... OF COURSE IM NOT OKAY I JUST FELL, ASS FIRST- I felt all my body weight just-" sugawara whined a little and stood. "Way too close and way too low. I said I didnt like high sets but that was just too low"

"I'm sorry koushi! Okay let's do one more, this one I'm gonna to far from the net-" sugawara Gunted "just throw the ball you dimwit!"

Oikawa to see the ball, sugawara hitting it nicely, the ball made a nice Fooowwwwmmmmm! As it made contact ro the floor and bounced against the fence. Oikawa smiled and suga clapped "Yay!"

Ready to set the ball again oikawa tried to get it right to that spot. He tossed the ball, not to hard, but high enough for suga to be able to hit it over. Suga made contact with the ball and it landed against the fence like last time. Oikawa silently fist bumped the air. Sugawara giving him jumping high fives "woo! Though... as much as I love practicing with you, wouldn't practicing with iwaizumi make more sense?"

"Koushi? Why ask? I told you, your easier to work with! I love my iwa-chan but hes so difficult" he laughed but sugawara sighed and rested a hand on his hip "but I'm benched, and I also play setter, in the case of me ever getting subbed in, the chances of me hitting one of your spikes is close to none"

Oikawa Pouted and held sugawara's hands "koushi-chan.... I know your benched and all... but it's fun to practice with everyone! Please koushi.." Oikawa put both is sugawara's hands to his chest. "See, my hearts beating so fast because of all the serotonin I get from playing with you!" Oikawa softly kissed his forehead.

Suga sighed and smiled softly "or because I'm just so handsome" oikawa picked up sugawara and carried him to the wall of the house "that too".

The home was surrounded by a tall fence, though it was tall enough for oikawa to see over the top of it. Sugawara wrapped his legs around oikawa's hips and fixed himself so he looked up to see over the fence a few feet away. He chewed on his lip "tooru... say, what if somebody looks out their window?"

"They'll just see how much I love you.." oikawa but sugawara down and pinned him to the wall by putting both of his hands at each side of his face "that is... if you want me to... I'll take care of you koushi" he softly kissed his lips. Suga smiled softly and nodded, his hands pressed against oikawa's chest again. "How much do you love me?"

Oikawa smiled a little and held his jaw, ripping his head up "this much~" oikawa kissed him roughly, and forced his tongue past his lips, licking his teeth and fighting sugawara's tonuge. Sugawara gasped against his lips but his hands fell to oikawa's waist. Pushing his hands into his sweatpants and playing with the hem of his boxers

Oikawa broke off from the kiss "yeah... go ahead" oikawa watched sugawara pull the front of his sweats down and the front of his boxers, sugawara pulled the length from his boxers, he kitten licked the tip before putting the length into his mouth. Oikawa exhaled shallowly and looked around to see if anyone was watching.

"F-faa... koushi.." he placed a hand on the back his his hair. Watching as sugawara sucked his length, he looked almost... addicted underneath him, the way his eyes were half open and slightly rolled back, sucking gradually.. oikawa blushed at the sight.

He held the back of his head and slowly began to thrust into his mouth, sugawara had a firm grip on his sweatpants. Holding himself on his legs. Eventually he pulled off with a pop and dropped his own pants "I dont want it in my mouth... please.." he softly asked and turned around. His chest pressed against the wall of the house

"Yeah... I was going too, you gotta be quiet though" the taller leaned forward and spread his cheeks apart, circling the rim with his index finger, the muscle tensed at the touch, sugawara turning his face away in embarrassment. "Does it feel okay?" He softly asked. Sugawara nodding and biting his lip

Oikawa slowly pushed in the index. Slowly pulling it out, sugawara grunted softly at the odd sensation, they only had sex two other times, both times suga had prepped himself with his own fingers. Oikawa pushing in his slender fingers was incredibly odd. He pushed himself against the wall and pushed his butt back on oikawa's fingers

Oikawa didnt stop the kisses or pushing his fingers deeper till he could smoothly pull three fingers in and out. "Koushi... I dont have a condom on me.." oikawa pulled back. Sugawara grunted and pulled up his pants "Dont get soft... I'll be back"

Sugawara walked back inside quickly. Hiding the mild erection. His mother looked at him "Koushi? Are you and oikawa-kun done playing?" She looked up from her laptop. Sugawara smiled "nope! I was going up to get a towel"

He walked to the linen closet and pulled out a towel. He rushed to his room and pulled out two condoms. He pushed them into the pockets of his shorts and walked back downstairs. Oikawa seated on the ground, playing with himself while he waited. Sugawara got on his knees in front of oikawa, wiping off his length with the towel before slipping the condom on

He slipped to second one on himself and looked at oikawa "I'm ready... but I wanna ride you" he lowered himself once he was lined up, slowly taking the length. Sugawara ket out a breathy gasp, oikawa's hands firmly holding sugawara's hips.

Sugawara fixed his legs so he properly could bounce. He held onto the wall behind oikawa's head. He slowly began to shift on the length, lifting off and then going back down . He continued this process but eventually needed an increase of friction

Sugawara wrapped his hand around oikawa's throat and grinned "I'm gonna fuck you really good~" he purred. Oikawa blushing, feeling sugawara beginning to almost fully lift off and then come crashing back down, pushing oikawa's hips into the concrete ground. Oikawa covered his mouth and bit his lip

"Sh-shit..." he muttered as sugawara's grip loosened around his neck. Sugawara eventually started to get high off of the fullness in his stomach. He started to bounce quickly, oikawa letting out a meal as he orgasamed into the condom

Sugawara following shortly after "ah~" he pulled off the length, but sugawara got in between his legs, pulling off the condom and licking the semen off of the tip of the length "mmm~" he purred. He first got up and disposed of the condoms. Pulling up his pants, then he cleaned up oikawa with the towel, then sitting Beside him "that was fun tooru!"

Oikawa smiled a little and nodded
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