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NSFW Haikyuu Oneshots

Top!Bokuto x Bottom!Akaashi

Akaashi perspective

After several years(closer to one and a half) all of us who went to highschool together are finally seated in a room again. Kuroo and Bokuto had been in college for a year now, And Kenma and I finally graduated and go here. Others like tuskishima and hinata are in their second year. Bokuto isnt a jerk that wont hang around them because their younger, but simply the schedules are just harder to manage now.

I was going to bokutos dorm room to be friendly. I've never been a party person but afterall, bokuto is my best friend, not to mention the boy that I havent gotten my mind off of since my 1st year at highschool. So I was going there to support him, but when opening the door to see only kuroo and kenma, a wave of... relief yet slight disbelief washed over me. Glad it was only a few people, but it really showed me how many friends bokuto actually had.

I brought Chips. bokuto claimed that kenma was bringing napkins and soda. I guess kuroo and bokuto were doing most of the shopping for this event. "HEY HEY HEY! AKASSHI!!!" he yelled loudly and ran up to embrace me. he squeezed me so hard I was afraid the bag holding the various chips, would burst in his hug

"I missed you too bokuto san.." I loves his hugs, though I was embarrassed he had to yell so loud. Kenma looked up from his switch "Hi akasshi" and then looked back down. Kenma was still kenma, bokuto was still bokuto, all that was left was-

"Akaashi! it's great to see you again!" kuroo. He didn't physically change. but... he sounded a lot less, arrogant. he gave me a hug as well. bokuto took the bag from me and opened the bags of chips inside. he poured the chips onto a table

"Bokuto San, what are you doing-" I ask slightly confused. he wasnt even pouring them onto a plate. just... onto a table. Bokuto had the perfect yet horrible trait of obliviousness. he smiled, a bit too proud of himself he spoke "I'm putting them on the table! so we can grab them when we want" he smiled. His idea wasn't entirely stupid... but I've heard better ideas come from Oikawa. "Bokuto san.. wouldnt it be more convinet if we just put them onto plates? then everyone can grab a plate instead of chips possibly dropping on the floor" I asked, his face was so adorable when he found out how stupid he was thinking truly was.

he slapped his forehead "What would I do without you akasshi! your so right!" he laughed and a pink flush was washed over his cheeks. I laughed softly "I'm sure kenma said it and you didn't listen" kuroo gave me a silent nod, not wanting to burst his friends bubble.

I was surprised that he didnt go all emo on me, but I was actually quite happy that he didnt do that. he scooped off the chips onto paper plates, and set he plates on the table. I thought again. "Bokuto san arent you friends with oikawa?" I looked at him. Every time I saw him I couldnt help but notice something new. this time i couldnt help but notice the way he blinks when hes thinking, it's such a small useless detail.. but he blinks almost as if theres something in his eye, and what makes it cuter is that he doesnt notice it.

"Oh yeah! oikawa is bringing something... Kuroo!" He called to kurro from across the room. Kurro fiddling with kenma's hair. "what's up bokuto?" he looked at his friend.

"What is oikawa bringing again?" he looked at the rooster who tapped his chin. for a solid minute he just let out a long "uhhhh...." before looking at his phone "Oikawa should be bringing desert. I'm not sure what he decided on but I told him to get ice cream" he looked up from his phone. bokuto nodded.

"Oikawa should be bringing desert then" he turned to face me. I laughed softly "Bokuto san I'm listening!" he blushed, embarrassed and laughed. There was always a thought in the back of my mind that kuroo and kenma were together. they were childhood best friends so that could explain it... but they were just too compatible, Kenma calm and quiet while kuroo his counterpart, slightly stupid.

they were probably just close like that... but I was really jealous deep down. I looked at bokuto who was leaning against the wall. smiling softly. "You know... you can stay over when your feeling lonely akaashi" he looked at me. Did I look lonely to him?! I was but I wasnt expecting bokuto to say that outloud!

"Bokuto san... when you put it that way it just sounds weird. I'll come over of course, but not because I'm lonely. if anything, your lonely!" I joked and nudged him. he laughed a little and smiled, staring down at his house slippers "I am...Anyway! Flattykawa should be here any minute now!" he tapped his wrist.

"Oikawa's college isnt in Tokyo remember. you can wait a bit longer bokuto san. why dont we watch a movie" I suggested. causing the rooster to jerk and turn "I know what to watch! we should watch a horror movie!" he grinned and looked at kenma. Kenma looked up at kuroo and sighed "I guess we can watch chucky, the original one. it's a classic" he muttered, hitting Hopkins with his net.

so we all sat down and gathered plates of chips. Kuroo wrapped his arm around Kenma, and a part of me really wanted to be in bokutos arms like that...Bokuto was just an adorable dumbass who probably was thinking about how good the chips were. Just as we were comfortable a knock was on the door.

Being closest to the door kuroo got it. "Yahoo~!" he waved with one hand and in the other was a white bag. Behind the man trailed a slightly shorter iwaizumi. "The star has arrived! I brought icecream and cake!" he smiled. Iwa muttered "no you didn't. your flatter than kenma..." he mumbled. oikawa kicked his ankle and set the cake down. he put the ice cream in the fridge and stole a spot beside me. I snickered at iwa's comment.

we started the movie after catching up with each other. well... mainly bokuto and oikawa talking. It was no secret that oikawa and iwa were dating. again, arms wrapped around each other and kissing... I'm not normally romantic but... I really want that.

Bokuto probably only saw me as a friend. So I leaned back into the chair. but the back of my head rested on something. I looked to my left, seeing bokuto's hand. i didnt midn it, knowing bokuto he was probably just using it to rest his arm? I glanced at kuroo who was doin a kind of sign language to bokuto. How did I not notice that?

i soon felt his arm snug around my waist. i didnt hate it at all, in fact i really liked this. So much that I leaned into his arms. His hands gently tracing my waist and running up and down my sides. my heart thumped in my chest and I smiled. hopefully kuroo didnt see it...

Several hours had gone by and i suppose it was the time when things were winding down, oikawa had left by now, and kenma and kuroo were getting ready to leave. or more of kuroo picking up after himself with kenma hoisted over one of his shoulders. when the main living area was clean bokuto and I cleaned the table and threw our left overs.

"Bokuto... I-"

"Akasshi i really like you." Bokuto looked at me. catching me off gaurd and causing me to widen my eyes "Bokuto san-" he held my hand and looked at me.

"I dont know... I guess when seeing all of them cuddling a part of me thought I should hold you too... I've liked your for a long time, I just didnt know how to say it too you" he said. rubbing my knuckles with his thumb

I smiled softly "oh bokuto... your so adorable... I've really liked you since our first year" I admitted and looked at him. he jumped back dumbfounded

"What! Akasshi if I had known i would've been dating you by now!" he held me tightly and spun me around. I laughed and kissed his forehead "I always thought you were into girls, so i never brought it up" once placed down bokuto cupped my face and kissed me.

"your still so pretty... why are all the setters so attractive!" he called out and put his hands on my hips. I laughed a little "Oikawa is a pretty asshole" we stood there softly kissing, his lips were so gentle, they dont look that way, but their so soft, beautiful too.

he held me there for a short while. soon having dipped me so I was really only standing due to his arm underneath my back. "Bokuto san I dont have clothes to stay the night" I looked at him. the owl had fixed me back to my normal position. "well... you can always just wear my clothes, and then go do what you need to with them" he smiled and kissed my forehead

"Bokuto I dont want to be a bother to you.." i smiled and he picked me up, his time he carried me like you would a baby "Your fine!" he carried me to the couch where i straddled his thighs. kissing him, earning compliments from him. soon he patted my thigh. i moved and he got up. He moved the couches out the way and spread out his mattress, I had a bed, but knowing bokuto, he probably used up his money to buy the television, so he stuck to the plain old classic japanese mattresses you toss on the floor

i giggled and he patted his lap. "Akaashi, you wouldnt object if I said I wanted to please you right?" he whispered hesitantly. I blushed bright red and felt a shiver go down my spine. Bokuto pleasing me? I didnt think he would know how to do something like that... I'm not accusing bokuto of being an idiot, but I always assumed he was a bit less informed on sex than the rest of us... he always referred to it as salsa dancing and made jokes about labored condoms and how he wouldnt mind playing volley ball in a strip club

obviously these were all jokes but he really seemed kind of like he didnt get properly educated. "Bokuto I'd love to but...are you sure-"

"I watch porn akaashi"

there was my proof. did he think watching a porno was gonna help him? watching it is so much different than actually having sex. of course I wouldnt know from experience. but...

"Okay bokuto...do as you please" I mumbled and laid down.

"Do you need a safe word?"

again I was somewhat surprised that I knew what a safe word was, but I shook my head "its embarrasing to say... but I trust you. I trust that you wont hurt me... so do your worst"

Third person

Bokuto looked at the shy akasshi underneath him. he could do whatever? there had to be some limits... but he didnt think of that. bokuto gently kissed akasshis lips, small bird pecks trailed down his lips to his neck, kissing his chest through the thin fabric of his shirt. he lifted it up slowly and kissed his chest for real.

Akasshi didnt react much, bokuto didnt mind, it made it less weird, to hear his best friend moan would soon become a reality, but a part of him really wanted to hear how he sounded. did he squeal or did he moan loud? was he quiet? while kissing him these thoughts spiraled around his head

bokuto softly kissed his v-line. why was he so pretty? he was beautiful,not to mention the cute expression on his face when being poked on his stomach was enough to sell him. he pulled down his pants and carefully pulled his shaft from underneath his boxers "Akasshi... this may be lewd.. but..your dick is really pretty too" he muttered. holding the length and kissing the tip

"Bokuto... thank you.. but please don't say such naughty things" he sputtered and softly gasped as the tip was kissed.

bokuto apologized and slowly began to suck him off. he wanted to make sure akasshi could back out whenever he wanted a break so he went genuinely very slow and calm. rubbing the base with his thumbs while giving attention to the tip.

Akasshi blushed and softly moaned "Nng~...Bokuto.." he mumbled and rubbed the top of his head. he couldn't handle being serviced. pre-cum soon started to drop from his tip. the taste caught bokuto off gaurd but he was more concerned of arousing him more than caring how sweet it was. sweet for semen at least.

he sat down so they could see each other well. he pulled off his boxers and looked at akasshi "how can in between your legs also be beautiful..." he mumbled. Akasshi laughed and covered his face "Bokuto! just get on with it! you'll make me blush" he secretly really enjoyed it but didn't express it. Bokuto smiled softly and looked at his entrance. clean, he wouldnt comment on the color, but.. he could tell akasshi was really a virgin.

he got up and grabbed his lotion. he put a bit on his finger. laying down so his head was rested on akasshis chest. he was beside him and gently rubbing his entrance

"How many porno's did you watch?" akashi asked curiously. the touch was forgien so he petted his owl to keep his mind off of it.

Bokuto laughed, slight ashamed of himself "More that I'd like to admit"

soon a finger was pushed into him. "A-ah~ Bokuto..." he muttered and held him. they cuddled, one hand wrapped around akasshi

"Kashi..Are you okay?" bokuto looked up briefly and kissed akashi's chest. Akashi nodded and kissed the top of his head "Yes bokuto, I'm just fine" he rubbed his back. the feeling of his fingers moving around inside of him was so unfamiliar, but he wasnt complaining.

Bokuto soon put some more lotion on his hand, he gave akasshi a kiss, he rubbed the lotion on his own member. soon he leaned over and held akasshi's legs, putting them on his shoulders. "Ready?" he looked at akasshi underneath him. he wasnt moaning much but bokuto could tell the man underneath him was enjoying it. Akasshi nodded and pulled his shirt down

bokuto slowly entered and hissed softly. he didnt go all the way in at first, just starting slowly on about halfway. he looked a akasshi who moaned into his hand, His moan was deep and kind of...no bokuto cant use that word. "Kashi.. how do you feel about being called names?" he looked at him and kissed his forehead.

"Bokuto I already told you, I trust you, do what you want" he mumbled into the pillow and bokuto smiled. "Your moan is really... slutty." he mumbled the last words. akasshi underneath him whimpered as he felt him push deeper, the sensation was overwhelming. it hurt badly and he felt how paitent bokuto was being. he legs rested at his sides now, bokuto rubbing his inner thighs.

"Bokuto..you can begin to move" akasshi sputtered. Bokuto trusted that akasshi did want this. so he nodded, carefully moving in and out. he really didnt want to hurt akasshi but he knew he'd eventually do something perverted...so he tried his best to just move to the pace akasshi could handle.

Bokuto kissed his knees and continued till he noticed akasshi's face turned to more lust than discomfort. that's how bokuto know he could slowly move in the rest of his length. he pushed in slowly and heard akasshi moan again "A-Ah! Bokuto! mm...How big are you.. gosh.." he said looking up st him with an embarrassed smile. Bokuto looked down and laughed

"I'd say about 7.2 now" he smiled cheekily, rubbing akasshi's hips and holding him he began to thrust in and out of him at a slow pace. he stared into his eyes, akasshi promptly covered them with his face. "Kashi, I wanna see you!" bokuto moved one of his hands, the pale akasshi under him was bright red, drooling.

"Oh akashi.. if only you could see yourself... you'd be so embarrassed" he laughed and continued moving. Akasshi listened to bokutos request by not covering his face but he couldnt imagine what he looked like, all horny and perverted... the thought of seeing his own face made him feel dirty.

bokuto started to thrust faster, just as gentle but as they got more comfortable bokuto grew impaitent, wanting to release already. "Kashi..are you close?" bokuto grinned and rubbed the head of his shaft.

Akashi nodded and blushed. Bokuto began to go a bit harder, now skin seriously hitting, he leaned down and kissed his neck, his breath hot against akasshi's neck. Akasshi couldnt hold back, he held onto bokutos shirt and softly moaned in his ear, reaching his climax and ejaculated. Bokuto tightened his grip around akasshi's hips and roughly continued thrusting, soft grunts coming from his mouth "A-ah... akasshhhiii"

bokuto moaned quietly into akasshi's shoulder. he slowly pulled out and sat back. "Oh my gosh...I'm sorry I forgot to pull out." he laughed a little. Akasshi smiled softly "Bokuto san...its fine."

After clean up, bokuto held akasshi in his arms. breathing gently and rubbing his belly. "Kashi, could you be my boyfriend?" he looked at him and watched as akasshi slightly shifted "Of course.. I wanted this for so long.." he smiled softly.

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