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And You Are?

Chapter 1

Truth or dare
Emilia Gomez

I was on my way back to the Gryffindor common room. Classes just finished for the day. It's my first week of 6th year. I moved here 1 year ago. I was born in Mexico then moved to the United States with my whole family. Then my mother moved me and my siblings here. Well just me and my oldest sister. She just graduated last year and is now working. My dad stayed with my youngest sisters in America because of the divorce. My only brother is off traveling with his family.

As I make it to the common room door Fred opens it."Hey, Emilia I was just going to go find you" Fred said. "Oh, hey."

"We need your help planning the first party of the year. Come on."
"Ok" I said as we walked into the Gryffindor common room.

I was greeted by Harry, Hermione, George, Ginny, and Ron. Ron and me have been dating for 8 months. I walk over to kiss Ron”Hello darling”. “Hello Ron” I say back. Harry cleared his throat and said "So do we invite all houses or just Gryffindor". We never invite other houses." yea we should invite them all " I said as everyone snapped their heads at me. "Are you sure" Ron asked. "Yea we never do and it would be nice to make new friends". "Ok" Harry mumbled. We continue planning for an hour.

"Tomorrow is Friday, so we will have the party then." everyone agreed with Harry

"Now we best be off to dinner." Ron announced as I laughed. "Of course you're hungry" I say making everyone laughed.

After we eat dinner and got back to the common room we decided to play a game. "What do you guys want to play" Hermione said.

"Let's play truth or dare" Fred said smirking. It took a while for him to convince everyone to play.
Time flew by fast and it was already midnight. "Emilia truth or dare" Ginny said. "Dare" I was feeling willingly. "I dare you to go streaking tomorrow in the morning after breakfast in front of everyone"

My eyes widen so big. "Wh...what". Everyone started laughing except Ron. I glance over at him.“Could I do it” “I don't care” he huffed. "Don't worry if you want we will do it with her Ron" Fred and George announced while laughing.”Fine” he huffed rolling his eyes. "Ok after breakfast" Ginny said.

The game went on for a little longer. It was almost 2 A.M so we all went to bed.

I woke up to Ginny and Hermione getting ready. "Morning" Ginny said smirking. "Morning" I said back. I got ready for the day and walked out to the hall to go to eat breakfast with the girls. Everyone had already heard what we were going to do. The twins had told people and they told everyone. Ron was not to happy about it. During breakfast a Slytherin girl named pansy bet me 50 galleons that I wouldn't do it. I told her that I'll win and she laughed so I took her on.

Breakfast was finally over and I was walking with the twins and Ginny to the lavatory to undress. And everyone was lining up against the wall to watch us.

Ron told me not to because he didn't want everyone to see me naked. I told him that I didn't want to lose 50 gallons. He finally agreed and lined up with Harry and Hermione.

I got to the lavatory We undress and give our clothes to Ginny. She walked out to see us run. We stood inside the door about to run. "On three. One. Two. Three." Fred said and we all ran out. Everyone was cheering and laughing at us. As I ran I made eye contact with a blonde hair boy that I didn't know. His hair fist got my attention. It was almost silver but a blonde. I honestly thought it looked beautiful. Then I saw his gray-blue eyes. I then turn my head to finish running. We were almost to the lavatory.

Then out of nowhere, Professor Snape stop us.

As we stop Snape looked around. George tried to appear some clothes on us but only our undergarments appeared on us. So people could still see a lot of my skin. My face got extremely red.

"Follow me to professor Dumbledore office immediately" he said in a dull voice looking me in the eye. He walked towards where we came from. So everyone was going to see us get caught. We turned around and started to walk after him.

Everyone was trying to hold in their laugh. I high-fived the twins laughing a little. I saw that pansy girl so I walked up to her.

"My 50 galleons Parkinson" I said smiling. "I don't have any on me now I'll give it to you later at the party" she said rudely. I look over to see the same blonde hair boy. I noticed that he was staring at my breast. "My face is up here" I said sarcastically pointing to my head. He rolled his eyes in disgust. "And you are" I ask noticing that he looked at me like i'm crazy for saying that. All I know was he was a Slytherin because of his tie. I didn't know any Slytherin because I've only hung out with Gryffindors. He look at me in complete shock.

So I stuck out my hand for him to shake "I'm Emilia, Emilia Gomez". He looked shocked but said "Malfoy, Draco Malfoy" he said shaking my hand. Once he let go I turned my head back to pansy and said "I better have it before tomorrow or else" I said walking away. I was still a little red from embarrassment but I just ignore everyone. I soon caught up to the twins and Snape. Luckily Snape didn't realize I stopped walking but the twins asked what was I doing. "I was telling that Parkinson girl that I want my money. She bet me 50 galleons that I wouldn't and I did so she said later today."

We continue walking to Dumbledore's office in complete silence. I was a little scared to be honest. Dumbledore always favored us Gryffindors so I wasn't too scared.
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