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"I HATE YOU DRACO MALFOY!" I screamed then ran away. I just caught my now ex boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, cheating on me with Pansy Parkinson. Tears streaming down my face I attempted to run to the girls bathroom but unfortunately, ran into a tall, redhead, George Weasley, aka one of my guy best friends.

"Hey y- WHAT HAPPENED?!" He quickly gathered me in his arms and brought me into an old classroom. As I cried into his shoulder, we had slid down a wall and are now sitting on the floor.

"Calm down love, what's wrong?" He asked. I tried to calm myself down but just ended up hyperventilating.
"Ma-Alf-f-f-foy ch-cheat-ted on m-m-me." He tensed under the mention of Malfoy but I can feel him burning with anger.

"Yeah, well screw Malfoy! He's a good for nothing dumb blonde!" Still slightly crying, I chuckled lightly.
"Y/n, I have something I need to tell you. It may ruin our friendship but I need to say it."

I moved so I'm in his lap and facing up towards him. When we made eye contact, he hesitated a bit before speaking. "Y/n, I really like you, and I think that ever since I've met you I've slowly been falling in love with you. Everyday you make my life brighter and the fact you can't tell how amazing you are hurts me. But all I'm trying to say is, will you be my girlfriend?"

Without hesitation I moved to straddle him and cup his face in my hands, passionately and sweetly kissing him. Naturally his hands settled on my waist. As air starts becoming a problem, we both pull away and rest our foreheads together.

"Does this answer your question?" "Yes!" He then kissed me again, this time gently and sweetly.

The Next Day

As I was walking down the hallway with Hermione, we heard a group of people yelling 'fight' down the hallway. We both sped off to find it and when we pushed through the group, George was on top of Malfoy beating him.

"GEORGE!" I quickly ran to George's side and grabbed his arm, attempting to pull him off. Thankfully, Fred had come and is now helping pull him off. When he was finally off, Fred let go too soon and he fell on top of me, pinning me down.

"G-George, get off." "I don't know y/n, I quite like seeing you under me. If only we were on a bed and you weren't in these rubbish uniforms." "GEORGE!" "Alright alright, but just know it'll happen." He finally got off me and we made our way to class.

Christmas Break

"Mum, can me and y/n stay home? We haven't had any alone time at all." George asked. I was staying at the Burrow for Christmas break and everyone was going shopping.

"Of course George, we will be back in a couple hours." With that Molly and the rest of the Weasley's minus George left. He soon came in running into the living room and jumped over the couch and onto me.

"Oof! Georgeeeeee!" I whined. "Sorry love." He gave me a peck on the lips then looked me up and down, now that he was basically pinning me to the couch. "You know, now that we're alone we can do anything my love."

Oh my godrick I could just melt. I could feel my face heating up, guess he could too because he then started kissing me passionately and lust filled. His hands moved to my thighs as he slowly started to pick me up.

As he picked me up, he rubbed my thighs as we walked up to his room. As he set me down on his lap, I could feel the bulge in his pants growing. Quickly, we both removed each other's shirts and as he looked at my bare chest, I started to feel self conscious and cover myself. This must've upset him because he grabbed my wrists and held them above my head with one hand.

"No covering. You have no reason, you look absolutely ravishing." He said into my ear. His hands starts roaming my body, causing me to whimper. As he slowly started to kiss down my jaw, I rubbed his shoulders, making my way to his chest.

When he removed my bra and started sucking on my nipple I lost all composure and became a moaning mess. Slowly grinding on him, I felt my pussy getting wetter.

He must've had enough as he pushed us down on and roughly ripped off my shorts. As he rubbed my through my panties, he started taking off my pants. As he slowly took off my panties I suddenly felt helpless yet, so lust filled I just wanted him now.

Suddenly, I felt a pain enter my womanhood and a low groan escaped George's lips. As the pain turned into pleasure a long moan escaped my lips. George must've took that as a sign because he started moving slowly.

"Fuck, y/n your s-so tight." He moaned. He slowly started speeding up as I gripped his shoulders, digging my nails in. Soon he was moving at an incredibly fast speed. A knot started forming in my lower stomach, meaning I was facing my climax.

I could tell he was too when his thrusts became sloppier. Soon after his thrusts became harder and I felt myself cumming. This sent him over the edge as he pulled out and came on my stomach with a low groan.

He collapsed next to me, breathing heavily. Once he caught his breath, he sat up and grabbed me panties, shorts, and one of his sweatshirts which I gladly changed into. As he put on boxers, plaid pajama pants and a shirt, I laid down waiting for him.

When he laid down, he pulled me into his chest and rubbed my back. "I love you y/n." "I love you too Georgie."
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