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~In which Kuroo gives you a ride to school and back home everyday~ kuroo x reader This is my first story so it might suck, sorry. ALSO IF YOU CAME HERE FOR FLUFF IM SORRY BUT THAT'S NOT HAPPENING. THIS IS SAD AND YOU CAN PROBABLY GUESS WHAT HAPPENS. Again sorry that this is sad and not fluff but please enjoy anyway:) thank you

Romance / Drama
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~In which Kuroo gives you a ride to school and back home everyday~
This story is my first so i'm sorry if it sucks. This is a short story with short chapters.
this is all purely fictional. None of the characters mentioned in this book are mine except for y/n l/n So please don't sue me im 13 and have nothing to give. Literally nothing. Not even piggy bank money.
THIS IS ALL MY WORK. I DID NOT COPY ANYONE. ANY WORK SIMILAR TO THIS IS ALL PURELY COINCIDENTAL. Thank you. ALSO the cover is NOT mine all work goes to the original artist. I couldn't find them so if you know or are the owner please tell me.

1. I'm on my way
2. I'm here
3. I'm ready!
4. Hurry!
5. Coming!
6. Off we go!
7. Driving
8. Singing
9. I'm waiting
10. I'm on my way

If anyone reads this thank you for taking time out of your day to read such trash, I love you*kith*
Actually tho, I wrote this at 2 a.m on a school night while listening to Alec benjamin and Anson seabra(if you know these two i love you please be my friend) so this might actually suck lmao. Not because of the music of course but because it's 2 a.m on a school night and i'm already sleep deprived enough:D
So if someone does read this I am truly grateful for you, even if you think the story sucks lol. I'll let you read the story now BYE!
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