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The Invinsible


Nahoj is having tough time. Read this story to find out what he does about it.

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there lived a brave, green dragon called Nahoj. He was the king of the dragon world, which was secretly hidden in the woods. His enemy was the Evil Red King named Onslaught. His kingdom was filled with evilness.

He was so greedy that he wanted to conquer the Nahoj’s kingdom. He used to start wars saying he will win, but because of the power of the dragons, he never won. He cheated

all the ways he could, but

never won.

After each war, the kingdom of

dragons would plan another fair

way to defeat the king.

One day, the Onslaught came up with an idea. He made robots which could make fire themselves and fight against the dragons. Now the dragons had a severe problem right in front of them. The king started the next war. This time, it was very challenging for the dragons. They never expected this. But they won with a lot of injured dragons.

Years passed, and the war got more difficult as the

dragons were powerless and the king kept on

increasing the robots.

One day, after lunch, Nahoj came up with a brilliant idea.

He explained his idea to other dragons that they needed

new skills. For the first few seconds, they wanted to laugh

at his idea. Suddenly, their mind lit up too, they quickly

agreed saying “Yeah! Let’s do it! Umm... what are the new skills?

“I’ll tell it to you when we get to out practice ground” replied Nahoj.

After that, they daily went to forests, oceans and icebergs. Soon, with more than a year of practice, they were able to fight with plants, water and ice that they produced themselves!

“Now we’re unbeatable!” cried Nahoj

After some months, the kings had agreed to another war. This time, both had a strong army. Suddenly the king discovered that the dragons were unexpectedly unbeatable. The dragons followed a routine which was: Every spark of fire the robots produced were put out by the water, additionally they iced all the robots and tied them with ropes made from the plants. This way the dragons were invincible. They won and this time they conquered Onslaught’s kingdom too.

“Yahoo!” Nahoj shouted with happiness.

Onslaught gave up and went to find another place to

stay. The dragons were so happy that they had a

celebration which lasted for around a year! They

concluded that they could make friends with

whoever comes next, and happily lived ever after.


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