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Y/n has the biggest crush on the famous slytherin boy, Draco. But someone else comes in the way to destroy their relationship

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Chapter 1

<Keep in mind that this story contains sexual abuse and sexual content. If you are not comfortable with that, please leave :)>

Y/n felt Draco’s hand touching her body slowly.

“Faster”. “I can do more than just letting you touch my body”, she said while she was taking off her clothes.

Draco glanced up and down and licking his lips. He helped you to button up your shirt and then it slides off your body. He start to slowly please your body, in a super sexy way.

Y/n wanted more, more of this moment, more of Draco.

He placed his hand on your neck and then slowly moved it down. Draco lifted you up and placed you on top of the bed.

He gave you a fast kiss on the lips and then his tongue went further and further down. You could feel his warm tongue going in circles and fast. This wasn’t his first time doing this, for sure. He went so fast, you could keep yourself tougher and let out a low moan.

“Baby, shhh”. “I know it’s hard but you have to be quiet”, Draco whispered in your ear, while he was breathing heavily. He went down again, but this time even faster. It was so hard to hold it in. You didn’t know what made this feel so good.

Was it Draco who was just so fucking good at doing his job?

Was it the warm and soft that tongue that was seconds of making you come?

Or was it just this moment with you and Draco laying naked in bed?

You felt how you where so close, one lick or two left and you where going to come. “K-keep going. I’m so fucking close”, you said breathless. His tongue was going fast. “I-i’m coming”, you moaned.

Your whole body was shaking as you finally released . “T-thank you”, you said with a shaky voice and you closed your eyes.

When you opened them again, Draco was no longer laying naked on top of you...

“W-wake up”. “Y/n, we are going to be late”, Hermione screamed in your face. “You waked me up”, you said rubbing your hand in you face.

“Sooo? We are going to be late for class, so can you please get up from bed now”, she asked while she drew out your clothes from the closet. Hermione turned around. “Why wasn’t your door locked when I came in? I mean I was very lucky it was because i couldn’t find the key, she continued quietly.

You where to tired, to hear what she where telling you. “Fine”, you said and got up from bed. While Y/n was putting your clothes on, you couldn’t stop thinking about that dream you hade this night. Actually very night.
“Are you falling for Draco? Oh no, stupid”, you thought.

You putted the clothes that Hermione had picked out for you. You had every thing on, the only thing you didn’t have on was your robe.
“Take your stuff so we won’t be even more late”, Hermione said and picked up her stuff.

“I’m just about to get done, but you can go without me. I see you there”, you said and heeded over to your closet. When you opened it up and looking around for you robe.

When you finally found it, you took it out and put it on. When you where looking into the mirror you noticed something different, something that started to made you fell uncomfortable wearing your robe.

Then you saw it. “S-Slytherin?”
“T-this isn’t my robe”.
It was a robe from Slytherin. You didn’t understand how a Slytherin robe come into your dorm. The only one who has the key was you and.. Hermione, but she told you that she couldn’t find it.

Someone was in Y/n dorm that night, but who?

669 words for you :)

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