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❝I won fair and square, so how will you repay me? With your body or your car?❞ ╰ IN WHICH A rising rookie bravely challenges one of the Black Jackal's elite racers; Anubis. What should have been a simple race ends up being far more when she finds herself falling into the sensual temptations that is the underground scene. Money. Sex. Danger ─ all precariously balanced on the edge of a knife. All she needs now is a little bit of Nitrous Oxide flowing through her veins and she's ready to take the fall. To which the Black Jackals are more than willing to supply.

Action / Romance
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various models, sizes and colours — displaying their worth for the entire world to see. Music and screams permeated through the air, chatters amplified by the cargo containers that surrounded them on all sides. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, electric and deafening to the point where you could feel your bones shake along to the bass of the music and the roars of the engines.

(Y/N) walked between the rows of cars, taking the time to admire the different vehicles. If there was one thing the girl knew to respect and appreciate; it was a good car.

Slipping through the crowd, she looked around, mentally making a list of cars that were there as she continued exploring. One in particular caught her attention, standing proudly in the middle of the open space. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that it was a red Bugatti Chiron.

The sleek crimson paint job glimmered underneath the fluorescent lights that lit up the entire port. The roof and rear were a dark shade of grey, the two colours a stark contrast against each other but in her opinion, it didn’t look bad at all.

It gave the sports car some character.

And that’s something she could hold in high regard.

How the car was presented and taken care of told everything that was to be known about her driver. A little insight to the mystery of the individual. And from what she was seeing, there was quite the amount of personality merged into the vehicle.

Without thinking, (Y/N) lightly ran her fingers across the hood of the Bugatti whilst having a better look at the exterior. No one paid her any mind, too immersed in their drinking and showing-off — everyone except one. Drawn in by her appreciation of the car, she failed to register the approaching footsteps, each step setting off a soft ′chime′ as chains brushed against each other.

“Did you know that it’s considered rude to touch someone’s car without their permission?”

The girl’s hand snapped back, fingertips feeling like they were scorched by a blazing flame. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly, turning to stare at the person who had spoken to her.

Golden chains were the first thing she saw. Rings lined along slender fingers, each one linked to a chain that stretched out to wrap around the wrists, small tattoos decorated the individual’s hands, running along veins and artfully painting the tanned skin.

Second thing to catch her attention was the tattoo that sprawled across their neck, a bunch of lotus flowers, spanning across the entire throat in various shapes and sizes. They were shaded in places, with aqua accents around the petals that just seemed to brightly pop against the golden skin, looking as if they were glowing in the dark. They trailed to disappear underneath the leather jacket that clung to a broad frame.

Sharp collarbones peeked from beneath the dark material, leading all the way down a toned abdomen, dark shadows playing across the planes of muscles. She could spot more designs that were inked into the body, cheekily hiding out of sight but still enough to pique your interest in wanting to find out more.

A plush bottom lip was caught between a pair of pointy incisors, the flesh rolled gently as one corner of the mouth was quirked upwards — looking feral.

Two golden snakebite piercings snugly curled around the bottom lip, the tip of a tongue lightly running across one and coating it in spit; the metal shone brighter.

(Y/N) inhaled sharply when she finally looked at the face of the nameless stranger, words dying in her throat. Bright copper eyes looked down at her, glimmering with amusement and a hint of danger but that wasn’t what made her heart stutter in her chest.

It was the golden eyeliner that rimmed the sensual eyes, giving them a lustrous effect, standing out against the skin and bringing all attention to them; of a predator who so mercilessly gazed down at it’s prey.

Obsidian locks were swept and messy, looking like a harsh wind blew through them or either that they were just the aftermath of quite possibly the best sex ever. At this point, she didn’t know which one was the correct option.

Dragging her eyes up and down the length of the male, she took all of him in. Looking at the car and back, the girl was quick to piece it together. “I’m guessing this is your car.”

Crossing his arms in front of him, the chains ′clinked′ at the action. The leather jacket stretched taunt around his biceps, the hem pulling upwards to display a glimpse of smooth golden skin. “I wonder how you were able to guess that?” he mocked playfully, winking at her. “What gave it away?”

(Y/N) gently swiped her fingers along the hood, this time her turn to tease with a smirk of her own. “Just like the car, the owner wants to stand out. I’m wondering if it’s to compensate for something?” she finished innocently.

He chuckled lowly, running his tongue along his teeth — a flash of a tongue piercing making an appearance. “You’re very brave to say that to me. I’m starting to think you don’t know who I am.”

“Am I supposed to?” she shot back, arching a brow.

“Name’s Kuroo Tetsuro. Around here I’m known as Anubis.”

She scoffed lightly, making a show of leaning against his Bugatti whilst pondering thoughtfully. Kuroo’s grin widened, a spark of something uncontrollable igniting within his bronze eyes, making them look amber for a fraction of a second.

“Judging by that excessive eyeliner, I can see why.”

He took a closer step, shaking his head, never once losing the lazy grin. “Cute. But that’s not the real reason why they named me after him.”

(Y/N) tilted her head to look up at his towering height. “Could it be because of your overbearing God complex? Funny, I never heard of you.”

Kuroo casually placed his hand on the hood of his car, leaning in to cage her slightly. “Doesn’t seem like you get out much then.”

His cologne clung to his tall frame, softly tickling her nose when he moved even closer as if to whisper her a secret. “Let me give you a little history lesson. Anubis is the God of death. Not a single person can escape death, their soul will always get taken when the times comes. When I’m on the road, just like death — there’s no escaping me, you get the idea now?”

She eyed the lotus tattoo, tracing over the petals and appreciating the finer details such as the thin strokes of ink to add a more real-life feel to the flowers. Raising her head, she steadily met his eyes. “Such a shame this amazing car belongs to someone with a definite God complex who believes he himself can escape death. Oh, how cruel will it be when the time comes and you realize you’re not untouchable. You’re no God and that you’ll die just like the rest of us.”

Kuroo threw his head back, adam’s apple bobbing as he laughed. “That’s the fun in it. Testing how far the limits are, isn’t that’s what racing is all about? Seeing if you can break past the impossible?”

(Y/N) offered a small smile. “Within a reasonable limitation of course.”

The ravenette pouted lightly, mirth flickered like flames, looking like liquid gold. “Well that’s no fun. You should try it out some time, live your life on the edge. Once you get a taste of it, you’ll get so addicted that doing heroine will have no effect whatsoever...”

“...So Nefertari, you gonna give me your name?”

The girl’s face scrunched up in mild confusion, both eyebrows arched with incredulity. “Nefertari?”

Kuroo cocked his head to the side, gaze languidly sweeping up and down her body, one lip piercing caught between his teeth. “Nefertari was known to be the most beloved wife of Ramses II. Considered a Goddess by all. She ruled over Egypt as one of the strongest queens” he finished huskily, taking a strand of her hair and twirling it around his finger.

“If you say I have a God complex, then I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a Goddess complex”, Kuroo pulled at the strand until she winced at the faint burst of pain from the tugging. “I saw the way you were looking at the different cars. Assessing and sizing them up, clearly someone who has experience with cars. You’re familiar with this type of environment despite acting like you’re not.”

(Y/N) stayed silent for a moment, closely studying the man before her. She placed a hand against his chest, her palm coming in contact with his bare skin, the single touch feeling like a burn against her hand. Pushing him away softly so that he wasn’t crowding her personal space, Kuroo let her move his body without any resistance. “So was I right?” he prompted.

“You’ve definitely been keeping a close eye. I’m not sure if I should be flattered or creeped out honestly” she responded with a clipped smile. “What can I say, I love cars.”

Kuroo put his hands on his hips, the chains hanging and glittering in the artificial lights. “Well, I’d definitely take it as a compliment if I were you. You’ve got to be real special to catch the attention of a God” he winked flirtatiously. “What do you think about mine?”

Doing a once lookover at the Bugatti, she shrugged her shoulders. “It’s not bad but I’ve seen better.”

Feigned hurt flashed across his handsome face. “Ouch, that one hurt a little. So what’s your type then?”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest, leaning her body against the sports car whilst crossing one leg in front of the other. “Are we still talking about cars or...?”

Kuroo’s shoulders shook, his tongue poked the inside of his cheek. “That’s entirely up to you, Nefertari. Whichever you want.”

Rolling her eyes humourlessly, she regarded him. “I think I’ll keep that to myself, can’t have you knowing all my secrets. Getting involved with racers in any way is never a good thing.”

His smile grew, eyes dimming and voice dropping an octave. “Is that right? What have racers ever done to you? We’re real peaceful and friendly. Some are a bit on the crazy side, I’ll agree to that but other than we enjoy the freedom and fun.”

The girl jerked her head at Kuroo, eyes roaming over his figure. “And are you one of the crazy ones?”

All he did was grin, looking more predatory than welcoming. “Where’s the fun in telling you? Can’t have you knowing all my secrets” he echoed her earlier words with an infuriating bite of his lip piercing.

“However I could show you if you’d like” he offered. “You ever race before?”

(Y/N) clicked her tongue. “And if I say that I have?”

This piqued Kuroo’s attention, eyes narrowing slightly at her. “You’re a racer?”

“I race every now and then” she replied haughtily. “Whenever I feel like the race is worth it.”

He didn’t respond right away, taking his time in watching her. “I can’t see you as a racer, sorry. You don’t give off that vibe you know?”

This irked her for some reason and she could tell that it was showing on her face because Kuroo’s smile stretched even wider once he was able to realize that his words were affecting her. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hit a nerve?”

“Just because I don’t look like the type who chugs nitrous oxide as a mixer or inhales exhaust gas to get high, doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about racing. I know my way around cars, so I sure as hell know how to ride em’” she bit back, letting her annoyance get the best of her much to her dissatisfaction.

Kuroo smoothly quirked a brow, his eyebrow piercings moving along with the elegant movement. Everything about his exterior was cocky, dripping with dominance in an attempt to establish himself superior. “Wanna give me a demonstration on how you ride?”

(Y/N) ignored the innuendo, her fingers tapped against the Bugatti’s passenger door which seemed to snag the male’s attention. “You know, I think it’s time someone knocked the God back to earth.”

Kuroo rubbed his tongue against one of his incisors, tongue piercing ′clicking′ against the tooth. “So you admit I’m a God then?”

Not falling for the bait, she squared her shoulders which seemed to make his amusement grow. “I’m just going to show you that you’re human. You bleed the same blood which means one thing — you’re no God because;”

“Gods don’t bleed.”

Kuroo blinked a few times, astonishment swirling like a thunderous storm. A loud laugh ripped from his mouth, his tongue swiping the corner of his mouth. “Ты просто продолжаешь удивлять меня, зайка.”

[You just keep on surprising me, bunny]

(Y/N) was taken aback by the foreign words that left his mouth, having no clue what they meant which only heightened her annoyance even further. “What did you just say?”

Kuroo straightened up, running his hand through his messy raven hair with a drooping smirk. “I said you just keep on surprising me. I had a Russian friend back in high school, he taught me some”, carelessly shrugging his shoulders. “I thought it would annoy you and I was right.”

“I’m starting to think you enjoy pissing people off” she frowned, eyes narrowing into a glare. “Just another annoying quality to add to the ever growing list that belongs to you.”

“I’m honored to have a list. Maybe I should keep on annoying you and see where that gets me.”

Playfully winking, he stretched his arms which made the leather jacket show more skin. She looked away, lightly coughing to stop herself from giving into the satisfaction of giving him more attention than absolutely necessary. “Yeah, a bruised eye and a foot up your ass.”

Kuroo cooed at her, rolling his neck. The lotus tattoo seared her vision, the flowers leaving an imprint behind her eyelids that wouldn’t disappear — no matter how many times she blinked. She had to begrudgingly admit, they were beautiful. Everything about him was pulling her in and that’s something she was quickly trying to put a stop to.

Kuroo Tetsuro screamed danger.

From the car, to how he held himself, to those golden-rimmed eyes. Thirst for power oozed from his pores. It left her hair standing on end, nerves breaking across her skin at alarming speed. So why could she talk to him so freely? Here she was, entertaining and giving in to him.

“Is that a promise? Or will it be the same like your driving? Non-existent.”

(Y/N) would like to think she was a very level-headed person compared to most. It usually took a lot more to get her riled up but apparently she was discovering new things about herself because Kuroo’s last comment made her last remaining resolve shatter.

Taking confident steps towards him, she jabbed a finger into his chest, missing the way his eyes sparked like a match. “You know what, I’m going to prove it to you. Next race, you and me. I’ll take great pleasure in kicking a God’s ass.”

Kuroo enjoyed the way the girl’s eyebrow twitched, a frown tugging the corners of her lips as she seethed. “What are we gonna bet on?” he asked. “I’m going to need a little motivation if you want me to race against you.”

(Y/N) suspiciously looked at him. “What do you want?”

He thought it over in his head, grin growing bigger every passing second. “We can talk about it after the race. I just hope you’re ready to give me anything I want after I show you the true power of a God.”

“You wish” she huffed stubbornly.

Kuroo lowered his head, his forehead brushing against hers. The bold golden eyeliner was sharp, just like the owner’s eyes. The two eyebrow piercings lightly touched her skin for a second as he drew in closer. She found herself focusing on his mouth, more importantly the lip rings that hugged the plump flesh.

Three words spilled past his teeth.

“Давай же, Нефертари.”

[Bring it on, Nefertari]

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