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Sinful Obsession|| J.JK FF


"I love him," she said, shivering under his dark gaze. Her breathing got heavy in fear when those dark eyes meet her brown ones. "But I love You." He brushed his thumb on her lips and said while smirking. There was a hidden intention behind those smirk. "Why are you doing this, Jayden?I Can't Be Yours. LEAVE ME-E." "You can't stop me kitten when you are already trapped here SINFULLY." He whispered against her ear to take her breath away, to make her shiver and to trapped her with his sinful cage. She was indeed a doll with brightness,but his obsession crashed her every hope and cage her with his darkness. With his sinful cage. He will surely trap her.He trapped her soul in his cage sinfully. HE BECOME A SINNER IN HER OBSESSION.. SHE BECOME A MURDERER IN HIS LOVE.. What will happen when Y/n becomes Jeon Jungkook's deadly obsession? What will happen when he traps her in his sinful trap? Read and find out. #Dark Romance Guys this is my first fanfiction I hope you will enjoy ~ © 2020jaeun655 IT'S A DARK ROMANCE BOOK AND ALSO MY FIRST DARK ROMANCE BOOK. IT CONTAINS ABUSE AND RAPE. IT'S STRICTLY DARK. IT'S A 21+ FF. READ THIS ON YOUR OWN WILL.. THIS BOOK IS A JUNGKOOK FANFICTION IN WATTPADD. AND ALSO AVAILABLE IN BOOKNET AS WELL.

Erotica / Romance
Kim Jaeun
4.9 17 reviews
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Prologue :

The whole mansion was dark. The poor soul was running as fast as she could.

She knew she did a mistake, no, a grave sin. She betrayed him. He will make her regret. He will, for sure.

She has to leave him before she gets caught or else he will show her the worst of him. She was panting hard, due to running continuously, her hands were cold, she was shivering but still she needed to leave this place.

She has to leave this penthouse, to leave this hell. It was hard, everything was so hard for her.

Yet she had a little hope!

The whole house was dark, a little foggy at the time of midnight. Right then, she accidentally bumped into a muscular man. 'God, no!' she thought to herself.


All the lights, carrying away the light of her life, got turned on.

She felt as if her whole world was burnt down to mere ashes, that flew away right before her as she saw his face. It felt as if someone choked her airways. She was facing the monster!

The same monster who ruined her mercilessly. She hated him. More than anything or anyone. But he had caught her. A sudden fear overpowered her body.

"Oops! My little kitten got caught, huh?" He gasped and mocked her, his dark eyes sharply looking at her trembling figure, his arms closed. All this longing, all this madness, all this craving he had for her were clear in his eyes. She had driven him crazy. She kept on stepping back in fear, and he kept on approaching her.

"You fucking really love to play hide and seek, all these sick games, don't you?!" He said, loud and angered, losing his patience with her. His eyes were red in anger, his voice scaring the daylights out of her.

His gaze was saying everything, how he lost his sanity when he didn't find her in his bedroom. The mere sight of the room without her, drove him crazy. He needed her right there.

How can she leave him?! How? She can't, she is his now!

He just went to take a nap for some time after getting drunk, yet she tried to leave him in a blink of his eyes.

He placed his hands on her shoulder harshly, making her feel weak and vulnerable. He almost digged his nails in her skin, making her hiss in pain.

"Ah-h!" She tried her best to not moan, she knew it gives him nothing but pleasure. Watching her in pain, listening her painful whimpers please him.

"You were trying to escape kitten, weren't you? You fucking tried to trick me, betray me! You fucking tried, didn't you? YOU TRIED TO GO TO THAT MOTHERFUCKER?! TO THAT FREAKING LOVER OF YOURS WHO DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHETHER YOU'RE ALIVE OR NOT?" He yelled almost ripping her skin off.

Tears flowed down from her eyes. She couldn't speak anymore, she couldn't do anything except whimpering. How can he say that?! She knew he was searching for her. He will come back, no matter what happens! He will.

"Ah- stop Jungkook!" She cried at his touch. She hated his touch and just everything about him.

He was obsessed with her. He wanted her. So many thoughts lingered in his mind as he saw the empty bed. But the one that drove him the most insane, was her leaving him to go to her lover. Jealousy was taking control over him.

Again , it made him crazy, lose his all sanity. He felt as if he can't stay away from her, he can't breath without her.
He didn't know or care what was this - be it something as destructive as an obsession, or a stubborn desire, or a simple craziness, or a mad love. All that he knew was he needed her, only her and he will get her. He was raging in the fire of jealousy.

He knew how to make her obedient, how to control over her, and he won't let her go, no matter what happens!

Suddenly a devilish smirk flashed on his thin lips, making her scared as she knew something must be going on in his mind, again the poor soul kept on stepping back. Her heart dropped right away.

"J-Jungkook, please. It's hurting." She again whispered with her pleading eyes. Tears blurred in her beautiful brown eyes.

But it didn't make him stop. He don't give a fuck about this. All he want is her. To destroy her! To make her his.

Only his!

He kept on decreasing the distance they had with a dangerous smirk, kept on coming closer to her. His shirt's buttons were undone, black long hair a mess. His bangs were hiding his extremely dark eyes.

"Hurting, how about the way you hurted me, for only that motherfucker?! You really loves to play games, now see how i will play with you!" He said with creepy smile. How can he be so devilish, he is not the man, who she used to trust. Never knew he had another face!

No wonder he broke her in every evil way..

She is only his treasure, his need, his secret craze, His obsession.

How the hell she can even resist him?! There is no escape anymore..

He pressed her both hands on the wall, pinned her on the wall, a gasp left from her lips as her back arched hard, he didn't show any mercy. Tears kept on racing down.

He was heartless! She couldn't scream even she want to, he possessed her. She fucking can't.

As he slammed her on the wall, a gasp left from her mouth. The way she just gasp made her look extremely hot, which made him aroused.

He leaned closer to her and he wiped the blood from her lower lip which was caused by him, when he harshly kissed her. Then his eyes looked at her beautiful brown ones. No wonder she is ethereal yet beautiful. For him, she was made only for him. He was crazy for her, since the start.

Since he met her!

He was still feeling the burning jealousy, that she still loves him...

He needs to reminds her, who the fuck owns her.

He does! Only he owns her breath, body, soul!

He pulled out the sharp knife from his pocket, and pointed it to her throat, looking at her with eyes, seemingly red in anger. Her heart dropped when the knife touched her throat. She looked at him, asking for a little sympathy, but all she could see in response was his sick smile.

"Let's play, baby doll." He whispered. "I will make sure you will only remember me. Only me."

" Say, you are mine!" He said with his deep intimate voice, while pressing the edge a little deeper, loving the scared reactions he got from her.

"Ah!" she shrieked in a broke voice, feeling as if she might stop breathing in few seconds, instead of replying him.

She can be dead but she will never say that she is his. He had made her weak. But she won't say!

Because still she hates him to the core of her heart.

" I don't love to hurt my favorite things." He gripped her throat, rubbing his thumb over it as if trying to ease her. "So my kitten, just say it!" He was in rage again. She really knows how to press his red button. He kept on pressing the knife, a little harder that would surely hurt her.

"I-I w-won't. E-even if you will kill me, n-never!" She said, struggling hard.

He knew his kitten is stubborn. Never obeys him, listens him, he smirked. So he really needs to show her. Smiling, he threw away the knife.

He leaned toward her throat, that was bleeding, pressing a soft kiss before kissing it all way upwards to her cheeks, his lips printing the red marks on her pale skin. She closed her eyes, she hates blood.

"Punishment time, kitten. " he growled, The closeness between them was frightening to her, and so was his voice, which was filled with nothing but lust. Something poisonous like obsession could be seen in his dark orbs.

His words made her feel numb, she knew it. She was trapped! No escape now.

He will ruin her again!

She looked at the ground, questioning whether everything that was happening to her was even real. She let out a low scream, her throat drying in fear, her brown orbs sparkling in sadness though it was more like a dead spark - a spark of a star before it's death. Is it how life plays with you? Her heart clenched, breaking. Just because of him.

He had hurt her soul deeply. There was nothing inside her except emptiness. She could only feel emptiness inside, that swallowed all the other feeling and the last few sorrow and pain she had...seemed to flow out in her last tears. She was a soul who was breathing but was dead. Now he will own her.

Just because of His "Sinful Obsession"

He made her a sinner, while she was his obsession.

She was indeed a doll with brightness, but his obsession crushed her every hope and cage her with his darkness.

So what has destiny decided for them?? Get ready to find out.


______MATURE CONTENT_______


:- This story contains mature content like rape,abuse,erotic scenes and torture that you may not feel comfortable with. Read it on your own risk.

:- All the characters are fictional. This has nothing to do with Jeon Jungkook or any other character's real life. It's just a fictional story, it has no reality.

:- It's a mature story so if you are less then 18 let me tell you, think twice before you read this story. I have already warned you enough. Again the risk is on you plus it's a Dark Romance book.

:- Don't comment negative stuffs. No hate comments. If you don't like it then don't read it.

:- I am highly against the copywriting and plagiarism. All the rights are reserved. This story is made by own imagination of ©jaeun655

:- lastly no part of this book will be transferred or transmitted in any way, All rights are under the author ©2021jaeun655


So, if your searching for a dark, romance with spicy twist, then I welcome you wholeheartedly!

Lastly do not copy my work!⚠️

Booknet: Kim Jaeun
Instagram: jaeunie655

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