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Tom riddle/till death do us part


Some call it bewitched; I call it love. For there is a emptiness in the freedom of being alone and a liberty in being caught in that divine spell. And so when I see in his eyes the feelings of my heart, we became one... and if it isn't magic then I cannot say what it is.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Seneca's pov

It was just an endless pit of struggle. The 8 years I have lived meant nothing to me and from a young age I was one of the wisest in my orphanage. I don't have any friends here at the orphanage so most of the time I spent my days outside in the snow alone, as always that's what I am doing right now. Sometimes I think I'm strange, actually I know I am. I'm nothing like these people at the orphanage; they are awful.

As I was sitting on the snow I decided to practise one of my many skills which made me believe I was strange or rather different. I took some snow onto my hand, I focused on the snow and it slowly started turning into lilacs. I smiled at the sight of my favorite flower. I put the flower in my hair and stood up.

Right as I stood up I felt dizziness consume my body. "No no no not again" I said to myself as I tried to regain my balance. This has happened to me before only when I practised my skills but this time it felt worse. It felt as if someone was crushing my skull. I held my head tightly as I closed my eyes. A hurtful heartfelt scream left my mouth "no no take the pain away" I sobbed. I opened my eyes as I saw A boy standing in front of me. He had dark brown hair and dark lustful eyes.

"It hurts" I told the boy as I looked up at him since he was slightly taller than me. He stared into my eyes with no emotion as I tried to ignore the pain in my head "ah" I winced as it was happening again. The boy suddenly touched my cheek with his hand and I relaxed as the pain was leaving my head.

"H-how did you do that?" I asked as I sat down and he sat down right next to me. "I'm not sure" he replied blankly. "Who are you? I've never seen you here before" I asked the boy next to me. "Im Tom, Tom Riddle", "Well hello Tom i'm Seneca Blackwood" I turned to the boy and gave him my hand to shake. He stared at my hand and then to me as he shaked it.

"You know I think I know how you took my pain away Tom" I told Tom as I showed him the magic to turn snow into a lilac. He stared at me shocked, "you're like me aren't you?" tom asked. "I am, we are different then the others" I said as we both heard Mrs Doris, the patron of the Orphanage, shouting "Come on now get up it's time for bed."

Me and Tom walked into the orphanage together. I was shocked to discover that his room was right in front of mine. It's weird that I haven't seen him around. "Goodnight Tom, it was nice to meet you," I said as we reached our rooms. "Goodnight Seneca."

I went into my room feeling happy that I had made a new friend. Finally after eight years of being in this awful place maybe it could change so maybe I wouldn't be so lonely anymore. I thought to myself as I got out my favorite book from under the bed and started reading until I eventually got tired and fell asleep.


I woke up next morning and dressed up in a white dress with brown leather shoes. I fixed my hair and Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I decided to ignore it and shortly in a matter of seconds It opened revealing the one and only Tom. "How did you do that?" I asked my new friend in shock, my mouth hanging open. "We're different, we can do things others can't" that was the only explanation I expected he didn't say anything else, "Tom you can come in you know, I am not going to bite" I said as tom entered the room, he sat on my bed awkwardly staring at me.

"What do you wanna do?" I asked as he just shrugged his shoulders not removing his eyes from me. "Do you wanna play chess?" I asked as I sat cross legged on the bed right beside him, taking out the chess from under my bed and placing it on the bed in between us. "I don't know how" he responded boredly. I smiled at him, as I began to explain the rules of the game. Once he understood we started to play. We played a few rounds and he won all of them. "checkmate" he said as he smirked at me looking pleased with his newfound skills. "You are much better at this than I anticipated."

"I learnt from the best," Tom said as he kept smirking at me foolishly. As I laughed at his joke, only to stop when Mrs. Doris came barging in my room, " What are you two doing? Go to the food court. This instant breakfast is almost over," me and Tom quickly got up and started walking towards the food court. As we were walking we saw Beatrice and her little gang. "Aww look it's Seneca and her new boyfriend" Beatrice said with a disgusted look on her face, I got mad at her little remark "Say that again beatrice and lets see what happens" I felt mad i've never felt this mad before I was always unbothered by her stupid remarks. "What is your stupid little arse going to do huh" bearice replied she looked a bit taken back as if she was scared.

I looked up at her and suddenly my eyes went from light brown to black, in a matter of seconds Tom noticed what had happened, "Seneca we have to go" I looked at the frightened Beatrice and took Tom's hand and left to the food court.

"How do you do that Seneca?" Tom asked as he looked confused, "I don't know Tom but something is wrong with me this wasn't the first time this happened" I replied back. We sat down and started eating the fish porridge they served for breakfast. I looked over to Tom seeing him almost done with his porridge. "How can you eat this? it's horrible" I said as I smelt the porridge only to cough. "Just don't smell it and swallow it quickly" Tom said with a disgusted look on his face, "I don't want to eat it", "come on seneca you have to eat don't make me force feed you." Tom replied back as I started to fill my mouth with the horrible smelling porridge and swallowed.
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