The other Whittmore


"Hi my names aiden Steiner" "My names amore Whittmore" "Amore I've heard that name before" "Really that's strange" "Have you ever been to beacon hills" "Yea I grew up there but I left a while ago and i never came back" "Did you know Scott McCall" "Yea I did he dated my best friend before she died" "Wait as in Allison argent" "Yea wait do you know the real way she died" "It's not a mugging is it" "No wait so you know everything" "I know everything" I look him in the eyes and suddenly it hits who he is. He the guys who life I saved. Season 1-2 with appearances in season 3,4 and 6 also a London plot line Aiden Steiner x fem!oc

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

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