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Pleasure Doing Business

Before we begin

~Money is the anthem of success, so put on mascara and your party dress~

Heyyy, I’m Elana, thanks for checking out my story!

Let's get the boring, but important, stuff out of the way first

-This story contains mature content, including narcotics and cannabis use, profanity, knives, guns, gore, sexual content, and blood. If you prefer fluffy Fred fan fictions, feel free to see yourself out, as this story is most likely not for you.

-If you, for any reason, do not find this story to your liking, you should also see yourself out, I can promise you that not even all the money in the world could make me care about your hate comment, and a reminder that authors are humans, and like humans, they have feelings. If something in this book makes you decide to discontinue reading it, simply...stop. I don't need to know that you have stopped and I don't need to know why(unless it's constructive criticism, in which case, I welcome you with open arms)

Let's break it down, shall we?

"I think that this character is behaving more dramatically than necessary, and her actions don't really reflect her character"
"There's a grammar error here, it should be ___ instead"
"The way this is written is difficult to read because of the way it was worded"

All constructive criticism

"This is the worst thing I have read in my life"
"Why is this writing so terrible, I can't force myself to read this anymore"
"Why would you write that, I didn't want that to happen, this author is so stupid"

Asking for a death sentence

Are we clear? Good, I'm glad!

-this story is set in the post war period, the characters are all grown adults

As always, thank you for being here, and happy reading <3
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