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Draco Malfoy imagines / one shots


Just some more imagines of your favorite Slytherin Prince I don not own any of the H.P. carateres sadly enough

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The dungeons at night

I was running as fast as I could, I couldn’t be late for potions again, Snape would kill me. I arrived just in time, only to realise that the only free seat was the one next to Malfoy. I rolled my eyes and sat down on the chair. Draco obviously saw me rolling my eyes because he was giving me his famous deathglare. I just rolled my eyes again and opened my book. ‘Could you stop rolling your eyes at me?’ Draco said pissed off. ’And why would I listen to you Malfoy?’I said rolling my eyes again just to annoy him. ‘Please (y/n), I’m trying to control myself here.’ he hissed. ‘What do you me-’ I was interrupted by Snape clearing his throat. ‘I’m sorry, is my lesson interrupting your little chat?’ ‘Euh, no sir I’m sorry.’

I don’t remember what we learned in potions, I was thinking about what Draco said the entire time. ‘Stupid Malfoy why do you need to mess with my head?’ I said to myself silently before walking into the Gryffindor common room.

The rest of the day went pretty fast. I was sitting on the couch when Harry came to get me so we could go and eat dinner. We walked through the halles talking and laughing. I’ve been friends with Harry since first year, last week he told me that he liked me but I made it clear that I just wanted to be friends. At first it was pretty awkward but after a few days we went back to normal and it was like it never happened. Well except for the fact that the whole school was shipping us right now. We took place at the Gryffindor table where Ron and Hermione were already waiting for us. Well not really waiting, Ron had almost eaten everything like always. I’m still asking myself how he didn’t explode yet. I look over to the Slytherin table to see Draco looking at me and Harry, and well he doesn’t seems to be happy with what he sees. Oh, Game on Malfoy. Without breaking eye contact with Draco, I bend over to whisper in Harry’s ear. Harry smiled and blushed causing Draco to storm out of the great hall.

At night I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened in potions and the incident during dinner. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to walk around in the hallways even tho I knew that it wasn’t allowed. I have no idea why but I decided to go towards the dungeons. With the first step that I took off the stairs I felt someone grab my arm and pull me into professor Snape’s potions classroom.

Soon I saw a boy with platinum hair and the most beautiful grey eyes I had ever seen ‘Draco?’. I wanted to ask him why he was here but I was cut off by him slamming his lips against mine. At first I froze but it didn’t take me long to kiss back. As soon as I did that he started smiling against my lips. But as good as it might have felt this wasn’t right. He was Draco Malfoy, the prince of Slytherin, the guy who bullies and laughs with everyone. I pulled back ‘Wait Draco, what is this supposed to mean, what does this make us? Because as much as I might like you I’m not a toy you can just play with and -’ Draco stops me ‘Shut up and kiss me babygirl.’ I stop thinking and lock my lips with his. Looks like I’m his baby girl, good enough for me.

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