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Marriage Of Convenience


Jae Yung... "How in the sand hell did my day turn out so terribly wrong?" One minute I'm getting dressed for my brother's wedding and in the very next I'm being forced to wed his fiance "McKenna Thomas," my sworn nemesis. I get that public image is important to our parents but this was too much to force upon me. Mckenna and I couldn't stand being in the same room together let alone married. This is a marriage destined to fail disastrously because McKenna and I were like oil and water, fire, and ice. McKenna Thomas: I stood at the altar staring straight into the face of Caleb's younger brother, Jae. His angry brown eyes were burning holes into the veil that was obscuring my face from his view. His cold expression was causing the once pleasant air around me to turn ice cold. Tears formed in my eyes as the humiliation and pain of being left at the alter constructed a gigantic barrier around my already shattered heart. The only thing that was forcing me to go along with this sham of a marriage and to seal my fate to a ruthless Jae Yung was my daughter "Raleigh" safety and well being.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1: Wedding day

Jae's POV

How did my day turn out so terribly wrong? One minute I'm getting dressed for my brothers' wedding and the very next I'm being forced to wed his fiance McKenna Thomas, my sworn nemesis.

I get that public image is important to our parents but this was too much to force upon me. McKenna and I couldn't stand being in the same room together let alone married. This is a marriage that was set up to fail from the very beginning because we were like oil and water.

I desperately wanted to strangle my brother Caleb for creating this wretched mess. "Why in the hell would he propose to McKenna if he had no intentions of showing up for his own wedding?"

My legs felt like a bowl of jelly as my dad pushes me towards the altar. The people surrounding us stopped whatever they were doing and began to stare at us strangely. All the single women in the room were looking at me with longing in their eyes.

I felt like I was being dragged to my funeral with a noose tied tightly around my neck cutting off my air supply. "How could I attach myself to just one woman for a whole year?" My plans of mingling with numerous women have been trampled on by this fiasco of a wedding. Looking anxiously around the massive cathedral I spotted plenty of women that I would be depriving of my splendid looks and glory tonight.

When I see McKenna walking down the long narrow aisle with her dad, the end of my partying days flashed before my eyes. I must admit though that she is a beauty to behold. Most women that I knew would be wearing a white flowing wedding dress that covered them from head to toe but not McKenna. She always had to stand out above everyone else and today she did that to perfection by wearing a black wedding dress. It was extremely short in the front that showed off her stunning smooth legs. She wore a pair of silver open-toe stilettos displaying her perfectly polished toes. A sterling silver diamond necklace hung around her slender neck just above her plump breasts. I'm not a pervert by any means I just haven't seen McKenna look this sexy before.

A black veil covered her face obstructing my view of seeing her face. Her seven bridesmaids were wearing a silver satin gown with black and silver stilettos. Raleigh, McKenna's two-year-old daughter wore a white gown almost identical to her mom except it covered her legs. Raleigh's long curly hair hung loosely down her back. She displayed a gorgeous infectious smile when she spots her mom walking down the aisle.

Looking around the room, I noticed everyone was staring at her as though she was the breath of fresh air that they all needed. As though she was this innocent woman that deserved to be honored with a glorious prize. I knew first hand that she was anything but what they were picturing her as.

How could a woman with morals get pregnant by one man then turn around hook up with another one? I'll tell you how; she has no morals or respect for herself or anyone else. She may have bamboozled my brother, parents, and everyone in this damn room with her innocent doe-like eyes and charming smile but not me.

I wanted to run out the door away from this sham of a marriage, but my dad was preventing me from doing that. He stood so close to me that you would have thought that he was the one getting married to McKenna instead of me.

"Jae if you ruin this wedding for us I promise you that I will make your life a living hell for as long as I live son!" My dad stated firmly in my ear. I knew from experience that my dad was a force to be reckoned with. When he said something he meant every word.

I stood stark still as Mr. Thomas places McKenna's arm in the crook of mines. I felt her tremble slightly when I placed my hand on top of hers. The immaculately decorated room fell deathly silent when the preacher began speaking. "We are gathered here today in this joyous occasion to join Mr. Jae Yung and Ms. McKenna Thomas in holy matrimony." He says loud and clear into the microphone.

Laughter rumbled in the pit of my stomach ready to flow freely from my mouth from that one false statement. One look at my dad let me know that I better keep that shit to myself.

"Do you Jae Yung take McKenna Thomas to be your lawfully wedded wife; to have and to hold from this day forward for richer and for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and cherish until death due you part according to God's holy law?" The preacher asked looking me directly in the eye.

Just when I was about to give a resounding hell no my dad nudges me in my right side swiftly but discreetly. "I do," I answered grimly. I couldn't tell you what happened next because I had zoned out after I said the words that hammered a nail into my coffin.

"You may now kiss your bride." The preacher announces hauling me back to reality.

I slowly lift her veil just enough for me to slip my head under it, concealing both our faces from prying eyes. Tears were sliding down her cheeks, and her lips were trembling.

"Your alligator tears are not fooling me one bit McKenna," I whispered close to her ear before placing a small kiss on her tear-stained cheek. The once silent room erupted into booming cheers when I pulled my head from under her veil.

Hi everyone I hope that you guys enjoy reading my new story. Please vote and comment on what you think about it. I will be posting an update to my new book the sequel to The Infamous Reese Choi tomorrow called My Family, My Life. Stop by and check it out. Until next time stay safe and God bless you all.

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