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Marriage Of Convenience

Chapter 2: The Limo Ride

McKenna POV

I have no clue why Jay despises me so much. The day that he first laid eyes on me I felt a swift kick to the gut. His penetrating stormy gray eyes stared at me shrewdly. His cold calculating stare was slicing directly through my very existence causing a cold chill to flood throughout my entire body.

Now is not the time for me to be dwelling in the past I berate myself. Raleigh's safety is dependent on her mother putting her well-being above all else. Dealing with ruthless Jae Yung was well worth me being miserable for my precious daughter's sake. I will not allow his cold menacing words to break me. I've been through much worse in the past three years to let him get to me, I thought to myself.

I walk with confidence and my head held high holding my new husband's hand. As soon as we were outside away from any prying eyes I snatched my hands out of his grasp. I walked purposely to the limo that was waiting to take us to our dreadful reception.

I knew he was still standing by the door furious as hell and maybe a little shocked by my actions but who cares. My daughter is all I need to concern myself with and these anonymous threats coming from the person who violated me three years ago. If it wasn't for Caleb Yung, I don't know what would have happened to me on that dreadful night.

Flashback started:

I met Reagan during my first year at college when I transferred to Cambridge University on a full scholarship to become a neurosurgeon. Within the first couple of months, we soon became best friends. While on spring break in her second year Reagan's father convinced her that she would have a better chance of getting her Doctrine Degree at his alumni. Ever since finding out that she would be transferring soon Reagan and I was inseparable.

"I'll see you later Reagan," I yelled over my shoulder to my best friend while standing at the front door of her parent's fabulous two-story house.

"McKenna wait up I'll walk you home," she hollered back to me.

"Reagan, I don't need a babysitter and besides you have company," I say turning to face her.

"McKenna it's dark outside and I don't feel comfortable with you walking home by yourself sis!" Reagan says walking towards me while stepping around her niece and nephew.

"Reagan, what good are you going to do me?" I asked with my hands on my hips.

"McKenna Thomas you know me well enough to know I'll clobber a bitch for messing with my best friend!" Reagan responded flexing her wimpy muscles.

"Yeah, I know Reagan" I reply giving her the side-eye. Reagan, I'm going to be perfectly fine. "I've walked home plenty of nights ain't nothing happen to me yet," I say opening the door.

"Call me when you make it home," Reagan demands just before I close the door.

Stepping on the sidewalk, I pulled my iPhone out of my jacket pocket and put my headphones on. I stood there for a few minutes strolling through the numerous songs I had downloaded. I finally found my favorite boy group, BTS. Placing my phone back into my jacket pocket I began to walk the fifteen minutes it took me to get to my two-bedroom rented house from Reagan. I choose this house because it was close to the university and my parents didn't want me to share a room with a complete stranger. With them paying for all my utility and rent I get to spend my own money on myself so it's a winning deal for each side.

The cool night air felt good blowing through my hair, gently massaging my scalp. Halfway home out of nowhere the hairs on the back of my neck spiked up. Stopping abruptly I pulled my headphones out of my ear looking around at my surroundings. There wasn't anything or anyone that stood out to me except for the fact that the street was unusually quiet for a Friday night. Normally kids a few years younger than me always loitering the streets hanging out talking.

With a vengeance, the same eerie feeling came rushing back towards me like a speeding car out of control. I began to look around yet again, and that's when I spotted an image wearing a black hoodie under a large creepy shaded tree. It just stood there menacingly staring at me not budging an inch.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared as fuck. "What woman wouldn't be?" Up ahead of me was a secret path leading towards the backyard of my apartment complex that I routinely took to get home. There weren't any lights on that path, so I knew not to go that way tonight. I wouldn't want to give the perpetrator an easy way to harm me if things were to go terribly wrong.

Taking the longer route home I scolded myself for not taking Reagan up on her offer. My nerves began getting the best of me when I hear the footsteps getting closer and closer. My hands began shaking terribly as I fumbled around in my jacket pocket trying to grab my cell phone.

I began to dial my dad's number into my phone when I dropped it on the paved sidewalk it shattered to pieces after striking the pavement. Swooping it up as fast as I could I spotted my battery and the back of my phone a few inches in front of me.

Just as I was about to reach for my battery, I felt a hard knock to the back of my head. It hurt like hell, but surrendering just wasn't an option for me. I had to put up some form of resistance to whoever was attacking me.

"Help," I began yelling. Suddenly a cloth covers both my mouth and nose. My eyelids become heavy, and the world around me faded into darkness. I awaken feeling groggy, and with severe pain between my thighs. The perpetrator had my hands bound tightly together while he pounded himself inside of me roughly. I felt my vagina tearing in many places by this vicious monster on top of me. He was taking away something that he had no right to.

I wanted to scream but I couldn't my mouth was taped shut and my throat felt raw with a burning sensation. I fling my legs wildly trying to hamper his movement. The more I move the more he seems to like it. His thrusts picked up going faster and harder. Suddenly he let out a harsh grunting noises as he rammed into me one last time before collapsing on top of me.

"Thanks, babe," he says close to my ear in an evil tone. McKenna, you have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this with you. "I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did sweetheart!" He adds as though he did nothing wrong.

As he stood over me reveling in his little escapades I gave him a swift kick in the balls as hard as I could. He fell on his knees beside me in what I hoped was excruciating pain.

I somehow managed to scramble to my feet. I didn't know where I was, but I knew that I couldn't stay there. Looking down at my attacker, I want to see who the heck this monster was, but a mask was preventing me from seeing his face.

"I always knew that you were a fighter," he yelled in agony.

I began running down the semi-dark path as fast as I could.

"I'm coming to get you, princess!" He says taunting me as he gets closer.

I could barely see where I was going, my vision was getting blurrier by the second. Suddenly I slammed into something that felt like a steel wall. Fear and trepidation settle around me as I thought that this deranged monster had somehow managed to get in front of me.

"No", I tried yelling but it only came out sounding like a muffled whisper.

"I won't hurt you," I heard come from a totally different but calm voice before darkness surrounded me once again.

Flashback ended.

I heard the limo car door slamming jerking me out of the worst night of my life. A seething mad Jae was staring directly at me with his hands clasped tightly in his lap.

"McKenna if you ever embarrass me like that again I'll..."

"You will do exactly what Jae?" I asked equally as pissed off as he was awaiting his response.

"Just what I expected not a damn thing," I answered staring him dead in the eyes.

Fury was raging in the depths of his gorgeous brown eyes. Turning away from him slowly I stare out of the window as the driver pulled away from the cathedral. I hadn't even noticed Jay moving closer to me when I suddenly felt myself being hauled onto his lap. He was holding on to me so tightly that I thought he was purposely trying to cut off my blood supply to my wrist.

"You are mine to do with as I oblige Mrs. McKenna Yung; remember that before the next time you think to humiliate me in a crowd of people wifey," Jae says with uncontrolled rage pouring off of him.

I'm sorry to be the one to inform you of just Jae, but I'm not a piece of property that you own! "I can do whatever the hell I please," I yell at him. "Furthermore, you have to first act like a dutiful husband to even consider me as your wife Jae," I say easing off of his lap, sitting on the seat across from him.

"I'm going to make your life a living hell Mrs. McKenna Yung!" Jae states with ruthless determination in his voice.

"Oh, baby you can try to do your worst," I say turning to look out the window once again. I don't know who in the fuck he think that he is dealing with. He will learn soon enough that he doesn't scare McKenna Thomas one bit.

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