Bad Boy


Colby brock is in the closet. sam is not. when these two cross paths, can they save each other from the outside trauma and danger?

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:


sam golbach walked into school with a pastel pink mini skirt, black leggings, an off-the-shoulder yellow long-sleeved top, and a cropped jean jacket. He had his yellow vans on and his purple backpack on only one shoulder.

“hey there,” his best girlfriend, xepher greeted him at his locker.

“hey xeph,” sam said pulling out one of his books while putting his backpack into his locker.

“hey faggot!” sam heard the mean guys of the school shout. sam just rolled his eyes and ignored them.

“how’re you and dev?” sam asked. xepher just shrugged.

“she’s been ignoring me for the past few days,” xepher answered. at that moment devyn walked up from behind xepher wrapping her arms around her waist.

“hey baby,” devyn greeted her girlfriend.

“hey,” xepher said. at that moment the bell rang and the trio said their goodbyes and headed their separate ways to class.

sam sat down in class and started getting ready when the teacher called his name. “samuel,”

“yes?” sam answered.

“please head to the front office,” he said and the kids that were in the classroom oohed. sam once again rolled his eyes but got up and headed to the front office


colby brock sat in his mom's car not wanting to leave his car.

“it’ll be different,” his mom said placing a hand on his thigh.

“how mom?” he looked at his mom “dad left and i’m in a new city with absolutely no friends and i- i- i-,” colby stopped himself. his mom sighed.

“i know sweetie but it’s time to start over,” his mom said. “now go make some friends” colby sighed and got out of the car and slowly made his way up to the front office but not before bumping into someone.

“oh sorry,” a girl his age said.

“it’s no problem really,” colby said.

“you’re new here aren’t you?” she asked the boy. colby nodded.

“i’m dixie,” the girl said sticking her hand out.

“colby,” they shook hands. colby smiled. he may have an actual smiled. he may have his actual first friend.

“do you need help with anything?” dixie asked. colby shook his head no and dixie smiled. ” well if you need anything i’ll be in the library at lunch,” and with that she walked into the school. colby followed heading into the office and walking up to the desk.

“um... excuse me?” colby said getting the lady behind the desk's attention.

“yes young man?” she asked.

“I’m a new student. my name is cole robert brock,” he told the lady. she pressed a few buttons on the keyboard.

“yes, cole brock. your homeroom is room 245 in section 5 and your locker number is 681. would you like me to find someone to help you find the way?” she asked before he can answer the bell for class rings. he nodded at her question and she smiled.

“ok I’ll call for someone,” she said as she handed him a piece of paper. he went and sat down and a few moments later a blonde walked in and colby felt his breath hitch. colby was gay and he was in the closet.

“hi I was called to the office for some reason,” he said his voice had a velvety sound, though it was kind of high it sounded like music to colby's ears.

“yes a new student is sitting right behind you would you mind showing him to his classroom number 245 in section 5 and his locker is 681,” the lady told the blonde. the blonde nodded and turned around.

“hi,” the blonde said to colby. colby smiled and stood up.

“hey,” colby stuck his hand out. “i’m colby,” sam grabbed his hand and both of them felt a kind of shock and immediately they pulled their hands away from each other.

“sam,” the blonde answered with a smile that colby returned. “let’s go,” sam said heading out of the office and colby in tow.

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