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Thank You For Loving Me


(Mostly just soft Kageyama) You are Hinata's childhood best friend, was supporting Hinata at his middle school game. When you see Kageyama on the court, you find him kind of attractive. After the game has ended, you meet Kageyama and you guys exchange some words. Read to see what happens next when you meet him again at Karasuno, in high school. (Absolutely no angst because only happy thoughts. Check out my Kuroo work btw. Please read, comment, share, and vote for no reason.) P.S: Y/N does not play a sport, not at all. (The reason why is that I hate sports and I've seen to much of the sporty girl x Kageyama. I wanted something different and everyone seems to think that Y/N is a fit person with some attitude, especially with those Kageyama x readers. I wanted Y/N to be normal and nice with no attitude and no sass. Thanks for listening to me rant. Oh and sorry if you're fit this fanfic works for you too and you're beautiful too.)

Romance / Other
Age Rating:

Y/N's Info

Background Info:

Hair Color: Any

Eye Color: Any

Height: short around 4′10 to 5′4( if not that’s fine cause you’re perfect the way you are, but in this fanfic you are)

Body Type: Any (because again you are perfect the way you are)

Clothing Style: Casual

Living Style: Alone in an apartment ( will be explained later in the story)

Favorite drink and snack: Milkis and Pocky

Occupation: a student at Karasuno and Hinata’s best friend

Hobbies: Any, but watching anime is a thing (isn’t really important though)

Personality: is really kind and sweet, cares about people a lot, and is very supportive


Thank you for starting this fan fiction. I’ve already finished one work, but I’m really sure that I’m not a very good writer. Help me with my spelling, grammar, and this fan fiction. I hope that you, the reader, enjoys this. Thank you for your time and happy reading.

- The Author

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