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(⚠️18+) Ilvermorny, the finest wizarding school in America, also home to Laurel Jennings. After the mysterious disappearance of her father, and death of her mother, Laurel is forced to move with her grandmother in England, and transfer to Hogwarts. Era: Order Of The Phoenix ✔ Half-Blood Prince (current) Deathly Hallows Post War

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Laurel Jennings

(Charlotte Lawrence)

Birthday : October 31st, age 15(start of book)

From San Diego, California

Mother : Gwen Jennings

Father : Explained in chapter 1

Laurel has a bitchy attitude, and though she wont admit it, shes kind of a push over.

(Fourth Year)

Draco Malfoy

(Young Tom Felton, or whoever you prefer)

(Fifth Year)

Theodore Nott

(Noah Centineo)


Hello readers! Especially those of you who are coming from wattpad. Um, this story is kinda dirty, so enter at your own will. I'm still learning how to use Inkitt as I've been spoiled on wattpad for so long so just stick with me. I promise this story has more of a plot than just sex.

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