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Draco quickly walked away from me after preforming a very obvious public display of affection on me, leaving me alone and confused. What did he mean by he’ll take care of it? Was he going to confront Warrington about it? I hoped not, it would just cause more drama than I’d like to be apart of. It’s bad enough that I’m messing around with Draco while he’s got a girlfriend.

I made my way back to the common room, Draco nor Warrington were present, thankfully. I don’t know what I’d do if I walked in on that confrontation. However, the common room wasn’t empty, everyone was back from dinner, including Astoria. She kept glaring at me, but more than usual. I rolled my eyes, and went back into my room where she followed me.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She said sternly. I turned around and gave her a confused look. “Um, getting ready for bed.” I told her and she scoffed rolling her eyes. “That’s not what I’m referring to.” I’m still trying to figure Astoria out. She’s had it out for me since day one, which I understand why since she thought I was sleeping with her sisters boyfriend, my brother, but I’ve since decided to overrule that since she was the one who actually sleeping with him. Nonetheless, I think it’s time to just clear the air between us because I’m tired of sleeping in a room with someone who genuinely hates me.

“Okay then, what is it that you’re referring to?” I questioned the brunette.

“You and Daphne seemed to be pretty chummy together during dinner. Just so you know, she’s not your friend. She’s just trying to be nice so Theo doesn’t just get rid of her.” I felt the urge to laugh at her comment, but I held my composure. What if she were right? She obviously knew her sister far better than I did, but they weren’t on speaking terms at the moment, so it could just all be said out of jealousy. “Honestly, we were just talking. Clearing the air. Something I actually wanted to talk to you about.”

“And what might that be?” She questioned me. “Well, I just wanted to apologize to you for calling you a bitch. I think it’s time we put the past in the past-”

She scoffed.

“I don’t want to be your friend, Jennings. Don’t think for a second that I don’t know what’s going on between you and Draco either.” I completely froze. What did she know? My eyes widened at her, practically giving it away. “Don’t seem so surprised. I saw you two together talking earlier. Seemed rather suspicious. Should I alarm Pansy that you’re out to steal her boyfriend?”

“We were just talking about Umbridge. He asked me to join her pathetic little squad of goons, and I said no. Nothing to make a big deal out of.” I lied.

“Oh. Well that makes sense I guess. He is in charge of the inquisitorial squad right under her, so..”

My god was she completely stupid. For a moment, I thought she saw the kiss he planted on me. She definitely would have said something if she had seen it though, right?

The following day we were relieved of classes due to it being the quidditch final. Slytherin vs. Gryffindork. Astoria and I hadn’t spoken since the not so minor conversation/confrontation we had last night, but I wasn’t upset. I said my peace. If she doesn’t accept it, then she just doesn’t like me for no reason. Not that I cared, I was just tired of the bullshit.

I was leaving the common room to head down to the stadium when Daphne caught up with me and asked me to walk with her out there and sit with her. She claimed she didn’t want to be alone in case Theo wanted to talk to her, she felt that she was weak when she was by herself but having me by her side helped her stand up for herself. I had applauded her minor self confidence. Brother or not, she didn’t deserve any of that, and neither did Pansy. I need to stop this with Draco before it gets too out of hand.

We made out way into the stands just before the match when we ran into our least favorite person.

“Daphne,” Her high pitched voice pierced my ears. “What the hell are you doing with that, that liar?” She droned on. “If you must know, Pansy, she happens to be my friend.” Daphne replies, receiving a scoff from the black haired girl. Don’t get me wrong, I did feel horrible for basically being the reason her boyfriend cheated on her, but there was a part of me that thought that maybe she fucking deserved it. “Whatever, Daphne. Just remember who your true friends are whenever Theo does what Theo does again.”

“If I were you, I’d be more worried about what Malfoy does in his spare time whenever he’s not with you.” I retorted, instantly regretting what I said when I saw the blood rush to Pansy’s face, but the she laughed it off.

“Oh dear. You really don’t know anything. My Draco would never cheat on me. He knows better.” I laughed to myself clearly knowing otherwise, but decided not to out the incidents between him and I. It was for the best that it stayed between us, and no one else, er for now at least.

Slytherin won, but if I had to guess, it’s only because Harry wasn’t playing. Something with Umbridge got him kicked off the team for the rest of the year, I don’t know. I personally think she’s just out to get anyone who doesn’t belong to Slytherin, so I suppose I count myself lucky, well aside from my first day here. From what I heard though, Draco is a good seeker, but Harry is just better.

Since Slytherin did win the cup, the team decided to host a party to celebrate, more so brag though since they invited all of the houses to join. Rumor has it that Slytherins throw the best parties. I was in my dorm reading when Daphne barged in. I was so thankful that Astoria wasn’t present, I can only imagine the blood bath that would probably occur since they still aren’t on speaking terms. “Tell me you have a hot outfit, please.” Daphne said hopefully.

“Um, I mean I have-” I was cut off just as I picked up a dress out of my closet, my only dress that would barely qualify as a party dress. “You are not wearing that. No, no. Here, come with me to my room, I have something that will work perfectly.” She said as she grabbed my arm, dragging me into her room.

She released me when we walked through the door. Her room was different than my and Astoria’s room. There were three beds, one for her, Pansy, and Millicent Bulstrode, and it was very green, but pretty. Prettier than my and Astoria’s. They actually had a window. We had a tiny little hole cut out of the wall with glass between us. “You’ll wear this.” She says tossing me a black dress. I held it up, observing the soft, silk fabric.

“Um, Daph, this isn’t going to fit me.” I said. She tilted her head to the side, confused as to what I meant, also offended. “I mean, no offense, but my ass is much larger than yours, the fabric is sure to rip.” I said, receiving a laugh.

“Oh, Laurel, it won’t rip. However, since your arse is so big, it’ll life it up a little, which will make the dress shorter, if you get what I’m hinting at. Try it on.” She demands. I rolled my eyes shaking my head with a smile and do as she asks.

I never thought of myself as hot, but this dress was powerful. It made all of my insecurities about my body and appearance disappear. “I recommend not to wear a bra with this one, but definitely wear black knickers, or don’t wear any. Your choice.” She smiled.

The slit down the front of this dress came to the middle of my chest, and the length was to the middle of my thigh. “What about shoes?” I asked. “Don’t worry, got it covered.” She said tossing me a pair of heels. They were all black, pointed toe, that buckled around the ankle.

“What are you going to wear?” I asked her. She then pulled out a dark green dress, similar to the one I had on, but the front slit wasn’t nearly as deep.

I can’t believe I’m going to wear this.

We finished getting ready, hair and make up before it was time for the party.

“Are you ready for your first Slytherin party?” She asked with an excited expression across her face. “I guess I have no choice but to be, let’s go.”

We entered the common room and all I could do is hope that there was a silencing charm on this room because of how loud the muggle music was playing. I didn’t get very far into the room when Blaise approached us with shots of fire whiskey. I quickly tossed back the shot, as did Daphne, and we continued out to the middle of the room where everyone was dancing.

“Keep close to me. It wont take long before boys swarm around us.” She said into my ear with her voice just loud enough so I could hear her over the music. “What about Theo?” I asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders. “His loss.” She replied and we continued with our dancing, grinding on each other like the two hot blonde girls that we were tonight. She wasn’t wrong, not even five minutes later I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist. I pushed my butt back against them, grinding on them while facing Daphne, still dancing with her, our arms resting on each other shoulders.

I eventually began to grow tired from dancing, so I decided to take a break and sit for a few minutes and grab a drink when I ran into Theo. He raised his eyebrows, and widened his eyes at me before snatching my wrist, dragging me into the hall. “What on earth are you- go change, now!”

I laughed.

“Why? What’s wrong with my outfit?”

“I never had a little sister before, and now I do, and I’ll be damned if she’s going to dress like a fucking slut like this. I don’t want to have to punch a few faces in tonight.”

“Oh relax, Theo.” Daphne chimed in. “You didn’t have a problem when I dressed like this.” she winked at him. She was on the verge of drunk, she must have had a few more shots in the minutes I was gone. She could barely stand up, was slurring her words, and her eyes were so bloodshot. Fast acting fire whiskey. It gave her enough courage to attack his face with her own. I began to grow very uncomfortable, and took the opportunity to sneak away.

I walked back to the party when I saw Draco leaned up against a wall with a glass in his hand. His eyes began to roam before they met mine. I decided to approach him, but was quickly adverted back to the dancefloor by a dark-haired boy. “Oh, hi.” I squealed realizing it was Miles Bletchley.

“You look good tonight.” He said into my ear over the music. “Thanks, you too.” I said simply as soon as I remembered that he was apart of the bet that Warrington made with me. “I heard what Warrington did to you, that he lied. I want to apologize on his behalf.” He said, earning a smile from me.

“It’s no big deal, I’m over it honestly. I hope you have a good rest of your night.” I said turning away to go back to Draco, but he wasn’t there anymore. I turned back around and saw Miles still standing there, almost disappointed that I practically rejected him. “Do you want to dance?” I asked. He eagerly nodded, gave me a shot and dragged me onto the dancefloor.

We were having fun, enjoying the music, dancing to the beat in perfect rhythm. One of my arms was hanging freely to the side, with the other around his neck, both of his on my waist. Screw it. I pulled his face in close to mine, lips barely touching before he pressed them together. It was like it was just the two of us in the room as our kissing escalated.

My mind was all over the place. I was beginning to feel like Daphne, and I was loving every second of it.

A/N Sorry this chapter wasn’t that great. My mind was all over the place when writing it, but some good things are going to happen in the next chapter, just trust me, and stay with me here. I’ll update tomorrow, promise. If you have any suggestions in the meantime, please drop them!

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