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“Laurel, where are we going?” Daphne asked with an ounce of fear in her curious voice. I wanted to explore London since I’ve never been. “We’re going shopping, obviously.” I reminded her.

“In the muggle world though, Laurel. What if something happens? I’ve never been in the muggle world without my parents.” She informed me. I rolled my eyes.

“Stop being so afraid, Daph. I’ve shopped in the muggle world many times. By myself I might add. We will be fine.” I told her. She let out a sigh. She really didn’t have a choice. I was dragging her along with me either way. “Can’t Theo join us? I’d feel much safer if he tagged along.”

I groaned. The idea of my older brother following us around while we were shopping, possibly buying lingerie and sex toys. Why would I want that? I cringed at the thought of Theo watching me place a sex toy onto a counter to purchase.

“Fine.” I gave in. She smiled and ran upstairs to get him. Moments later when she returned, he was with her.

Since we were too young to apparate, and couldn’t use a floo to get into the muggle world, we took a car service. The three of us didn’t have a license. If I were still living in America, I would get mine by the end of the year. I think all wizards should at least learn to drive. It would most definitely allow them to blend in more.

Luckily, Nana was one step ahead of us and already had a driver ready to take us.

We arrived at Westfield Mall in London and the first place we stopped was a coffee shop. Neither Daphne or Theo ever had muggle made coffee, and they both seemed pretty pleased by the idea, and disgusted at the same time.

I ordered three vanilla lattes for the three of us to indulge in, when Theo excused himself to the restroom, leaving me alone with a frightened Daphne. She was worried that someone was going to know what we were, and expose us, ending us up in Azkaban. I told her not to worry, but that obviously didn’t help.

Why did I bring her here?

We were sitting at a little table waiting for Theo to return when I looked up to see him talking to a couple of girls. They didn’t look familiar, so I had the right to assume they didn’t attend Hogwarts. Daphne noticed me looking displeased and turned to see what I was looking at, her face falling to the floor when she saw what exactly what it looked like. Theo flirting.

“Come on.” I said standing up marching over to my brother.

One of the girls offered a fake smile when I approached them. Theo turned to see me, smile on his face from their conversation still which immediately disappeared once he realized it was me. “What?” He asked me, annoyance in his voice.

I don’t know why Daphne is even with him. All he does is treat her so badly. In front of her too. I wanted to hex him.

“You know what.” I said smile on my face.

“Back off, young one. I saw him first.” The girl said receiving a shocked expression from me.

“Here we go.” Theo muttered under his breath.

“You really don’t know who you’re dealing with, honey.” I told the girl. She scoffed and turned to her friends snickering. “Really? Because it looks as if I’m dealing with some girl who doesn’t know how to take a hint when a guy doesn’t want her. And by the looks of the way you dress, I don’t think I’d want anything to deal with you either.”

I looked down at my outfit, a black skirt, and button up white shirt. Simple, yet classy compared to her torn jeans, and tattered cropped t-shirt. Obviously Theo’s taste in women is trash. Daphne on the other hand had excellent taste in clothing, but clearly a trash taste in men as well.

“Come on, Laurel. It’s not worth it. Let’s just go.”

“You and your pathetic friend over there should just go. This one’s going with me.” She said.

“Well, just in case this one here,” I say pointing my thumb at Theo, “neglected to inform you.. He’s my brother, and my pathetic friend is his girlfriend.”

The girl laughed with her friends again. “Does he know she’s his girlfriend? Doesn’t seem like it, now does it?”

I don’t remember what happened in my head in the coming seconds, it was like I blacked out. I blinked and the girl was on the ground clenching her cheek.

“Fucking hell, Laurel. Seriously?” Theo growled dragging both Daphne and I out of the shop. “At least I didn’t use magic.”

We hopped into the car and had the driver escort us back home. Theo nor Daphne spoke the entire ride home. Well, neither did I, but their silence was so loud that it was hurting my ears.

We arrived home, Theo got out of the car and stormed into the house. I rolled my eyes at his dramatic ass. I don’t know why he was so mad, he was the one who was flirting with other girls in front of his girlfriend. He didn’t even defend us.

I walked over to the floo, I wasn’t about to stay in this house with all of the tension. “Where are you going?” Daphne asked.

“Diagon Alley.” I told her. “I’m coming too.”

I was surprised at her words. I honestly thought she’d want to sit in Theo’s room and watch him breath while he wrote nasty love letters to other girls or something pathetic. Maybe she’s finally going to change her ways, change her standards.

We arrived in Diagon Alley and decided to do our shopping there. Ever since this morning, I had been debating on if I should tell her about Draco and I. I wanted to burst. If Theo didn’t join us earlier, I probably would have told her then. I guess it’s now or never.

“So, there’s something I need to tell you.” I began as we walked down the alley, past all of the shops that had wizards of all ages pouring in and out of them. Students were getting some last minute supplies before the return to school tomorrow. “You know how I stayed at Malfoy Manor?” I asked, receiving a nod.

“What about it? Did a ghost crawl into bed with you or something? That house always gave me the creeps.”

I let out a faint laugh. “It most definitely wasn’t a ghost.” I told her. She stopped me, eyes widened. “Wait, you’re not saying that you, you and Draco... what about Pansy?”

“They broke up.” I told her trying to hide my blushing smile.

“Does that look broken up to you?” she asks gesturing to Draco sitting on a bench, Pansy by his side, very close to his side, practically sitting on top of him with her hand inching closer and closer to his crotch.

My face fell to the stone floor.

Maybe it was all some elaborate joke just so I would finally give in and fuck him. Maybe his dad convinced him to fix things with her so they can have their precious pureblood wedding together and asshole pureblood children.

I let out a deep sigh and marched towards him, but I wasn’t going to confront him, no. I was just going to walk past him, making it know that I saw him. That it didn’t phase me, even though it did. That I just didn’t care.

I felt his eyes on me as we walked past. I heard Pansy scoff when we barely walked past. I wanted to ring her neck out, but I think one altercation is enough for one day. Why did I have to waste it in the muggle world?

We reached a café on the alley and decided to get some lunch.

It bothered me, but it shouldn’t. I knew what I was getting into. I should have known better. Why am I so stupid?

“Do you want to talk about it?” Daphne broke the silence. I shook my head. “I just, I need to process what I just saw.”

“Let’s just swear off guys for a little bit. All guys are shit.” I suggested, also referring to Theo.

“I, I don’t know. Theo and I have been in a pretty good place-”

“Daphne, he was flirting with other girls IN FRONT OF YOU, and not to mention he didn’t even tell the girls that you were his girlfriend, or that he had one. Don’t be stupid, Daphne. There are so many guys out there that are far better than him.”

“I know, it’s just.. we’ve been together for so long. I’ve never loved someone like I love him. I’m not ready to let him go yet.”

“Daph, if you don’t let go now, the rest of your life will be miserable. He’ll become even more controlling and toxic. What if he gets another girl pregnant? Then what?”

“I don’t know, Laurel!” She snapped. I wasn’t trying to upset her or anything, I just wanted what’s best for her. She has become my best friend here, I didn’t want to see her get hurt when it’s too late, when she’s been pushed so far that she can’t bare to keep her sanity in tact.

“Looks like he found us.” She said again, gesturing to the window. I looked to my right, out the window and saw a flustered Draco. He waved for me to come out and join him. I turned to look at Daphne for permission.

“Go ahead, but when you take him back, don’t judge me for doing the same thing with Theo. I’ll see you later.” She shooed me off. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t have time to argue with her. The situation between Draco and I was completely different than the one between her and Theo. Or was it?

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