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Laurel left. I was sitting there in the study with my pants at my ankles, wet cock in my hands when she just disappeared in the midst of green smoke. This girl will be the death of me one day I swear to it.

I stood up and pulled my pants back on and headed back towards my room when my mother caught up with me in the hallway.

I need a shower. A cold one.

I just fucked. I just came. My erection would not go away. It’s like it wasn’t fully satisficed with a quick fuck and needed more.

“Draco, your father requests you be ready in the next half hour.” She informs me. I nodded and continued walking towards my room. “And Draco, one last thing..”

“Yes, mother?”

“I do not approve of having a child out of wedlock for starters, and I am far too young to be a grandmother. Please promise me that you and Laurel are taking precautions.”

“Mother..” I groaned.

“And I know that you know how to use silencing charms, so start using them. You guys are louder than your father and I.”

Sheer embarrassment.

I chose not to respond to her and finally made it back to my room. I threw my clothes off and hopped into the shower. The cold water streaming down my body helped, but not completely. It was beginning to hurt, but it’s not like this hasn’t happened before. I’ll just take care of it while I can.

Images of her perfect, wet pussy flood my mind as I tighten my grasp around my cock. Her pussy was everything I imagined it would be. The way it tightened around me when she reached her climax. I leaned back against the tiles of the shower, quickening my strokes.

Her mouth around my length, the tip of it hitting the back of her throat.

That was it.

I released all over the shower floor.

Exhausted, and out of breath. I didn’t even want to go with my father today. I wanted to storm over to the Nott Estate and take her in whatever room I found her in. I wanted to fuck her silly, until she couldn’t walk. Until she was begging me to stop, and even then maybe I wouldn’t because I know deep down she would want me to keep going.

I cleaned off the shower floor and washed off my body before stepping out.

I dressed into a fitted black suit. We Malfoys have a reputation to uphold.

I finished my hair then walked downstairs to join my father.

“Ready?” He asked.

A forceful nod leaving my body.

I took his hand and we apparated to the front of Borgin and Burkes, of course. I hated this place. I reeked of death, and old people. “Mr. Malfoy..” Mr. Borgin said when we entered the shop. “Do what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

“I’m looking for a particular item. Rumor has it that you have this item in your inventory.” My father told the man.

Mr. Borgin seemed to know exactly what my dad was referring to, and vanished behind a door leaving my father and I alone in the shop.

I hated coming here.

The shop bell rang, causing both my father and I to avert our attention to the door. I let out a very audible groan when I saw Pansy and her father enter.

“Ah, Leonard.. You made it.” My father said to Pansy’s father. “Yes. I do believe we have some things to discuss..” Mr. Parkinson said looking between both Pansy and I. I already know where this is going.

“Draco, can we talk outside?” She asked me.

I ignored her.

“Draco, go.” My father said.

For once, I would much rather be in this creepy shop.

“I don’t want to. Maybe I want to purchase some creepy dark artifact that is lurking around here.”

My father didn’t like my response, not at all. He gave me a deathly glare that basically said if I didn’t go, he’d beat me. My father never beat me though, physically. Mentally however, the man tore into me.

I rolled my eyes and walked out the door with Pansy on my tail. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of Knockturn Alley. I didn’t like being out here, not alone with the creepy old hags and witches who are so senile that they think they’re attractive, but aren’t and will try anything they can to try to rape you. I wasn’t Pansy’s biggest fan, but I didn’t want her down here either. Underaged wizards could only do so much with what little knowledge we had at our age.

We made it to Diagon Alley, and occupied a nearby bench in front of Flourish and Blotts.

“My father tells me that you don’t want to continue this arrangement between our family’s.” She began saying. I scoffed. I didn’t, I truly didn’t. Maybe if I had never met Laurel. Not even just her. I could have met another girl in the future who I were to fall in love with, that is if I were capable of love, then I wouldn’t want to. I wanted this to be my choice.

She scooted closer to me. “There has to be something we can do to fix this. Something I can do to fix this. Draco, I love you.”

I cringed at the words that just escaped her mouth. I didn’t love her.

She scooted closer to me, I could practically feel her beating heart thumping against my arm. “Just give me a chance to make this right.” She whispered into my ear, running her hand up and down my thigh closest to her.

She was trying to turn me on, and if I didn’t worship Laurel’s cunt so much, it would work.

Just keep thinking of Laurel.

Move her fucking hand away you idiot.

I was about to, but when I looked up I saw Laurel and Daphne stride past us. Neither of them making eye contact with us. Nothing as much as a glance into our direction.

I’m fucked.

Pansy laughed when they walked past. She was bitter. She didn’t know the real reason I didn’t want her, and I wasn’t about to tell her, not now at least.

“What’s so funny?” I inquired. “Those two. Daphne is obsessed with Theo who doesn’t want her, and the other one, she thinks everyone wants her. She’s not even that pretty. She hooks up with Warrington one time and thinks that every guy wants to fuck her.”

I wanted to fuck her senseless.

“Warrington used the imperious curse on her.”

“Yeah, sure. Seems likely. Then there’s the thing with Bletchley.”

I froze, pushing her hand off of my thigh. Finally.

“What thing with Bletchley?”

She laughed. “Why do you care? She’s nothing but a whore. I’d stay away from her if I were you. Come on, now. Lets go back to my place a fuck.” She offered.

I stood up, disgusted.

“Don’t talk about her that way.” I spat.

“Draco, don’t tell me you she’s the reason you broke up with me..”

I thought for a moment. Should I ruin her right here, right now. All of her hopes and dreams of every possibility of becoming a Malfoy, birthing future Malfoy heirs? No. I’ll leave her to wallow in her thoughts that this is the reason. Leave her thinking that she isn’t good enough. That she’ll always come second, third, fourth or even fifth place in my life when Laurel is in the picture.

I glared at her before storming off into the direction Laurel and Daphne went.

I lost them, not knowing which direction they went, or where they were going, I took the risk to walk up and down until I saw her.

It didn’t take all but five minutes when I finally caught a glimpse of her blonde locks into a big open window of a café. I stood there, watching them, watching her. I felt like a stalker. Then she turned to look at me.

She looked away back towards her friend.

She hates me.

I was about to give up and walk back to meet my father when the door opened, Laurel walking out. I rushed over to her.

“It wasn’t what it looked like.” Was the first thing I could say.

Idiot. Only guilty people say that.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not like we’re together. You and her obviously have serious future plans together. I never really stood a chance, Draco. Admit it.”

I wanted to shake her, but too many people were nearby. Instead, I grabbed her and pulled her towards me and planted my lips against her soft pink ones. She kissed back, slightly opening her mouth, but not too much. I pulled my lips away and rested my forehead against hers.

“I don’t want her if that’s what you’re thinking. I’ve told you this. I only want you, okay?”

“You want my body, Draco. You don’t want me.”

I pulled her into my embrace, squeezing her tightly.

“Trust me when I say that I can see myself wanting more than that.” I whispered into her hear before kissing the top of her forehead.

I don’t know what it is about her, but she was all I wanted, and whether we were dating, or not, I was determined to let it be known that she belonged to me, and only me.

“Draco,” She said softly.

“You realize that you just kissed me in front of a bunch of people right?”

I pulled away and looked around. She was right. People were staring at us, but I didn’t give a fuck. At least they all know she is now the property of Draco Lucius Malfoy.

A/N - Okay, so possessive Draco is now coming into play. Sorry for the lack of spice in this chapter. The next one will have it, I promise.

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