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It was time to say our goodbyes until June when we would return home until September. It was a very short break, and I was mildly disappointed that I didn’t receive any of the answers that I was seeking about my birth mother, or my father.

It was strange, I lived in the house with him for a full week, not once speaking to him. He wasn’t around during dinners, or anything.

He would just sit in his study with the door locked. Theo had the privilege of visiting him upon his request, though I never knew what they spoke about, and I never had the courage to ask Theo about it.

Theo, Daphne and I arrived at Kings Cross and stepped onto the platform just before boarding the train.

I felt awful for avoiding Ginny and Luna again, but maybe things were better this way.

The three of us sat at a booth together when I saw Miles Bletchley walking towards us. “Oh my god. Hide me.” I said as I hurriedly slid underneath the table, though I didn’t make it far. “Here, put my bag there.” Daphne quickly said tossing her bag into the empty seat.

I don’t think I could handle an almost ten hour ride with him, again. Listening to him brag about his quidditch accomplishments, and money. Quite frankly, I didn’t care about any of that, but he didn’t care that I didn’t. He just liked hearing himself talk.

He smiled and waved and was about to sit when he noticed the bag, he quickly frowned.

“Someone sitting here?” He asked. Theo, Daphne and I exchanged looks not knowing how to answer.

“Yes.” Someone said. Miles turned around to see Draco standing there, waiting for him to move.

“Oh, sorry mate. I figured you’d want to sit with your girlfriend, Pansy.” Miles offered a mischievous smirked to him.

“Not my girlfriend. You can go sit by her though. She’s fair game now.” He said removing the bag from the seat before taking his place next to me. “Very well then.” Miles said before walking off.

“I can’t think of any way to thank you for that..” I told him.

He smirked. “I could think of a few.”

I blushed at his words but quickly remembered Theo was sitting across from us.

I averted my eyes to Theo who was looking between Draco and I confused. He knew something was up.

“Why are you sitting here, Malfoy?” He asked the blonde.

“It looked like none of you wanted Bletchley to join you, so I thought I’d come to the rescue.”

Theo laughed.

“And what makes you think we want you here instead?”

Draco grinned, looking down. He wanted to look at me and tell Theo everything, but he didn’t.

“Fine,” He said standing up. “I’ll go join Zabini, Crabbe and Goyle, leaving this spot open for Bletchley to come bore you with his not so bragworthy accomplishments.”

No fucking way.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him back down into the seat. “You wouldn’t dare do that to me.” I said. He smirked at my words, beaming his grey eyes into mine. He then turned to Theo. “Nott, it seems your sister wants me to sit here. What about you?”

Theo was no idiot. He contemplated for moment on his words. He didn’t want to make this too obvious.

“Why do you want him to sit here, Lo?”

I could easily punch Draco into the next dimension right about now. I know what he’s doing. Fucking dammit.

“Because I’m fucking him, Theo. Is that what you want to hear? We’re fucking. We’ve had this severe sexual tension building up for months until the other night when all hell broke loose and we fucked. We fucked all night long. And you know what, I’m not even mad. I’m not ashamed. Why? Because it felt fucking good. Would you like me to go into detail about our encounters we’ve had together?”

Both Theo and Daphne’s eyes widened, completely in utter shock of the words that just came out of my mouth. Draco on the other hand was hiding his laughter.

“Well it’s about fucking time you admitted it. Fucking hell, I didn’t know how I was going to pry it out of you.” Theo’s expression turned into a relieved grin. “Wait, you’re not mad?”

“Why the hell would I be mad at my best mate getting some action?”

“Because it’s your little sister..”

“As long as he doesn’t fuck you over or get you pregnant, then I don’t care.” He shrugged. “Come on, Daph. I think the bathrooms are calling us for our visit.”

She smiled as they both stood up and walked away towards the bathrooms.

“I think you just turned your brother on.” Draco snickered. “Shut up. I’m mad at you. You wanted that to happen, Draco.”

He laughed and pulled me closer to him. “Come on.” He said standing up, extending his hand out to mine. “What? Where are we going?”

“To do what Theo and Daphne are doing, obviously.” He smirked, dragging me down the train into the next empty bathroom. He quickly shut the door with his wand in hand. “My mother suggested I be smart and begin doing this.”

“Colloportus. Muffliato.”

He tossed his wand across the room and we both began undressing each other at a rapid pace.

On the train. We’re about to fuck on the train. Never thought I’d see the day that this happen, but I’m not upset, just concerned with someone trying to get in. He lifted me up onto the sink and quickly ran his fingers up and down my wet slit, making sure that I was wet enough for him. He slid a finger inside of me suddenly, causing my breath to hitch as I wasn’t expecting it.

He quickened his pace, pumping it in and out before shoving another finger inside, then another. Might as well shove your fucking dick in me at this rate.

“Ride my fingers.” He said holding the small of my back into place so I wouldn’t fall. I did as he requested and thrusted my body up and down his fingers, soaking them each time they reentered me. “Fuck, Draco.” I moaned when his thumb started circling my clit.

“That is. Ride my fingers. Coat them with you cum.” He demanded. My eyes rolled back as I continued riding his fingers. “I’m going to cum, Draco. Fuck, I’m going-”

He picked up his pace on my fingers, moving them at a rapid pace until I came. My juices spraying all over his hand as they splurged out of my pussy. My eyes widened, surprised at what just happened.

Draco smiled.

“That was fucking hot. Next time, do that on my face.” His smile not leaving his face. He took his fingers and shoved them into my mouth without warning I gasped slightly, not expecting this action. “Suck on them. Suck your cum off of me.”

I did.

“How’s it taste? How do you taste?”

“S-Sweet.” I said, still shaky from my orgasm. “They taste sweet.”

He pulled them out of my mouth then moved his face between my legs, licking up my leftover juices. “Mm. You’re right.” He moaned into my pussy.

He pulled his face away, and slammed his cock into me without warning, lifting me up off the sink, holding me into the air by my ass. He bounced me up and down as my legs were over his shoulders, ankles crossing behind his neck.

His breath began to get shaky. This position was wearing him out, but I liked it. “Fuck me, Draco. Fuck me hard.” I said. He sent me back on top of the sink gently still inside of me and thrusted back and forth fast and hard. I moaned, no, I yelled his name at the top of my lungs as I felt myself come undone again. I wanted to tug his hair, but was afraid I was going to pull it out.

“Look at me. I want you to watch me cum.” He growled. I never took my eyes off of him, his never off of mine. He fucked me into oblivion. He wanted to close his eyes, but he didn’t. He moaned my name as he came. He pulled out of me, cum from the both of us dripping down my thighs.

“Here.” He said handing me a few paper towels to clean off.

“We should get back to the others.” He smirked. “And if you’re good, I’ll there will be a repeat of this in your near future.” He kissed the top of my forehead before we left the room.

We walked into the hall and there were two people standing out there, gawking when they saw us exit together, but we didn’t care. “Nothing to see here.” Draco said escorting me back to the table.

The duration of our train ride was boring. Draco fell asleep with his head rested on my lap. People looked surprised when they walked past us seeing this, but I didn’t care. It didn’t matter what we were. I just had some of the best sex of my life.

However, now that the news that Draco and Pansy are no longer together, I couldn’t help but feel I was going to have to fight for his attention. Draco was hot, and girls knew he knew he had a big dick. They were only after him for the three things he possessed. Money, looks, and his cock.

As of now though, his cock was mine. I would bury it between my legs any day of the week if it meant keeping him with me. I was tempted to wake him up so we could go at it again, but I decided to let him sleep. We’ll make up for lost time later.

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