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The Art Of Staying Silent.


Just before the train arrived at Hogsmeade station, Draco and the rest of the prefects had to go do their usual prefect duties. I was a bit skeptical about it seeing he had to work with Pansy, but I’ll get over it. He’s made it clear to me that he doesn’t want her. Only thing is I don’t think the idea has sunk into her head just yet that.

I grabbed my bag and followed the rest of the Slytherin students off of the train. When I stepped down and out the door, Draco was there to greet me. He whispered into my ear to save a seat next to him during dinner. I blushed at his request.

We weren’t dating, and its possible that we never will, especially if Lucius has his way, but he wasn’t ashamed of letting it be known that he associates with me. Something that four months ago he would have turned his nose up at when the idea would be mentioned.

I simply nodded at his request and joined the others in the carriages that lead us to the school.

Everyone walked in together as they got off the carriages and sat at their tables when entering the Great Hall, joining their friends eagerly and excitedly, that they had to go a whole week without seeing. Pft. I have gone over four months without seeing my best friend. If this is how kids here act when they go a week without seeing a friend, I can only imagine how the reunions will be when we return back to school in September for the next term.

I sat down at the Slytherin table and was quickly joined by Daphne, and Astoria?

“Hello, Laurel.” Astoria greeted to me. I looked to Daphne and she smiled. “Hi..” I replied to the perky brunette girl.

“How was your break? Do anything fun?” She asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

Oh for fucks sake.

I looked to Daphne who was now giggling with her hand covering her mouth. “You told her?”

“Oh come on, Laurel. Everyone is bound to find out eventually.”

“Daphne and I are working on our sistership, so that means not keeping secrets from each other.”

“Or sleeping with each others boyfriends..”

“Shut up.”

“What are we talking about?” Theo chimed in taking a seat next to Daphne. I rolled my eyes at his presence. I was still pretty upset with him. First, with the way he treats Daphne. I just don’t understand. Second was how he was just so casual about Draco and I. I honestly thought he’d be pissed about it. Or at least I had hoped he would be. That is what big brothers do, right?

I guess I shouldn’t be upset about that though, he has only had me as a little sister for a couple of months instead of a lifetime. Maybe this is why it’s different.

“Nothing. Astoria and I were just making up. Laying down some ground rules..” Daphne said giving him a warning look. He played with his collar nervously as if he already knew what was being discussed. It was almost as if he was already planning something, or he already did something.

“Oh, th-that’s cool. Lo, can I talk to you for minute out in the hall?”

I raised my eyebrow at his request but followed him anyways.

“What is it?” I asked him in a mildly annoyed voice once we were away from everyone minus a few students here and there.

“I did something bad, like really bad.”

I groaned. “Of course you did. What happened now?”

“I may or may not have accepted a blowjob from Astoria on the train..”

I punched him in the arm once those awful words spilled out of his mouth. Fucking dumbass.

“What should I do?” He asked me with worry spread across his face. “Daphne’s never going to forgive me..”

I laughed. “Theo, you could probably murder her family and she’d still look up to you as if you’re the whole world. She doesn’t seem to think you do anything wrong. Just yesterday I tried convincing her that you were a piece of shit.” I said proudly.

“Wait, you what? You’re interfering with my relationship? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“Do you fucking hear yourself, Theo? You cheated on your girlfriend AGAIN, and just confessed it to me and when I call you out on it, I’m the bad guy?” I huffed.

Please, tell me that I’m right in this situation. I know I’m right. He’s an ass for this.

“You know I have to tell her, right?” I told him. He shook his head profusely. “Please, don’t. Just, just give me some time to make this right. Just keep your mouth shut for fucks sake.”

I stood there appalled at his words as he stormed off back into the Great Hall. Suddenly, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I let out a sigh of sheer disappointment and dragged my feet towards the Slytherin common room.

I had just made it into the dungeons when someone called my name. I turned around to see Miles Bletchley and Cassius Warrington walking towards me, sly smirks on their face. They were up to something.

I rolled my eyes and turned back around and continued my walk.

“Hey, we’re talking to you.” Warrington shouted at me.

“No, you’re talking at me. What could you possibly want? To curse me again? Wasn’t that enjoyable last time?”

“Oh shut your mouth, we just had a question is all.” Bletchley said. “Okay, what is it then?”

They both exchanged a glance before allowing the smirk reappear on their faces. “Is it true that you and Malfoy are together?”

Daphne was right. It wouldn’t take long for people to find out, but I didn’t think word would travel this fast. What did I expect though? We were pretty obvious about our affection on the train. “As in dating?” I asked. They both nodded.

“No. We aren’t dating.”

“Good. Then it won’t be that big of a deal if I did this then.” Warrington spoke just before shoving his hand underneath my skirt grabbing a big handful of my ass. For a moment, I could have sworn her tried to slide a finger past the outline of my underwear, but maybe I just imagined it. I quickly reacted, slapping him across the face and pulling my wand out. “Don’t touch me.” I said pointing my wand at him.

“What’s the big deal? It’s not like you’re committed to one person. Who’s to say you can’t have fun with more than one?” Bletchley asked wiggling his eyebrows. “You’re disgusting.” I said storming off, hurrying towards the common room and into my room. I locked the door behind me once I reached the inside of my dorm.

Too scared to peak out to see if they had followed me, I decided to just curl up into a ball on my bed and just wait.

The following morning at 6am I got dressed to see that Astoria never returned back to the dorm. No, it wasn’t because the door was locked, she would have just knocked or used her key to get in.

I crawled out of bed and walked towards the showers to get on with my day. I walked in and occupied one of the showers and turned on the water allowing it to stream down my body when I heard someone walk in.

My anxiety shot up. I began to panic, especially with what I almost dealt with last night. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I didn’t manage to escape those two losers when I did. I’m allowed to be paranoid.

I finished cleaning up and grabbed my towel and tried off my hair and body before wrapping it around me. I began to search for my clothes when I realized I forgot to bring them with me.

It’s still pretty early though, so I should be able to sneak back into my room without someone seeing.

I peaked my head out of the bathroom door and looked both ways down the hall to make sure no one was out.

Coast was clear. No one besides whoever was in the shower when I was in there. I stepped out and started to sprint towards my room when someone grabbed my wrist and pushed me against the wall.

“Warrington. What do you want?”

“You think I’m going to let you get away with that stunt you pulled last night?” He was angry, but he deserved it, I just didn’t think he’d catch up to me this quickly, when I’m at a very vulnerable state.. Naked.

“I’m sorry, okay. Just, let me go please.” I begged on the verge of tears. I was scared. He’s violated me once before, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again?

He leaned in closely, so close I could feel his breath on my skin, giving me goosebumps. I was so uncomfortable. He was about to kiss me when he was abruptly pulled off of me.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Oh come on, Nott. What’s the big deal? You’ll let that fuckboy Malfoy get a taste of her, but not me?”

The big brother I had been waiting for to finally make an appearance finally showed up when Theo launched his fist directly into Warrington’s face.

Warrington fell to the floor, holding his visibly bruised jaw, trying to readjust it. Theo towered over him when he picked him up by the collar. “Stay the fuck away from my sister, you perv.” He threw him hard back down to the floor. Warrington took the hint and scurried away.

“Are you alright?” Theo asked rushing to my side. I couldn’t speak, I was traumatized of the events that just happened right before my eyes. If Theo hadn’t shown up. I just slightly nodded.

“Why the hell are you walking the halls in only a towel for anyways?” He asked in a demanding tone. “I-I”

“It’s almost like you were asking for something to happ-”

I had enough of his bullshit. How dare him jump to conclusions. Practically calling me a whore or slut without directly saying those words. I couldn’t take it anymore, and he knew this too when he felt my bare hand connect with his cheek. His face turned in an instant, holding his beaming red cheek. “What the fuck, Lo?”

“Stay away from me.” I yelled before rushing to my room, locking the door behind me.

“Long night with Malfoy?” Astoria teased when she noticed me. “Not now, Astoria. I’m not in the mood.” I snapped.

“Woah, just a joke. What happened with you last night at dinner? You left with Theo, but when he returned, you didn’t. We asked where you were but he claimed not to know.”

“I just, I wasn’t hungry so I came back here. You never came home. Where were you?” I asked her. “Don’t worry about it, what are you, my mom?”

That’s the thing I hate about Astoria. She’s always so quick to dive her nose in everyone else’s business, but when it comes to hers, she’s sealed shut. “I shouldn’t be talking to you anyways.” I replied. She tiled her head to the side, she didn’t understand.

“You hooked up with Theo on the train? Does Daphne know?” I asked. Her face turned beet read. “H-How did you find out about that?”

“Theo told me, obviously.”

“Oh. Well, you can’t tell Daphne. Please.”

I let out a large sigh. I was pissed. How dare they put me in this position. It’s not like it’s my story to share, but I saw what happened when Pansy neglected to tell Daphne about them before. They still aren’t on speaking terms.

“I’m not Pansy. I’m telling her.”

“You realize that if you tell her, she won’t believe you right? She’ll think it’s a lie just to get her to break up with him for good, though we know she’ll never do that. He’ll have to get rid of her on his own.”

“Then you’ll come with me and confirm.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, sure I will. Come on, we have class.”

“No we don’t? Not yet at least.” I informed her, mildly confused as to why she thought we did.

“Oh, yeah you weren’t at dinner. So Umbitch decided to group all houses with each other for Defense Against The Dark Arts. All ages are divided into two classes. First through third are one class, fourth through seventh in another.”

I groaned. This just means I’ll have to spend a whole class with Warrington, Bletchley and whatever other seventh year wants to grope me publicly. I quickly got dressed tossing on my uniform and knee high socks since I hated wearing tights. My thighs were too thick, they never fit me right, always scrunching down making me have to awkwardly adjust them throughout the day.

Even though I was annoyed with Astoria, I still walked with her to class. Daphne I assumed was with Theo. I didn’t know where Draco was though. I hadn’t seen him since the train. He’s probably mad at me for not joining him for dinner, or giving him a reason as why I wasn’t there. If he wanted to know that badly, he could have easily come to my room and checked up on me, but he didn’t.

We made it to class when Umbridge told us to sit wherever since it was basically a whole new class. Since I didn’t really have an option when I started school here, I took the opportunity to take a new spot.

I decided on a seat in the back of the classroom, that way I wouldn’t have to be so close to the gremlin looking woman.

“Excuse me.” Someone said as they approached me. Fucking Pansy. “You’re in my seat.”

“No, no this is mine.” I replied to her as Draco occupied the empty seat next to me. “No, it’s mine. I always sit by Draco. Prefect thing. You wouldn’t know.” She smirked. Obviously I wouldn’t. I’ve only been here for a few months and I’m not old enough. I swear sometimes this girl is a complete ditz.

“Run along, Parkinson. Go sit with um,” Draco said scanning the room. “Bulstrode. Sit with her.” A grin painted on his face. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

“You don’t have to sit by me if it means you’ll get in trouble. I can move so Pans-”

“Shut up, will you? She was just saying that so she could sit by me. I don’t want to sit by her, I want to sit by you.” He growled leaning in to me. The mint on his breath kissed my nostrils he was so close.

He’s not mad?

“Hello, class. You know the rules. Wands away, and take out your text books and take notes from chapter 97. Notes due at the end of class. I have some business to tend to in my office, so I won’t be in here, but I’ll know if you use magic.”

She said and returned into her office. I groaned and opened my book to the chapter and took out some parchment and began writing. Draco on the other hand didn’t seem in any hurry to take notes. Instead he just stood there admiring his fingers like a girl who just got engaged and was taking in the massive size of the rock on her finger.

His hands were so huge.

I couldn’t stop admiring them. I had never really noticed the size before. It was hard to believe that I had felt them touch my weakest parts of my body. I was longing for them to touch me with them again.

I shifted my thighs and crossed them as I felt my pussy clench. Who knew hands, fucking hands could turn a girl on so badly?

“Stop drooling.” He spoke coyly to me, a devilish grin appearing across his face.


I didn’t think it was that obvious. I didn’t think I was that obvious.

“I-I.. aren’t you going to take notes?” I changed the subject. He nodded as a slight chuckle left his mouth with very little audio to it.

Stop it, Laurel. You’re in class.

He grabbed his quill and turned to me, grin still in tact.

“I seem to have forgotten my book. Look’s like we’ll have to share.” He said pulling my book the middle of the desk and scooting towards me, his body slightly angled to where his knee was touching mine. Once he began taking notes, I noticed that he was left handed. How did I not realize this before? Not that I was ever really in any position to notice such a small detail.

He began writing and after a few minutes, I saw in the corner of my eye his right hand drop to his side. As he went to raise it, I felt his fingers brush against the skin on my thigh, causing me to shudder at his touch.

“Sorry.” He said not even turning to look at me. His face was focused, but not on taking notes.

He did that on purpose.

I brushed it off though, but my body did not. I could feel the heat between my legs growing more and more with every second he sat by me. I shifted again to adjust myself.

Maybe he won’t notice.


His free hand now rested on my thigh. His thumb traced the hem of my skirt that laid across my skin.

So thankful I shaved my legs this morning.

He began to move his fingers up and down the bare skin, inching closer and closer to my heat, but not daring to touch it. Yet.

“Draco,” I whispered quietly, not taking my eyes off of the assignment. “We’re in class.”

“What’s your point?”

“Someone might see. Umbridge might-”

“Just be quiet, and focus on your work. No one will know. Now, nod so I know you’re okay with this.”

I felt like such a rebel, but was I really willing to risk getting caught for sexual acts in class? I wasn’t sure, but I needed him to touch me. I looked around the room and thought, perhaps we aren’t the only two who are in this state of mind. I saw Theo and Daphne who looked fairly more cozy that they should be, the found my eyes on two girls who looked a little more comfortable than not. They were a little more obvious though.

I let out a quiet sigh and nodded.

He didn’t dive directly into me like I thought he would though. Instead, he continued to tease me by touching my inner thighs with the tips of his fingers.

After a few minutes, his reached the fabric of my underwear. His finger brushing against my clothed pussy, circling it until my clit began to swell. He pinched it once it hardened. I had to fight my urge not to moan, it felt so fucking good. He released his small grip and slid the elastic hem to the side, sliding his middle finger down my slit.

“I’m going to put a finger in now. Keep quiet, or you’ll regret it later.” He growled quietly.

Without any other warning, he shoved his middle finger inside of me. He began pumping it in and out slowly but picked up the pace when his index finger entered. I bit my lip in order not to make a peep.

I was so wet, that I could hear the wet sounds of his fingers pounding inside of me. I let out a massive sigh. That’s the closest I could get to moaning.

He shoved in a third finger.

It’s game over, now.

I felt my legs begin to shake. I was about to cum. He knew this too. I could tell he did by the smirk on his face. “Let it out.” He said. “All over my fingers.” He demanded.

That was all it took. I dropped my quill and focused on my orgasm, gripping the edge of the table. Fuck, he had magic hands.

He slowly pulled his fingers out and up to his face and licked them before whipping the rest of my orgasm onto the inside of his robe. “We’ll continue this later.” He said.

The bell rang and everyone stood up to leave.

Draco and I went separate ways right after class. I don’t know what I was expecting though, for him to walk me to class? We aren’t dating, just fucking around. He’s not obligated to do so, so I continued my way to potions with Astoria, not mentioning a single word about what just happened.

A/N Sorry this update was a little late. I spent two days writing this (well like an hour and a half), every time I’d get close to finishing, I’d have an other obligation to tend to. Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. We’re coming to a close on the Order Of The Phoenix era in the next couple of chapters, and will be on to the Half Blood Prince where a lot of shit will be revealed, and of course, more sex, and new characters will be introduced.

Remember to vote and comment! I’m actually putting effort into this story, so I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this.

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