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The only exciting thing about potions today was the fact that I had it with Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood. Sure, I haven’t spoken to them as much, not since I stopped going to their rebel dueling meetings, but I wouldn’t consider myself on bad terms with them.

I sat a table with the two girls and Astoria and it was really awkward. Astoria being Astoria would always make loud, rude comments about the three of us seeing since she’s so perfect. I really don’t understand this girl, she and Daphne are complete opposites.

As Professor Snape rambled on about our what will be on our final exam, I couldn’t stop thinking about Draco and what happened this morning. Never did I think I’d get that sexual in a class, let alone with him. What should I expect though, it is Draco. The boy convinced me to fuck him on the train. At this rate we’ll be fucking in the Great Hall by June.

I hope it doesn’t come to that, how embarrassing.

The bell rang and we quickly hopped out of our seats and made the journey to the Great Hall for lunch. When we arrived, I said my goodbyes to Ginny and Luna and followed Astoria to the Slytherin table where I was greeted by Draco, though he didn’t look super excited to see me. He just looked hungry.

I occupied the seat next to him and grabbed one of the sub sandwiches off of the platter and placed it on my plate next to a fruit medley when he grabbed my wrist to stop me from digging in.

“I have something else in mind for lunch.” He whispered in my ear causing my eyes to widen. I turned to him and flashed a playful smile before we both stood up, practically running out of the Great Hall. We only had twenty minutes until our next class, so instead of rushing into one of our dorms, he shoved me into a broom closet.

He attacked my mouth with his, dragging his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance. I opened for him, allowing our tongues to swirl around each other. I moaned into his mouth when his hand reached underneath my skirt and I felt a finger drag across my clothed pussy.

He pulled his hand back and pressed his erection against me.

Fuck, he was so hard.

I heard the jingling of a belt before it hit the floor along with his pants and boxers. He didn’t even have to ask. I wanted to return the favor from earlier. I pulled away from his mouth and dropped down to my knees, shoving his full length inside of my mouth.

“Fuck, I was not expecting that.” He moaned. I smiled at his reaction.

I live to please.

I pulled away from him, and spit on his cock, and began massaging him with my hands. He moaned my mouth among other unholy things the tighter I gripped, sliding up and down, cupping his balls.

I slid him back into my mouth, feeling his tip his the back of my throat. That’s all it took. He leaned his head back, cursing my name, gripping my hair. I felt the warm cum shoot down my throat as his cock twitched.

He slid out and pulled me up to his level, kissing my forehead.

“Fuck, you’re amazing, you know that right?” I blushed at his words. I guess I am pretty amazing when it comes to sex.

He pulled his pants up and we walked out of the closet together.

Thankfully no one was around to catch us, not that we’d care unless it was a professor, I mean everyone already knows that we’re fucking with each other, they shouldn’t be surprised if they see something like this.

“I’ve got charms next.” I told him.

“Care if I walk you?” He asked. He sounded so sweet and sincere, almost like a boyfriend. I smiled and nodded. I was a little bummed he didn’t offer this morning, but maybe he didn’t have time, or just didn’t think about it. It doesn’t matter.

Stop, Laurel. You’ll catch feelings. This isn’t about feelings. This is strictly sex. Or is it?

We never really discussed what our relationship was or wasn’t. Or if there was even a relationship to begin with. I was so confused, but I had a right to be. Having sex with someone, especially with the person you lost it to can complicate things. I adored Draco, but did he feel the same?

We reached Flitwick’s class and I was about to walk in when he stopped me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me aside. “Meet me in my dorm after class.”

“I-uh, yeah. I think I can-”

“It wasn’t a question. Just do it.” He winked while flashing a smile and strode off.

I smiled shaking my head at his gesture and entered class occupying the seat next to Ginny.

“I meant to ask earlier, but I couldn’t because Astoria was next to us, but Harry wanted to know if you’d come back and help with another lesson. He’s planning something, and wants you to be apart of it.”

I felt bad because I had been avoiding all of them to spend time with the other Slytherins, but something tells me that I shouldn’t.

“I don’t know, Gin. I’m supposed to meet uh, someone later..”

“Draco?” She gave me a naughty grin. I blushed.

“Y-Yeah, he wants me to meet him after class.”

“Oh, Laurel he probably just wants sex. Tell him you have to study with me and Luna and we’ll go.” She suggested. I didn’t like the idea of lying to anyone, especially Draco, but the more I thought about it, I wasn’t really lying. Technically, I was studying, just in a secret study club that only a handful of students knew about. Not quite sure how my fellow Slytherins would feel about it, but I’m only here to help.

“I guess I can come, I don’t see the harm. Draco can wait.” I chuckled.

Flitwick entered the class and ironically, today we were talking about silencing charms.

Of fucking course.

It’s a sign that Draco and I should be more careful and actually start using them since we never do.

After class I went back to the common room to tell Draco I that I had to study. He wasn’t there, so I just left him a note and left it on his bed and quickly left in hopes that no one saw me make my escape towards the Room of Requirement.

When I was about to turn the last corner, I heard a lot of commotion. I peaked around the corner to see Professor Umbridge, Pansy, Astoria, Daphne, Crabbe, Goyle, Theo, and Draco standing directly in front of the entrance to the room with Cho Chang.


I wondered what was going on, what was about to happen but didn’t want to risk being seen. I turned around to hurry back to the common room when I felt my robe snag onto a chiseled piece of the cobblestone wall. “Oh fuck me.” I said, quickly covering my mouth.

“You there, what are you doing up here?” I heard Umbridge say, looking at her like a deer in headlights. “Get that one.” She demanded. Theo and Draco both exchanged a look before Draco stepped towards me and pulled me towards them.

“Do you know what’s going on in there?” She asked me.

“I-no. I was just on my way to the library.”

“Liar. Library is on the first floor. Only a first year would get the first and seventh floor confused.” Pansy spat.

“I meant, I was meeting one of my friends up here and we were going to the library together.”

“She’s lying.” Cho spoke. I glared at her. “She was on her way to meet everyone in there.” She pointed to the door as it appeared.

The door opened, revealing the group of nearly twenty students practicing the one thing Umbridge put a ban on. Clubs, and magic.

Umbridge, and her squad again adverted their eyes to me. I felt Draco’s burning into my flesh. “I-I can explain, really.”

“Save it. All of you, my classroom. Anyone who fails to comply will be expelled.” She demanded. Draco’s grip tightened on my wrist and everyone marched to the third floor into Umbridge’s classroom. He threw me into a chair at one of the desks while everyone else occupied the others.

Draco and the rest of the Slytherins stood up at the front with Umbridge while she glared at all of us.

“I don’t even know how many school rules were broken, but surely it was enough for you all to earn detention for the remainder of the school year. Of course, aside from you Ms. Chang. You will be excused, and I think you for reporting this.”

“She was apart of it too!” I stood up. If she was going to snitch on me, then I certainly wasn’t going to keep quiet. I went to one meeting with them. She went to a bunch since the beginning of the school year evidently. “Very well then. Ms. Chang, you will receive detention as well, but only for one day. I expect the rest of you here starting tomorrow after your last class of the day. You’re dismissed.”

I stood up and ran out of the classroom. I was pissed. Actually, I was beyond pissed. Words cannot describe how angry I was. Not just at Cho, but at myself for lying to Draco. That pathetic note.

Fuck, the note.

I ran to the common room and went straight to his dorm to grab the note. If he reads it, he’ll know I was lying.

I was relieved to see that I did beat him. I grabbed the note off of his bed and was about to tear it in pieces when the door opened, revealing a very pissed off, pale blonde boy.

I quickly reacted, whipping my hands behind my back holding the note.

“What the hell are you doing in here?”

“You wanted to meet-”

“Oh. Yeah. What do you have behind your back?”

I squeezed the paper, crumpling it.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“I-uh, nothing.” I said trying to make my way to the door to leave.

He blocked me and pinned my shoulder against the wall, reaching around to grab the note out of my hands. “What’s this?” He asked uncrumpling it. “Paper.”


He straightened the paper out and began reading aloud.


Sorry that I’m not here. Ginny, and Luna asked me to study

with them today after charms. I will return when we are finished.


He didn’t say anything initially, not even making eye contact with me, but I knew he had a million questions.

“So, you did lie.” He finally asked.


“I was going to let you explain, let you off, get Umbridge to leave you out of the whole thing as it seemed like a wrong place wrong time sort of ordeal, but Chang was right. You were meeting them. My question though, is why? Why lie? Why not just tell me?”

“It wasn’t my secret to share. I came by and helped them a while ago one time, and today Ginny asked me to come back and help again. I don’t even know why I’m being punished for it. We were practicing our dueling since we’re not allowed to do anything here.”

“You could have told me, Laurel.”

“Why? So you could tell on them yourself, making Umbridge admire you even more than she already does?”

He went silent. He knew I was right. If I told him, and he turned them in himself, I would have lost all of my friends. My friendship with them was already pretty rocky. I can’t just be friends with Daphne forever, though I’m not even sure she’s really my friend sometimes.

I rolled my eyes at him and walked out of his room, but he followed me into the hall. “Any other secrets you’re keeping from me?”

“Wait, you want me to tell you more secrets that aren’t mine to tell? Fine. How about the times you cheated on Pansy with me? Or that Theo’s cheating on Daphne with Astoria, again.”

“He’s what!?”

I forgot I wasn’t in Draco’s room anymore, and I was out in the open to where everyone could hear me.

I groaned throwing my head back. I turned around to see Daphne Greengrass standing there with tears about to fall from her face. “How long have you known about this?”

“I- yesterday. But I suspected it for a while.”

“Why didn’t you tell me yesterday? I thought we were friends, Laurel.”

“You’re really asking me? Why don’t you ask your slutty sister why she keeps hooking up with your boyfriend, huh?”

Theo walked into the room after hearing all of the yelling. “What’s going on?”

Daphne walked up to him and slapped him across the face. “What the f-”

“Fuck both of you.” Daphne yelled at Theo and I.

“What the hell did.. Laurel, did you tell her? I fucking told you to keep your mouth shut and mind your own damn business!”

“You asked her to keep quiet about it!? You are pathetic, both of you. Especially you, Laurel. Obviously a relationship with your estranged brother who doesn’t even like you is more important than my friendship.” She said nudging me as she walked by.

Pansy Parkinson seemed to enjoy everything going on, as for once she wasn’t the center of the drama for once in her life.

I turned my eyes back to Draco who was not shaking his head walking away.

“Draco, wait.”

“No. I don’t deal with liars. I knew fucking you was a mistake.” He said loudly so everyone could hear him. “You’re nothing but a lying, slutty bitch.” He laughed.

“I should have known from the beginning you were trouble. Who gives up their virginity to someone on a whim? You probably weren’t even a virgin when I fucked you. You seemed a little more experienced for someone who’s never done it before.”

My eyes began to fill. I heard that he was a jerk, but I never expected him to say things like this to me of all people. Pansy, sure but that’s because she deserves it half of the time.

I don’t know, maybe I deserve it too.

“It’s okay, I was just using you anyways. Whenever Warrington told me about the amazing head you gave him, I needed to see for myself if it was true. Piss off now, would you. I’m done with you.”

I looked up to see Theo looking at me in disgust, shaking his head because I betrayed him, but I didn’t let one single tear escape from my face. Instead, I sucked up my pride and went back into my room where I was greeted by Astoria.

She had a smirk of satisfaction on her face.

“You’re just like me.” She said.

“What?” My voice croaked.

“I hooked up with Theo while he was dating someone. You did the same thing. You were hooking up with Draco long before he and Pansy broke up. I knew something was up that day I saw you two in the corridor, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Now, I know.” She grinned.

“Fuck off, Astoria. Who hooks up with their sisters boyfriend on multiple occasions?”

“At least I admitted it though. And it was Daphne who was betrayed, she forgives so easily. Pansy on the other hand is probably plotting the most perfect way to kill you as we speak because now she knows that you were obviously a good enough fuck to screw her out of that Malfoy fortune.”

She was right, but I didn’t ask Draco to do this. I didn’t make him break up with her, he did that on his own because she annoyed him, because Narcissa hates Pansy and would rather die than have her as her daughter in law, but there’s nothing I can do now.

“Maybe you should go back to your other school. At least people there like you.” She snickered before exiting the room.

The remainder of the school year was a bitch. No one in Slytherin would talk to me. Not even look into my direction. Not even my own brother, who was back together with Daphne. I wanted to believe that she told him not to speak to me, but then again she said he didn’t even like me, and he didn’t deny it.

Maybe he didn’t like me. I’m wrong for just expecting him to. I want to go home.

I hadn’t spoken to Ginny, Luna or the rest of the club members since the day we got busted, despite having detention every single day with them for the last month and a half. None of them would look into my direction, it’s almost as if they were blaming me for them getting caught.

When it came time to board the train, I opted for one of the empty compartments seeing I wasn’t welcome with the Slytherins, or anyone else for that matter. The only ones to join me were first years, and that was only because they had no where else to sit and it was the closest thing to an empty compartment they came across.

They didn’t bother me though, I just spent the entire train ride reading.

When the train arrived at Kings Cross, I didn’t go looking for Theo or anyone. I simply grabbed my trunk and went looking for Nana, who never showed.

I stood there alone, hoping someone would talk to me, ask if I was okay, but no one ever did. I looked to see Theo was going home with Daphne, Astoria and their parents, not once checking to see if I needed a way home, but they didn’t ask.


I turned to see Narcissa walking towards me. I was relieved to see her. Maybe she could help. “Is everything okay?”

“Actually, no. Nana isn’t here, and Theo left with Daphne so I don’t have a way to get home..”

“Nonsense. Come with me, I’ll take you.” She said offering me a smile. “Where’s Draco? Shouldn’t we wait for him?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s going home with an, er, friend today, so it’s just me and you.” I turned my head when I heard the high pitched sound of Pansy Parkinson’s annoying sound she passes on as a laugh. Draco’s arm wrapped around hers. Oh, that kind of friend. I felt my face fall to the floor, but what did I expect? I lied to him, and he made it clear he doesn’t mess with liars.

I took Narcissa’s hand and we apparated back to Nott Estate. I thanked her for bringing me home, hugging her bye and ran inside to pack.

If one thing was clear, it was that I wasn’t staying here for the summer. And if I can convince Nana to let me, I’m transferring back to Ilvermorny for my fifth year.

A/N Okay, so like parts of this chapter came off as very poorly written, and may not make sense or seem as dramatic and I’m sorry, I just wrote the first words that came to mind.

This ends the Order of The Phoenix era. The next chapter will be a little different. Sex will be mentioned, but not into full detail, and told from a different point of view. Who do you think it is?

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