The American



“Wands away.” The pink lady spoke in such a stern tone, almost as if she was pained to be in the presence of 14 and 15 year old’s. “Why do we have to put our wands away?” I whispered to the girl next to me. “Shh!” The girl shushed in fear.

“What? I just ask-”

“Ahem. New girl.” I turned my attention to the women doused in hideous pink dress with matching jacket. “Why are you disrupting other students in my class?” She asked.

“I was just asking why we had to put our wands away.” I said.

“Then you will raise your hand, and ask me, the teacher. The leader of the classroom.” She answered. So, I raised my hand. “Yes, Ms.?

“Jennings. Why do we have to put our wands away?” I asked the wretched woman. She pulled on this awful, fake smile that stretched out the wrinkles on her face, making them less visible. “Because we do not use magic in this class.” She said calmly before turning towards the board.

Wait, what?

“So, you mean to tell me that this is a class that teaches defensive spells, but we aren’t allowed to preform them? How are we to know if-”

“Students will raise their hands if they have a question.” She said in an irked tone. I raised my hand before just speaking without permission. “How are we to know if we can even use the spell if we can’t preform it? That makes no sense whatsoever.” I said in rage.

“Congratulations, Ms. Jennings. You’ve just earned yourself detention with me after school hours today.” She said with that stupid smile still on her face. “For what? Asking a question?”

“For speaking without permission countless times. Now, put your wand away, and open your book. That goes for the rest of you. Chapter 39. You are to read until the end of the class.”

“How will you know if we read it?” I murmured under my breath.

“Because you will be taking important notes during your reading, and turning them in to me after. Keep up with the backtalking, and I’ll be forced to give you another detention.” She said. I rolled my eyes and opened my book silently.

This must be what Malfoy meant by “don’t piss her off.”

Oh well.

Class went on, I took my notes as directed by the pink dictator, and turned them in once the bell rang. I stood up to exit the room along with everyone else. When I walked out the door, Malfoy was standing there waiting for me, leaned against the wall with one leg bent with his foot pushed against it.

I raised my eyebrow at him, wondering why he waiting for me.

“Lets go.” He said. “Where?”

“Your next class, obviously.” He rolled his eyes. I forgot he was helping me around the school. “Where next?” He asked. “Transfiguration.” I said, receiving no response.

We walked through the halls until we reached the transfiguration classroom. “I’ll be here when you’re done.”

“What are you, my boyfriend?” I joked. He rolled his eyes. “You wish. I already have a girlfriend for your information.” He says.

Like I care.

“Oh yeah. The human pug.” I chuckled. “Yeah.” He replied, though he didn’t deny it. I wonder what she would think if she knew her boyfriend was talking bad about her with the new girl. It isn’t my problem now, but if she found out, it would become my problem as she would harass me about it.

“Anyways, see you later, Malfoy.” I said realizing I didn’t know his first name. He nodded and walked off into a different direction.


I wanted to laugh when she called Pansy a pug, but it just didn’t seem right to give her that satisfaction that she could make me laugh.

I thought about her about halfway through my walk to my Defense Against The Dark Arts class when Pansy found me. She immediately linked her arm around mind, kissing my cheek. “Where have you been hiding all morning?” She questioned.

“Just, prefect stuff. You would know if you actually acted like one.” I said. “You’re following that new girl around then eh? She’s bad news, Draco. She told Astoria that all of the girls in Slytherin house are bitches. Can you believe that?” I had to prevent myself from laughing. Pansy was a bitch, and so was Astoria, Daphne, and every other girl in Slytherin, but that’s what makes them Slytherin girls. It’s a shame they’re too thick to realize it.

We reached the class, and as usual, Pansy and I sat next to each other in the back of the room. It was our spot where we usually would tease each other. Sometimes, I wouldn’t hesitate and stick a finger in her just because I loved to make her feel weak.

“Wands away.” The gremlin spoke so loudly. Same shit, different day. I’ve asked my father to try to pull some strings with his good friend Cornelius Fudge to get this woman fired, but he insists she’s here for good reason.

Yeah, because forcing students to carve into their skin causing them to bleed is a good reason.

The class went on. Umbridge felt the need to inform us, again, that there was no need for this class as we would never come to a situation where we needed to defend ourselves with magic, blah blah blah. Same shit, different fucking day.

I hate it here.

I wonder how Laurels first day is going.

The rest of the day went on as usual, up until dinner when I found myself searching for a certain dark haired girl. I hadn’t seen her since I left her at her last class when she insisted I didn’t return to collect her afterwards. I shrugged it off and went about my day listening to Pansy talk about anything and everything that would possibly annoy me. Actually, anything that comes out of her mouth annoys me. It’s her voice.

The doors to the Great Hall opened and I snapped my head to see if it was her, but it wasn’t. Just some Gryffindor.

I had given up on waiting on her. It’s not like I was going to openly talk to her, especially in front of everyone at dinner. I didn’t need them knowing I was actually curious about the blood traitor. I don’t even know if she really was a blood traitor, Pansy just called her one, never found out why.

Stop thinking about her, Draco. You’re with Pansy. You don’t care.

Annoyed with the sound of her voice, among everyone else chatting about the great wonders that this school is and isn’t, I got up and decided to go back to the common room.

When I entered, I was surprised to see the dark haired girl sitting in front of the fire, watching it crackle.


After detention, I didn’t even bother eating, so I went back to the common room, relieved that no one was there. I was pissed off to say the least. Who allowed that awful woman to teach here? To grant her permission to discipline students? I missed Ilvermorny so much. I wanted to cry, break down completely, and I was about to, but that stupid door had to open.


I didn’t bother turning to see who it was. I didn’t want them to see the tears that were beginning to pool into my eyes. So instead, I sat there, rubbing my hand that had the words “I will not speak, unless spoken to” carved into my right hand three times. It was all I could take, and thankfully, being my first offense, she let me go.

I heard the footsteps of the person inching closet to me, step by step until I felt the opposite side of the couch sink in.

“You pissed her off, did you?”


“If you’re here to gloat about being right-”

“I’m not.” He said before standing up and walking to the front of me. “Let me see.” He said. I raised my eyebrow at him. “Your hand, let me see it.”

I hesitated at first, but lifted it for him. He gently took it. His hands were cold, very cold. They sent shivers down my spine, and raised bumps on my arms. He took out his wand with his free hand and waved it over my hand, and within seconds, the engravings in my hand disappeared, leaving a very faint scar that you could only see if you really looked for it.

I snatched my hand back from him and held it close to me. It didn’t hurt anymore, because of him.

“T-Thanks.” I said. He opened his mouth to reply, but the door opened, and he hurried away from me. It was almost as if he didn’t want to be seen with me, but that didn’t bother me, I just didn’t know why.

“Oh, you’re here.” A girl said in disgust when she walked in. “Come on, Theo.” The girl said before jumping into his arms and kissing him. He looked thrown off at first, but kissed her back. If he’d just let me tell people we’re related, then maybe the bullshit would stop, but at the same time, I don’t want it to stop. I find it quite interesting that these girls are threatened by me. What qualities do I possess that qualify me as a threat?

I’m no brother fucker that’s for sure.

I stood up and went into my room so I could write letters to Clayton, Rachel and Nana. I should probably inform them how I’m adjusting to my new life in this awful school.

Just a couple of weeks had passed, it was now early February, and I had learned quickly to keep my mouth shut in the pink lady’s class. I didn’t want to go through yet another detention with her. Three lines was my first offense, I could only imagine how many she’d make me write for a second or third offense.

I was also snubbed by everyone in Slytherin, but that’s nothing new. Ever since Astoria told everyone that I said they’re all bitches, they’ve kept quiet, but I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t talk to them either.

Actually, I take that back. I’d confront them about and try to get to the bottom of the issue, but these girls don’t seem like the type to want to talk, just make fun of everyone.

I was sitting at breakfast alone as usual, when I felt the presence of someone sit next to me. I adverted my eyes to the person. A tall, handsome, good-looking, dark haired boy. “Hey.” He said.

“Hello.” I said to him.

“You’re the new girl, yeah? The American?” he asked. I nodded. “I’ve never met an American girl before. Are they all as pretty as you?” He asked. I could feel the heat begin to rise in my cheeks. “I mean, I’m not exactly into girls, so I don’t really judge their appearances.” I say trying not to sound too conceited. Sure, I’m pretty, but I wasn’t going to just agree with him.

“What’s your name?” He asked flashing a sparkling white smile at me. “Laurel.”

“Does Laurel have a last name?” He asked. I nodded. “Jennings.” For a second, I almost said Nott, I wanted to say Nott, but I caught myself. “Well, Laurel Jennings, my name is Cassius Warrington.” He informed me.

“Well, Cassius, it was nice meeting you.” I said.

“Wait, are you going somewhere?” He asked, thrown off by my sudden urge to depart from this conversation. “Library. Need to study.” I said before flashing him a wink and leaving the Great Hall.

Walk away, Laurel. You’re with Clayton.

I began to walk away when Perry, our owl dropped a letter in front of me. I knew right away from the handwriting that it was from Rachel. I felt my face light up, and rushed to the library where I could read it alone.

Once I reached the library, I found an empty table and occupied it, eager to open the letter. I set my books down, and tore the envelope open and unfolded the letter, feeling my face drop almost immediately.

" Laurel,

I’m sorry that I haven’t written to you, and even more sorry that you go to a school with a bunch of

assholes, but at least the boys there are cute. Especially that Malfoy boy you wrote about. Anyways, I feel

the need to tell you that Clayton hasn’t exactly been who you think he’s been while you’ve been gone.

Just the other day, I caught him making out with Sharon Peters just before they snuck into an empty

classroom. I’m sorry that this is how you’re finding out, but maybe this is a good thing. You two live

in different countries now. I’ll be sure to hex him for you again once he recovers from the last hex I put

on him. He’s a complete douche. Anyways, I love you, and I can’t wait until June to see you and meet this

brother you have, Theo. Seems like an ass, but one night with me may change his whole demeaner.


Rachel ”

I was so pissed off, that I crumpled up the letter and threw it across the room. How could he do this to me? And why the hell did I have to find out through my best friend? Why are guys such assholes?

I think I’ll go find that Warrington guy later on.

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