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Spin My Bottle.


A few days have gone past, and it was now the weekend again. I was still furious with Malfoy and his not subtle invasion of privacy in my personal life. I mean, really, who the hell picks up a letter they find on the floor, reads it, then keeps it? Malfoy, obviously.

It was Friday afternoon, and I had no afternoon classes thankfully, so I decided to spend my free time in the library to study when I was approached by Ginny, and raven haired boy with round glasses. I had seen the boy around the school many times before, but I never cared to know his name, I just knew he was pretty popular with the Gryffindorks.

“Laurel,” Ginny spoke in a friendly voice. “This is my brother Ron’s best friend. We wanted to talk to you about er, something.” She said. I nodded. Now that he was standing in front of me, I realized that the boy was actually quite cute, I mean sure he’d probably look better without the glasses, and if he brushed his hair, but he was clean nonetheless. “Does Ron’s best friend have a name?” I giggled.

He smiled at my lame attempt to flirt before responding.

“My names Harry. Harry Potter.”

My eyes widened at the name. I had heard of the famous Harry Potter, the boy who lived, but I had no idea he went to school here, or that I was actually speaking face to face with him currently. Rachel and Clayton would freak out if they knew I was breathing the same air as him. Rachel had no idea who he looked like, but she had a major crush on him, and Clayton idolized him, though I think he really just admired that he was famous for literally surviving an attack from the darkest wizard of all time.

“It’s nice to meet you, Harry.” I said politely, as if his name didn’t even phase me. “What can I do for you?” I asked.

“Well, Ginny told me about how you kind of stood up to Umbridge on you first day here, and there’s a rumor that you were on your old schools dueling club is that correct?” He asked. I nodded. “I did, and I was. I was pretty disappointed that you guys didn’t have a dueling club of any sort here, but once I met her, the pieces fell into place.”

Harry laughed.

“We had a very short lived dueling club three years ago. It didn’t age very well.” He said. “Yeah, probably because we didn’t have a proper teacher.” Ginny remarked, receiving a laugh from Harry.

“Anyways, Laurel. We,” He paused and looked around making sure no one was nearby to hear what he had to say. “Some select other students and I have organized our own makeshift class where we practice defending ourselves, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in coming to one of them to give us a lesson or something.” He suggested.

“Come on, Laurel. They aren’t teaching us anything here, and being in a dueling club has to give you far more experience than the lot of us.” Ginny pleads.

I was torn. I really wanted to do this, and help out other students. These were dark times we lived in. Our world, and the no-maj world. We deserve the right to defend ourselves, but we aren’t allowed to. Then again, I was worried of what would happen if I were to be caught. “I-I don’t know, guys. I mean I want to, but what if-”

“Trust me, Laurel. There’s no way we could be caught. We’re in a very secret, hidden location that not many people know about. It’s only for a lesson or two.” Harry said. “We do realize though that you are Slytherin however, and you can’t tell any of them. A lot of them work directly under Umbridge and wouldn’t hesitate to rat any of us, especially me, out in a heartbeat.” He added.

“Not even Theo.” Ginny said, receiving a strange look from Harry. “What does Theo have-” I quickly threw my hand over Harrys mouth. “Shh. Not so loud!” I told him.

“Are you dating him or something?” He asked, almost as if he were sad. I laughed. “Oh god no. Uh, Ginny will fill you, and only you in on the details about that later. But I’ll do it. When do we meet?”

“Every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Meet Ginny after you last class Tuesday, and she’ll show you where to go.” He said. I nodded at him before saying our goodbyes. I wasn’t ever much of a rebel child, but now I feel empowered that other students were seeking for my help, though I’m not really sure how much help I could be. I haven’t practiced magic in months, well aside from a few charms here and there, but that’s really it.

I returned to the common room to see that it looked more full than usual, probably because everyone was sitting in here instead of scattered throughout the castle, and their dorms. Upon entering, I overheard Pansy mention something about playing spin the bottle with fire whiskey. Whatever that is. I decided to ignore them and proceed to my room to read. I had a lot to catch up on when it comes to defensive spells.

“Oi, Jennings.” I overhead someone say, causing me to pause in my tracks. I turn around, scanning the room to see who said it as I couldn’t pinpoint mentally who the voice came from. “Join us.” He, realizing it was Blaise Zabini, said.

“A-Are you sure?” I asked with hesitation. The Slytherin students weren’t exactly the friendliest with me, especially since they thought I was sleeping with Theo, and now Warrington, and it probably doesn’t help that I called the girls bitches, but who cares. “Well, yeah. Not all of us hate you.” He added, receiving snickers from Daphne, Astoria, and Pansy.

“Give it up, Blaise.” Pansy began, draped over Malfoy. “She doesn’t have what it takes.” She said disgusted. I smirked at her words. “What is fire whiskey?” I asked, receiving a laugh from everyone in the room. “I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it, then again, you were raised by muggles. It’s whiskey for wizards.” Blaise informs me. “Oh, well give me a shot of it then.” I say. It’ll loosen me up a bit probably.

He obliges, handing me a shot glass full of the liquid. I quickly toss the shot back, feeling the burning sensation hit the back of my throat. I quickly made a disgusted face, but instantly felt fine right after. “Alright, then. What are we playing?” I asked feeling slightly refreshed.

“Spin the bottle. I’ll go first.” Blaise offers. He spins and it lands on Daphne. “Hm, truth or dare, Greengrass?” He asks.

“Truth.” She replies simply. Blaise smirked. “Okay. Hmm. Have you ever considered adding a third person to your liaisons with Nott?”

I could hear Theo hold back laughter. Of course he’s thought about it, but with another girl, or multiple girls.

“Um, obviously not. Why would I want to share that?” She said now glaring at me. I rolled my eyes while she leaned forward to spin. It landed on Pansy. “Truth or dare, Pans?” Daphne asked her friend.

“Obviously dare.” She smiled.

“I dare you to kiss Draco.” She said. I rolled my eyes. She could have picked a harder dare. Pansy didn’t hesitate, now straddling him on his lap not missing an inch of his mouth. I felt like she was a horrible kisser, just watching them made me want to vomit. She was trying to swallow him whole. Must be the inner dog instincts kicking in.

A few moments pass, and they were still going at it. Pansy even took off her sweater, tossing it next to her. “Alright, enough of that. Either get a room, or get on with the game, yeah?” Blaise interrupts. “Come on, Draco. Let’s go.” She says standing up with her hand extended to hers. He turned his eyes to me, straight face, no expression or emotion across it before declining her offer. “It’s still early. Lets get on with the game.”

She wasn’t happy with his response, but plopped back down on the couch next to him, almost as if she were pouting. Get over yourself.

It was Pansy’s turn to spin, and she was annoyed to say the least, until it landed on me. She turned to Daphne, both had an equally evil grin across their faces. I already know where this is going. “Truth or dare, mudblood.” She smiles.

“Dare.” I say not breaking eye contact.

“I dare you to kiss either Draco, or Theo.” She says, knowing I won’t do either.

“Why would I? The both of them have girlfriends.” I say. She scoffed. “Fine, then tell the truth. Why won’t you just admit that you and Theo have been shagging since before you came here? Honestly, Theo. I knew you were a player, but I never thought you’d stoop as low as to get with a mudblood.”

“Oi, I heard mudbloods are better fucks than purebloods. That’s what Warrington said at least.”

“I NEVER FUCKED WARRINGTON! OR THEO!” I finally shouted. The girls found this hilarious. This was planned just to get a rise out of me. “If you don’t want to answer the question, then you have to take a shot.” Daphne responds.

“Fine, give me one. In face, give me the whole damn bottle.” I was furious, snatching the bottle out of Blaise’s hand. I put it to my lips when someone yanked it out of my hand.


“Laurel and I have never hooked up. Never even kissed. So I’d appreciate it if you guys would stop suggesting that we did.” He says in annoyance, looking around at everyone.

“And why should we believe you?” Astoria asked.

Theo took a deep breath, examining the faces of his fellow classmates around him. He was about to say something, and I knew what. How would they react though remained the big question.

“Because she’s my little sister.” He finally says. I adverted my eyes to Draco who was now smiling. The secret was out, or so I thought. There was a sudden laughter that filled the room. “You’re joking, mate.” Blaise said.

“Yeah, I agree with Blaise. You’ve cheated on Daphne countless times in the past, each excuse was far more unbelievable than the last. Like the one you used when you hooked up with her own sister.” Pansy said and the whole room went quiet. “Astoria?” Daphne said quietly, looking to her sister in shock. “Is that true? You and Theo?”

Astoria went quiet, refusing to look at Daphne, though I couldn’t help but wonder what excuse he used to get out of that one. In the blink of an eye, Daphne was across the room holding Astoria down, two handfuls of hair pounding her head against the floor. Theo quickly reacted by grabbing Daphne by the waist, pulling her off, though Daphne managed to escape with a handful of Astoria’s hair.

These people are crazy!

“Get off of me Theo!” Daphne said before turning around slapping with the backside of her hand. He stood still, barely flinched. Instead he just turned away from her, snatching me by my wrist and pulling me out of the common room.

“What the hell was that about?” I asked. He didn’t say anything, instead threw his fist into the stone wall like a complete dumbass, then proceeded to groan about how it hurt.

“Obviously that hurt. You’re not the hulk.” I said. He raised an eyebrow at me as if I just said something stupid. “Never mind. You need to go to the hospital wing. It looks as if you broke your hand.” I told him. He shook his head, flat out refusing. I quickly thought about how Draco healed my hand that one day and had an idea. I ran back into the common room and called for him. He looked at me in complete confusion when I requested him.

He walked over to me with a blank expression on his face. “What?” He finally said.

“Theo needs help, I thought that you might be able to help him.” I said. He nodded and followed me back into the corridor.

He started laughing when he saw Theo clenching his hand. “What did you do?” He asked him, not receiving a response from Theo. He was too pissed to talk. “He punched the stone wall like an idiot, and refuses to go to the hospital wing. Can you fix it?”

“Just go to Pomfrey, Nott. She’ll likely give you something for the pain too.” He persuaded. Theo let out a deep breath before nodding and walking away. “Do you want me to come with?” I asked.

“No. This is my own problem. I don’t need my little sister to baby me.” He said. At least he is acknowledging that we’re siblings now, though this isn’t the way I wanted things to go.

I turned to go back into the common room when Draco grabbed my wrist. “Come with me.” He said. I was confused, but followed him. He lead me towards an abandoned corridor, which lead to an empty classroom. It looked as if it hadn’t been occupied by anyone in over twenty years. “What are we do-” I was cut off by him smashing his lips onto mine. It took me moments to realize what was going on, before I fell into the kiss.

My reflexes instantly kicked in with my arms flying around his neck, his hands on my waist. He pushed me against an old desk, lifting me onto it. His mouth slowly began to trickle kisses down my jaw and neck. I could feel my fingers begin digging into his shoulder blades with every soft moan that escaped my mouth.

He raised my skirt slightly, rubbing my inner thigh with his fingertips. I could feel my center starting to pool the more I was turned on. Each time he pulled his fingers down my thigh, he would get closer to my underwear when sliding back up. Inch, by inch until he felt the laced material blocking what desired for his touch, but it didn’t happen.

He pulled back, resting his forehead on mine with his eyes refusing to meet mine.

I was confused.


“If you chose to do the dare and kiss me, that’s what you would have received. But I’m with Pansy, and this can’t happen again, no matter how much I want I to.” He said before abruptly rushing out of the door.

I didn’t know what was going on. I was still trying to process what just happened, and why it happened. Did Draco Malfoy fantasize about me? I didn’t know. Then again, I knew very little about him.

A/N - Sorry for the delayed update. I’ve been busy trying to get my house back in order after Christmas. This was just a teaser of whats to come. Next chapter will be short, but worth it in my opinion.

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