The American

Cold Showers.


What the hell was I thinking?

I promised myself I wouldn’t act on one of my many fascinations about her, but I did. I saw an opportunity, and went for it. What if she tells someone, and it gets back to Pansy? She’d never let her live it down, though I couldn’t help myself from wanting turn back around, and finish what I started. She seemed to like it, otherwise she would have pushed me away, right?

I hurried back to my room, avoiding Pansy’s request to stop and talk to her. I wasn’t trying to stand there listen to the drama that she caused earlier, especially not with my cock fully erect in my pants aching to burst. Sure, I could have asked Pansy to follow me to my room, and relieve it for me, but it just didn’t seem right to take my sexual frustration out on her while thinking of Laurel.

I quickly shut my door behind me, and went into my bathroom to start the water for a shower. As I waited for it to warm up, I began to undress myself, gripping my hand around my throbbing cock, gently stroking it. Once it was warm enough for me, I stepped in allowing the water to fall onto my face and body.

I couldn’t get her off of my mind. I quickened my strokes, thinking about her lips. They were so soft when connected to mine. I wondered what they would feel like if they were wrapped around my cock. I then began to think about what would have happened if I didn’t pull away. I was so close to touching her. I could feel the heat radiate off of her pussy onto my fingers that were merely centimeters away, but I had to be a tease, not only to her, but myself.

“Fuck.” I moaned. I was getting close. I closed my eyes, and grazed my thumb onto my tip, imagining it as her tongue. Imagining how wonderful it would feel if it were real. Imagining my wet hand as her mouth and throat. Gripping tighter as I got closer.

I fucking wish she were here.

I fucking wish I didn’t pull away.

I kept my eyes sealed shut as I jerked harder, releasing all over the floor and wall to the shower.

I’ve done this hundreds of times before, but I’ve never felt an orgasm this intense before. And to think that this was all me. I can only begin to imagine what it would be like if she were the one touching me.

Fucking hell.

I didn’t care about Pansy. She’s a bitch, Laurel said so herself.

I needed her. I needed to feel her cunt wrapped around me, and I was going to see to it that I did.

My erection was refusing to go down. I know it was because of her, because I couldn’t stop thinking about her and all of the dirty things I wanted to do to her, not with.

But I didn’t have time or the energy to go again. I flipped the tap to cold, and stood there, watching my cock soften. Until next time.

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