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Southern Heat


"Darlin', how fast can you go again after you cum?" Is BTS ready for these Southern belles to bring the heat?! MATURE ⚠️ If you aren't old enough to be reading this, or don't like sexual content, then please find another story. Or just read the first few chapters. After that, it's NSFW!! Obviously this is a work of FICTION created for entertainment purposes and does NOT reflect any of the members' true personalities or behaviors!!

Erotica / Romance
BiTSi bug
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Author's Note

This started off as a reader x BTS with our fave, Y/N as the female lead. But as it developed, there were four Y/N's and that was COMPLICATED. I call Y/N "Yana" anyway because my name sounds stupid in the story 😂 So ... the four lucky girls have names and personalities. Imagine yourself as one or all 4 of them. Thanks so much for reading. Your likes and comments mean the world to me. 🤗 There's lots of inside jokes that only ARMYs will catch. Let me know when you see one!!

Dedicated to Jimin, who I suspect shares my taste in literature, because we all deserve great sex and happy endings!

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