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A noble Love


Finding Love with the one person you thought would never see yourself with

Other / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

" You're afraid to let yourself be happy
Because you know that it never last "


Gabrielle's POV

"Omg pansy I missed you this summer" I said as I entered platform 9 3/4 running towards My best friend . "I missed you too gabby" said pansy as we hugged each other and as soon as I let go of her I hear three familiar voices I turn to look and as I suspected it was Draco, Blaise, and Mattheo walking up to us.

Draco said " guys let's get on the train ". We all followed after him with me and pansy behind the boys because we wanted to start catching up with each other while tuning out the boys conversation in our compartment.

" pansy how was your summer " I said . " it was fun I met a boy and I think he's cute" she says and she starts smiling . We turn to the boys and ask them they all replied " we had a ball this year ". I turn my head towards the compartment door and open it for fresh air but I'm met with a beautiful brown eyed boy.

" gabby can I talk to you " he says. I nod and head out of my compartment "yes Harry " I said confused at his actions . He stared into my eyes and said " stay away from Draco and Mattheo they could be death eaters" with full seriousness in his voice . " Harry Potter that is an absurd accusation about them I know you hate them but this is a little extreme don't you think" I say in irritated voice.

"Gabby you have to believe me I don't think it's safe for you" he said in a concerning tone. " Harry potter you listen to me I never want to speak with you again we are no longer friends because this has become an obsession and trust me when I say that if anything you should be the one staying away from me because there are things about me that you will never know" I say as I walk away from him and back to my compartment feeling tears start to run down my face but I quickly wipe them and sit next to pansy.

"What the hell happened with Harry " pansy said as she noticed that my eyes were red from crying I turn to look at her and said " he told me to stay away form Draco and Theo because they might be death eaters for Voldemort and I told him never to speak to me again" I said noticing that the boys eyes were on me as I said his name . Pansy said " sweetie if he thinks he knows something then he would have guessed you as well because you and Draco are inseparable at school and who's to say it wasn't the same in summer" I giggled at her statement about me and Draco .

This is when I realized that I had feelings for one of my best-friends Draco Malfoy. This year is going to be different in so many ways.

I glanced over to Draco who happened to be seated on the other side of me. I swear I caught him smirk at pansy's comment about us. We finally arrived to Hogwarts and all of us headed to our dorms to rest even tho we had a free day tomorrow and we didn't have any school work . I had ended up falling asleep in pansy's bed that night because I was really tired."

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