vicious ( regulus black )


Regulus Arcturus Black was known for being the one slytherin who's last moments were spent finding redemption. It was a shame no one in the wizarding found out until years after his untimely death. • • • • • Regulus' wand dug into her ribcage and Orion immediately stopped struggling. "You killed my mother." He growled lowly in her ear from behind as he wrapped his unoccupied hand around her throat and pulled her body flush against his chest. "Now it's my turn to kill you." • • • • • FRIENDS TO ENEMIES TO LOVERS oc x Regulus Black slow burn fanfic

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:


Orion Odette Rosier is a Pureblood witch from the 70's who is struggling to find her identity in the middle of a Dark Wizarding War. Things become even more complicated when her and her best friend, Regulus Black, get sorted into separate Hogwarts houses and she starts to question her pureblood upbringings.
After it becomes clear that Orion and Regulus now clearly value different morals and cualities the two fall apart and any hope for their friendship being saved crashes and burns. Until their seventh year that is, when Orion and Regulus find themselves being chosen as head boy and girl. They must learn to co-live peacefully with one another which proves to be quite hard as they both begin to question their morals and fight against temptation. Is the line between hatred and love really that thin or thicker than one thinks?

This book has normal long chapters and will also include a series of letters and diary entries that will be short! Please read them as they will hold important information!!!


+ The first few chapters will go quickly through the first few years of Orion's time at Hogwarts because my book will focus more on her as a grown up!!!

++ Please vote and comment!! It makes my day (:
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