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“Brett,” I moaned as he slid his fingers in me. he chuckled as he pumped faster and faster, eventually adding another finger.

“You’re so wet.”

He slid his fingers out and slid a condom on himself while I steadied myself.

“Alright, Princess. You good?” Brett started by going slow. I gasped but got used to the feeling and started moaning and whimpering. He gave me hickeys as he thrusted.

“Faster,” I hissed as I gripped the bedsheets. He shot me a sly grin before quickening up his pace. He hit my g-spot and I moaned louder.

“Now?” he murmured as he kissed my neck.

“Almost,” I moaned and he kept going.

“Brett- I’m gonna cum,” I bit back my lip and he grabbed my neck with one hand and choked me.

“Me too, baby,” he murmured, kissing me, and slowed down.

Once we both cummed, Brett licked his fingers clean. “You taste good, baby,” he moaned and I smirked. Even though he said it every time we fucked, it was still music to my ears.

“Sucks we’re only friends,” I said, getting out of bed but he pulled me back by grabbing my hair. I had pulled it into a messy bun when we started but he ended up pulling out the rubber band.

“It really does,” he nibbled my ear before letting me go.

Rules were rules, though.

No one in Satomi’s pack was allowed to date each other. It would create tension and drama if things went wrong. However, Brett and I were making this whole “friends with benefits” thing work well.


“Summer!” Lori called me over. I was late for our study session at the cafe. Brett and I were... busy in the empty classroom.

“Where’s Brett?” she asked and Brett walked in on cue.

Everyone knew we were super close but they didn’t know we were... physically close.

“Hey- I got lost on the way,” he said and secretly winked at me. We separated before leaving the school so no one saw us leave the closet together.

“I’m gonna go order for all of us,” Lori said and got out of her seat.

A few students from Beacon Hills High entered the cafe and I made eye contact with one of them. She had red-hair with hazel eyes. She looked me up and down but was interrupted by one of her friends. I felt a blush coming so I looked down.

“That was hot,” Brett smirked at me.

I thawked him on the forehead but his reflexes were quick. He grabbed my arm before I could touch him.

“Too slow.”

“Fuck you.”

“You just did, Princess. If you want to do it again- go ahead,” he licked his lips looking at my chest.

I looked at the counter where Lori was flirting with the guy running the cash register. Now I realized why she always wanted to go to this cafe.

I turned around to see the red-head looking at me with curiosity in her eyes.

Holy hell. She’s so attractive.

“You are so in love with her,” Brett said, watching me look at her.

“Shut up,” I growled at him.

“You should talk to her. She was definitely checking you out,” he advised but then growled.

“What is it?”

He nodded towards his sister and the guy she was talking to.

“That’s fucking Reed,” he added.

“The one who sent you death threats because you got captain and not him?” I arched an eyebrow, thankful we were on a different topic.

“We’re not done with Miss Red there, by the way,” Brett informed me and I scowled. He grabbed my hand and I showed him my palm.

“I’m gonna go break them up,” he added, tracing circles on my palm. He always did that to control himself. The mantra Satomi taught us works just fine but he likes touching me and I like it when he touches me so...



“Relax- I’ve seen you naked a shit ton of times before,” he grinned, “in fact...”

He took off his shirt and pushed me on my bed. His fingers traced my curves and he lightly tickled me to which I laughed at. I was ticklish as fuck and he liked using it to his advantage.

“Summer, before we fuck- we need to talk,” he said, getting serious. My grin faltered as a reply.

He grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to him.

“When were you gonna tell me?” he whispered in my ear, nibbling it.

“Tell you what?” I pulled back with a confused look.

“That you’re bi too,” he exclaimed in a duh-tone.


“Hush,” he kissed me. “It’s okay- I’ll help set you two up.”

“Wait,” I stopped playing with his hair and looked at him. “You want me to get with that girl from the cafe despite all this?” I motioned at our position on my bed.

My legs were spread apart and he was tracing random letters on my thigh.

“Well... we are friends,” he bit his lip. “Plus- just try it. I was confused too but then I fucked a guy and I... liked it.” He leaned down to kiss my inner thigh and left a little, red mark. Then he continued tracing random letters.

“But what if she’s not into girls like that?”

“You’re overthinking again, Princess. Stop that,” he pulled me closer so our lips were an inch apart. I closed the distance because...

I wanted him.

And I wanted him to stop talking about this.


“Summer,” Brett pulled me inside. I whined but controlled myself once I saw her.

She was talking to her friends (they were also from Beacon Hills High) with her red hair tossed back. I could tell she curled it recently. They bounced up and down as she laughed at a joke a guy said.

“She’s definitely straight-” I headed out the door but Brett’s body was in the way.

“For me?” he whispered.

“I’m doing it for me,” I said and turned back around.

She was looking at me. I bit my lip as I watched her excuse herself from her friends. I didn’t notice Brett slip away until I saw him talking to the guy Lori was flirting with yesterday (his name was Reed). He was trying to control himself and I hoped he didn’t lash out.

“Hey,” she said with a grin. I didn’t notice she had a nose piercing yesterday and I think I just fell deeper.

“H-hey,” I stammered, playing with my hands.

“Um- wanna go on a walk?” she said, getting a little nervous. I inhaled anxious signals coming from her.

“Of course,” I said and made quick eye contact with Brett. He winked at me before continuing to give death threats to Reed.

We walked to the park nearby.

“So,” I stood there awkwardly, “my name’s Summer-”

She cut me off by planting a kiss on my lips.

“I’m Cynthia. Cynthia Martin.”

*Just a little something

Story finished: 2/18/2021

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