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“I want to help,” I stepped forward. Everyone stopped arguing and turned to my direction.The other members of my pack looked at me like I was crazy.

I might be.

“Alessandra Martir, there is no way in hell I’m letting you go with them,” my pack leader, Khalia warned me with an icy look. She might come off as mean but she’s just protective.

“I think she should come. I mean-” the only other human in the room, Stiles Stilinski, looked at Scott McCall. “We could always use another werewolf.”

“He’s right,” Scott agreed. “Alessandra should come,” he looked at Khalia. She bit her lip and finally caved in.


I don’t let anyone other than Khalia call me Alessandra. It has a history and I’m trying to forget it.

“If something happens to you- I’ll kill whoever’s left alive in your pack,” she warned Scott, sizing him up. Khalia had more experience being an alpha and could easily kill him- even if he was a true alpha. I’m betting he knew it too since he didn’t argue back.

I joined Stiles’s side and shot him a grateful look.

“You 2 should go meet up with Lydia. She’s at her house trying to figure out the code to the second part,” Scott informed us.

Khalia went back to talking to her pack. We had to find a safer space now that the assassins knew where we were.

I followed Stiles outside and glanced at his jeep. It looked too old to be able to drive but I’m guessing it has sentimental value to him.

“I’ve seen you around school,” Stiles said as we got in his jeep. I slammed the passenger door shut before answering.

“Yeah, I’m not the most talkative...” I grimaced. I was one of those quiet girls who stayed in the back, listening to everyone’s conversation because they have a life- unlike me.

“I’m guessing you’ve caught up on a lot of sleep then?” he chuckled as he veered right. His jeep worked great- except the roaring sound coming from the back which I tried so hard to ignore.

“Yeah,” I admitted.

“I wish I could but I swear the teachers only pay attention to me or Scott,” he shook his head. I couldn’t help but laugh along. Even though I’m on the hunt by fucking assassins- I felt safer with him than anyone in a long time.

And that’s saying something.

The last guy I slept with tried to stab me to death.

That was 2 days ago.

“There you are- I was texting for an hour!” Lydia dragged Stiles inside my yanking his ear. I followed inside feeling awkward.

“Lydia, this is Ally,” Stiles introduced us. I was surprised he knew about my whole nickname thing.

“Hi,” I waved shyly.

“Hi- are you a banshee?” Lydia asked hopefully. Stiles explained to me that she was hella confused about her abilities.

“Just a werewolf,” I winced and her smile faltered.

“We have to keep looking for that second clue,” Stiles interrupted us.

Lydia nodded and showed us her laptop. I looked at the first part of the list they already cracked open. My name was 4th.

“I’m worth 2 dollars?” I tilted my head.

Stiles laughed, “it’s 2 million.”

“Like that makes it any better,” I scoffed.

“I’m trying to focus here,” Lydia sighed as she stared at the screen.

“Sorry,” Stiles and I said.

“Ugh- just get out of here,” she pointed at her door.

“But-” Stiles started but she cut him off with an icy glare.

I knew better than to argue with a banshee so I left quietly with Stiles right behind me.

“So,” he started whistling as he barged in the kitchen- probably looking for food.

I didn’t want food.

There was only one thing on my mind.

“How do you whistle? Kahlia made us learn how in case of emergencies but I literally can’t,” I blurted out. Stiles stopped whistling and headed out of the kitchen, carrying a convenience store’s supply full of junk food.

“I can try to teach you,” he suggested as he set all the food down on the table in front of me. He motioned for me to take one so I took a bag of chips.

“Pucker up your lips,” he advised and I did. He stepped closer.

“Then blow.”

Nothing happened.

He started laughing so I threw a chip at him.

“Hey,” he yelped but caught the second one I threw with his mouth.

“How are you so calm?” he asked after a while. I popped a gummy bear in my mouth and shot him a puzzled expression.

“You’re being hunted by assassins but your so... happy,” he tilted his head. “I’m terrified and I’m not even on this list- not that I know of so far.” He scratched his head. He was probably wondering the possibilities of him being on the list.

He reeked of anxiety.

“Hey,” I reached out to him and gave his hand a friendly squeeze. His hands were cold but I hoped my body temperature warmed him up a bit.

“Sorry,” he murmured, not letting go. I didn’t want to let go so I sat down beside him on the couch while we stress ate junk food.

At some point we must’ve fell asleep because I woke up, laying on Stiles’s chest with his hand on my waist and the other stretched out. I tried moving but I didn’t want to wake him up.

“Stiles,” I whispered.

“Ally,” his eyes fluttered open and he jerked in shock.

“Sorry,” we said at the same time, jumping out of each others arms.

“I figured it out!” Lydia ran downstairs. I looked at the clock that was resting on the pale pink painted wall.


In the morning.

“It was Aiden,” she said and her smile faltered. I didn’t know who Aiden was but I could tell they meant something to her.

“Lydia,” Stiles gave her a friendly hug.

“Right-” she said after a few seconds. “We need to show this to Scott. I’ll do it- you two can stay here and figure out the third part.”

Before we could stop her, she was already out of the house.

“Erm- shouldn’t she be here since she’s the... banshee,” I tilted my head.

“I don’t know,” Stiles sighed.

He was shaking a little.

“Hey,” I looked at him.

“Ally-” his breathing rate got uneven.

He was having a panic attack.

I grabbed him by the neck and smashed my lips onto his. Stiles’s breathing started stabilizing and he even kissed me back.

Before I could process the next steps, his tongue asked for access and I let him have it.

We pulled back for air and Stiles licked his lips.

“Sorry-” he began.

“Don’t be. I... liked it,” I bit my lip and he beamed as he took his shirt off and grabbed me again to kiss me.

Harder this time.

Story finished: 2/19/2021

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