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“Alright, princess,” Liam pushed Maya on her bed. She tilted her head in an innocent manner as the 2 boys in front of her ripped their shirts off.

“Don’t play innocent,” Theo smirked as he crawled on the bed over to her. Liam pulled out 2 condoms and set them on top of the bedside table.

Neither of them had to remind her what she did to deserve this so-called “punishment.”

“You got them?” Maya asked as Theo started giving her hickeys.

“We came prepared,” Liam grinned slyly as he tied a blindfold around Maya.

“Eh- let’s leave the handcuffs alone,” she heard Liam murmur to Theo. Maya heard them start making out and got impatient.

“Hello?” she called out, getting cold because she was only in her bra and panties.

“Impatient, are we?” Theo asked, tracing his fingers down her thighs. Maya felt Liam hovering over her body and grabbed her throat. He was going slowly but Maya was getting hornier by the second. She closed the distance and slipped her tongue in his mouth. His tongue met hers and they made out until Liam got off of her and let Theo take over.

They usually never shared a single thing but Maya was their weakness.

And they were hers.

He kissed her a few times but his lips trailed down to her neck. He sucked on her neck and Maya let out moans.

She felt one of them unclipping her bra and the sound of it hitting the ground got her excited. Theo placed one of her breasts in his mouth and sucked, causing Maya to moan louder as she threw her head back.

“Louder, princess,” Liam said. He had taken over and sucked on Maya’s other breast. She chuckled as she tugged his hair.

His lips trailed down her chest and he started pulling down her panties.

She felt Liam spread her legs farther apart and he pulled her closer. Maya was still tugging on his hair playfully.

He started planting kisses up her inner thighs. The boys knew those were her weakness. She felt Liam stop kissing them and knew Theo was up next. He reached her pussy in a flash and stuck 2 fingers inside. Maya gasped and whimpered slightly as he pumped harder and harder.

“Louder,” he murmured in her ear, biting it softly.

“Theo,” she moaned and licked her lips.

“You’re so wet, baby,” he kissed her lips and bit her lower lip softly as he went up.

He stuck his fingers out and pulled out the blindfold. Maya took a few seconds to get adjusted to the light while Liam and Theo put on their condoms.

“Alright, baby. Let’s have some fun,” Liam said, laying down while Theo gently helped Maya sit on top of him. She started riding him and they both moaned in pleasure.

Theo slammed in from behind her as Maya tilted her back in pleasure.

He ruffled her hair and put it into a messy bun as they all moaned each other’s names.

“I’m gonna cum,” Maya sighed as she felt her climax coming.

“Me too, babe,” Theo kissed her neck from behind. Liam nodded as he gripped her hips tighter for support.

“Now,” Theo helped Maya get off of Liam. She instantly released once she was off of him. Both boys tasted her and moaned in pleasure.

“I love you, dummies,” Theo said and kissed Maya and Liam before throwing his head back on the pillow.

“Love you, both,” Liam replied with a cheesy grin.

“I love you, boys,” Maya ruffled their hairs as she snuggled into Liam’s arms. Theo had a protective arm wrapped around her from the back.

“’Night,” Liam mumbled as he stroked her hair.

“It’s the morning, loser,” Theo yawned.

“I’m sleeping in. Fuck school,” Maya replied.

“Good choice,” Theo kissed her cheek.


Story finished: 2/20/2021

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